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Andrew B. 28-11-2013 21:37

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Is snarkyness contagious ?

DeepFrz 28-11-2013 21:48

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
It may

carstenb 29-11-2013 00:29

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by Radonic (Post 1402619)
"Consistent 200+ mile days at 8+ knots in a 39' monohull? How do you do that?"

Choose the right time of year for prevailing winds, have the right weather, usually 20 to 30 knots on the aft quarters (This trip we were usually on a beam reach.) , surfing boat, have the Lord with you! And play the averages, some days are only 150 mile days others are 250 miles days, usually averages around 200 mile days.

As long as winds are at least 15 knots, its hard to keep this boat below 7 knots. We also fly an asym spinnaker on the light wind days. On this trip last week, one day before the Cape we had under 10 knots of wind and still kept the boat moving at least 6 knots. We are constantly trimming.

We are a deep keel, light boat, with a rig that is 60 feet above water line. Our surfing record was 19.5 knots in a 60 knot blow, 30 footer, bare poled, fortunately the swells were very far apart. This was right after a dead calm. Not this trip, but a previous one.

Blogging aboard Black Diamond! Sailing logs of Black Diamond, a Jeanneau Sailboat.


I have a 40 foot Jeanneau Sun Fast, which a performance version of the Sun Odyessy. This version has almost 100 sq. ft more of sail and a 1 1/2 meter higher mast, plus 400 kgs of lead bulb on a lengthened keel.

19.5 knots? Allow me to doubt that. I've pushed my boat hard and had her surfing like mad. I've never gotten over 13.5knots, and we were not able to hold her there. Really good speed, in gale conditions (force 8-9), with the wind over our port aft side, we did just shy of 11 knots over a 6 hour run.

And we were totally exhausted.

But I readily admit there are much better sailors out there than me. These numbers just seem to be off in the "twilight zone"

Sailmonkey 29-11-2013 06:15

I've pulled numbers like that out of a j-37 in similar conditions. It's not for a couple new to sailing, it's for people who race and push the boat hard. I could push our present boat a lot harder and turn out better days averages, but it's not relaxing....especially for only two people.
I don't doubt they pulled off that trip, bit to encourage Scoobert to follow that example would have been beyond foolish.

a64pilot 29-11-2013 06:30

Is 200 mi a day really that hard, IF you sail all day and motor all night?

Vasco 29-11-2013 06:34

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
A 200 mile day is very hard for a 40 foot boat. Motoring is slower than sailing in most cases.

a64pilot 29-11-2013 06:57

Your right I didn't do the math until just then, that's over 8 kts. I had it in my mind it was like 4 kts and you could do 4 kts average pretty easily. I haven't had my coffee yet this morning. 8 kts is beyond hull speed assuming a 40' water line, unless there is a big motor in there that would indeed be hard to average for 24 hours.

boatman61 29-11-2013 07:02

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Well... having had 14.5 knots surfing bare poles on a Hunter C37 N of Bermuda in a gale I'm not pressing the BS button... and have hit 18.2 knots in a 9m Catalac... :p
As the guy says... its all down to the route and the winds..:thumb:

sailorboy1 29-11-2013 07:10

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
on on other threads people wonder why so many masts and rudders get broke and blame "production boats" when it really is that people are pushing their boat too hard :whistling:

SailFastTri 29-11-2013 07:26

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
I donned my hip boots several posts back! The BS is thick. 19.5k reading is probably a GPS satellite sampling error that showed up as max-speed on the device.

All this is in a fully loaded-for-cruising boat, against prevailing current?

bill352 29-11-2013 07:28

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
I wasn't really concerned about surfing speeds because I don't know anything about that and am not sure I want to. What impressed me was averaging 10+ knots over 24 hours for a 250-mile day. That's why I wanted to know how they did it.

Apparently that is a hull design that does not always act like a displacement hull, especially in surfing conditions. And that is one skilled and eager crew.

Getting back on topic here - Scooby, where are you?

scoobert 29-11-2013 07:48

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by georgetheleo (Post 1402622)
sounds like BS to me :banghead: oh I forgot Scooby was your witness LOL

Welcome ed, to cruisers forum.
George, go check ed's gps log, you lazy bugger.

scoobert 29-11-2013 07:52

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by bill352 (Post 1402845)

Getting back on topic here - Scooby, where are you?

Waiting for towboat to return with electricity.
Our engine battery is shot, or not charging.

scoobert 29-11-2013 07:55

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by bill352 (Post 1402600)
Good time to snuggle up.

Did you go all the way down that channel, or just far enough to be out of the ICW?

We went up to the designated anchorage.

scoobert 29-11-2013 07:57

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by Vasco (Post 1402592)
No offense Scoob, but this thread reminds me of painting by numbers. Best to stay inside till Charleston. You're nearly there.

No. We are hopping off first chance, and stopping at Charleston.

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