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Seagull111 13-11-2013 08:09

Scoob,do you have AIS transmit.

scoobert 13-11-2013 12:01

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Am i able to get into oregon inlet? I am 6.5 deep.

No ais, and will never have it.

jacob30 13-11-2013 12:08

A no go for Oregon Inlet or Hatteras inlet. Chesapeake Bay or Beaufort are your options. Too many shoals and at times very rough in either of those inlets for a sailboat with your draft.

scoobert 13-11-2013 12:12

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
So norfolk or i go around the cape?

jpsgirl96 13-11-2013 12:17

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Hey Scoobert - Not sure where you are today. If you don't have them, the Waterway Cruising Guides (and their accompanying website) can be invaluable to have aboard for the trip you are on. We've done the southbound twice - once a combination of inside and outside, once mostly inside with the occasional outside passage, because we had more time. We draw 5.5' and were very glad to have the detailed guides. Good for the times you can't get to us here on the Forum! Helped us make decisions about many things, including safe and (ahem) less safe inlets. Also check out Salty Southeast (not sure if I'm allowed to post the link here? It's at for very good up to the minute (or hour or day) info about the various challenges, anchorages, marinas, fuel stops, etc.

jacob30 13-11-2013 12:18

I would go around the cape but stop in Norfolk until you have 2-3 days of ideal weather to get down to Beaufort on the outside. The cape is a very dangerous place for bad weather as evidenced by the thousands of wrecks there and named the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Real nice when the weather is good! The safest bet would be to take the ICW down to Beaufort if your draft will allow it.

lancelot9898 13-11-2013 12:25

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL will give some good into about the inlets, marinas and anchorages along your path. If you decide not to go the ICW down to Beaufort, then by all means wait in Norfolk for a good weather window for a trip around the cape.

scoobert 13-11-2013 12:32

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
So at 6.5 can i go in a norfolk ok? I have seatow, but do not wish to have to use it.

Vasco 13-11-2013 12:43

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
If the warships can get into Norfolk ok I think you'll be fine. :)

scoobert 13-11-2013 12:51

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Yes, but do they then transit the icw?

The Garbone 13-11-2013 12:58

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
No, but with the exception of certain mine sweepers all the watches are usually manned by experienced and qualified personnel.

Vasco 13-11-2013 13:00

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scoobert (Post 1389921)
Yes, but do they then transit the icw?

Here's your question, Scoo. "So at 6.5 can i go in a norfolk ok? I have seatow, but do not wish to have to use it."

As you can see, you can get aircraft carriers into Norfolk so I think you should be able to get in if you stay in the channel!! There is no guarantee that you might not need to call Seatow. It's up to you not to stray and run aground.

WebWench 13-11-2013 13:30

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Be careful at Norfolk....not just military vessels but also lots of container ships and loaded barges moving in and out of the Chesapeake need to stay out of their way....AIS to see them early really helps.

annsni 13-11-2013 13:34

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by MBLittle (Post 1388729)
Why so much hatred for Scoobert?

Seems like he had a cruising dream. Bought his boat, livedaboard, refit it and is now taking off. Seems to be more than many of the armchair skippers here with their 28'er sitting at a mooring ball 1,000 miles away.

I say good for you Scoob and happy sailing.

No hatred but just shaking heads at someone who has posted enough for many to think he's getting in over his head.

cheoah 13-11-2013 15:44

Scoobert, people take boats like that down the ICW. You'll need to be careful, and read the nav alerts for each section on cruisers net. The great bridge lock was out of commission last I heard but check the above site. Someone recently posted that they did that section with 7' draft no problem. If you have not done much ICW time, there will be a learning curve. Keep the reds on your right, and try to see the big picture of channel marking, and learn to "see" the deep water. You'll likely use your seatow, just try not to hit the throttle when you bump or see the depth sounder drop. Slow and easy in skinny water, and kedge off if you bump. Hopefully.

Spend time each night planning the next day, and have your crew dialed in to active captain or cruisers net so they can assist with nav info.

With a little luck, you'll just make the same dumb mistakes we all have and be all the wiser. Just try not to anchor to windward of anyone and take extra care not to anchor too close. In other words, make your mistakes away from other boats :)

Another option once you're in the albemarle is to go to Manteo and Ocracoke, then to Beaufort. More sailing opportunity in the pamlico sound but beware of a brisk NE breeze and the steep chop, although off the wind you'll be fine. Its not a straight shot so you will take it from the quarter too as you round brant.

Alligator and pungo are plenty deep, I would not let the ICW scare you outside to Hatteras. There are some problem sections, but they are well known and documented. If you fly by the seat of your pants, you're screwed. Use the resources and you'll have an uneventful trip. I draw 4', so caveat is that I'm relaying others experience.

Jealous. I love being on the water this time of year. You've got a unique approach here, to be sure, and haters gonna hate. I like your honesty, and would love to see you get through the next few weeks unscathed. Save Hatteras for the trip north. Flying north in the stream is a super experience. Bioluminescent trails, stars, gorgeous water, great boat speed. Just not a prudent option for a new skipper heading south in mid November. Doesn't matter that you think you can do it, you probably can. Top your fuel tank off before you head offshore. Seems basic but some people skip it on coastal passages.

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