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Kevin84 27-11-2013 15:40

Scoob, if you plan on stopping in Charleston let me know. I live there and can give you some pointers on the marinas. Charleston City Marina is the nicest with the best amenities, but pricey. The Harborage at Ashley Marina can be cheap as the slips are privetly owned, but you have to cut under the Connector to get to it. Its only 55' at high tide. Patriots point is nice, but crowded. BEWARE OF THE STRONG CURRENTS AT ALL CHARLESTON MARINAS! Also watchout for the sandbar to port as you enter the harbor between the breakwater and Ft Sumter. There are also a number of good anchorages across from City Marina and Ashley if you'd rather anchor out. California Dreaming has great food and a dingy dock if you're interested. Oh, also all three marinas I mentioned have shuttle service to Wal-Mart, West Marine and the downtown areas. Let me know if I can help.

johnmcntsh 27-11-2013 15:55

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scoobert (Post 1401605)
thank you, we are in swansboro tonight. made 22 miles, better then 0.

Absolutely, In today's weather 22 miles is great. I cannot believe how many people are cheering you on! You will do fine. Let us know if you need anything.


waxed cotton 27-11-2013 17:12


Originally Posted by escale (Post 1401311)
I think people are confusing 45 knot winds with 35 degrees of heel. Although that was probably a wave that made the boat heel, not the wind on bare masts.

Nice shake down cruise, I'm sure he is gaining a lot of first hand knowledge he'll keep forever. Well, he got to ride his first storm tied to a dock. Different matter when out at sea. This is not exactly a perfect vacation nor an easy ride. He made the right decisions and got to see the strength of wind and water.

When dreams meet with reality all kinds of things can go wrong, especially when handicapped with a winter season. Hopefully he will continue to push the envelop. He will manage his boat in 10 knot winds with 3 ft waves, Next time, 20 knot winds in 4 ft waves and so on.


Practice, practice, practice.


I'd call this thread 'Touring for Fine Greasy Spoons Along ICW in November.'

Hatfield And The North did a song which is appropriate to the circumstances entitled "Chaos At The Greasy Spoon" - it is a short riot - but when put on Loop, oh my.

scoobert - May the wind be at your back. May the sun shine warm . . .

scoobert 27-11-2013 17:48

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
well, looks like we have a weather window for offshore tomorrow evening. i have to see what inlet we can use, but from there the forecast looks great!

scoobert 27-11-2013 18:09

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
guess we should have stayed in beaufort.
our next out now is cape fear....

bobconnie 27-11-2013 18:38

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
:thumb:Scoobert, Connie and I hope yall get a better and bigger anchor soon !! I tryed CQRs for a while, we drug the darn things everywhere we went!! with all the anchors out there today, the best use Ive found for CQRs is to make scluptures from them !! Even a danforth will hold better then a CQR! anywhere along the ICW 100 ft of rode is plenty to anchor up!! you guy's are getting it done!! Keep it up !!

Joe from ny 27-11-2013 21:22


Originally Posted by marlinmike (Post 1401414)
I would not sign any book deals yet, the weather off is not getting any better, and inside through Georgia is less then hospitable for 6'6" draft.

Then again, nothing boosts book sales like having an author who suffers a sudden misfortune.

SailFastTri 28-11-2013 04:31

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scoobert (Post 1401508)
We are behind schedule. We may stop in sc while i go work.
The ditch has me far far behind.

Smart decision. We told you, the most dangerous thing on a boat is a schedule.

Your schedule was never realistic.

Andrew B. 28-11-2013 09:24

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by SailFastTri (Post 1402009)
Smart decision. We told you, the most dangerous thing on a boat is a schedule.

Your schedule was never realistic.

And I am sure he needed to be reminded again.

I am betting scoob was smart enough to realize that a change in the plan
might be needed.

My now deceased red headed wife was the "most dangerous thing" on our boats, but luckily most folks never knew it. ;>))

scoobert 28-11-2013 12:40

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Anyone know some wilmington nc anchorages?

DeepFrz 28-11-2013 12:57

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Carolina Beach if you haven't made the turn to the west yet. The upper anchorage is the best from the looks of it. AC says the approach is about 10 ft.

scoobert 28-11-2013 13:13

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Woops. We are not going to make it that far.
We are only going to make hampsted...

DeepFrz 28-11-2013 13:22

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Sloop Creek, North East of Hampstead is the closest I can see. Says it doesn't have much swinging room.

Mary Flower 28-11-2013 14:20

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scoobert (Post 1402393)
Woops. We are not going to make it that far.
We are only going to make hampsted...


Check out Anchors Away Boatyard in Hampstead. They have a channel off the ICW that they say is 7 feet at high tide.

They have two docks that would accommodate you nicely.

Here's their contact info.

Anchors Away Boatyard
585 Lewis Road
Hampstead, NC 28443
(910) 270-4741

"Anchors Away Boatyard is located at day marker 90 on the ICW -- at approximately ICW mile marker 264. From the north, we are about three miles south of the Surf City swing bridge. From the south, we are located approximately 20 miles north of the City of Wilmington. Our lattitude and longitude: 34 o 24.39N Lat., 77 o 36.26W Long"

"We've recently dredged our channel to a little more than seven feet at high tide to improve our ability to manage large watercraft quickly and easily."

Good luck,

ohdrinkboy 28-11-2013 14:29

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
+1 on Anchors Away. Some nice folks there last time I was in their yard.

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