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scoobert 10-11-2013 18:46

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by nial (Post 1387561)
I think scoobert is just pulling everyone's chain. Such hubris is worthy of the Titanic's owners. What on earth could go wrong? My boat is unsinkable, isn't it? He can't be serious.

I guess you have not clicked on my blog link?


Originally Posted by Scott Berg (Post 1387588)
I tend to concur; I know when I was getting ready to make a passage I didn't have nearly that much time to be online as he seems to be (and it isn't my first rodeo…)
guess we'll find out soon...

We are doing 30-40 mile hops down the hudson. We have wifi and 3g until we get offshore.

sabray 10-11-2013 19:10

Your already past your departure time. Either the time limit was fiction or your full of it.
Could you consider being coastal on your first south run! Sandy hook to Atlantic city is a nice go. You can play slots and do laundry. From there you jump to cape henlopen or cape may. Then you choose. Up the deleware and down the chessie . Or jump for Norfolk. If you choose the chesapeake route I terminate your bat terminals properly and sew up straps for your batteries.

SailFastTri 10-11-2013 19:27

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
He's got NW or W winds forecast all week. Perfect for the Jersey shore. With the short fetch he'll have good sailing and flat seas.

There are some gale warnings in the forecast tonight and strong winds earlier this week. Just don't carry too much sail. Be conservative and reef for the gusts, and you should have a good ride if nothing fails.

passat5919 10-11-2013 19:32

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
I know, most everyone was skeptical, but Scoobert doing what he planned, he's underway. I just visit marina and his boat, guess what-not there. Good Luck to him and his crew. Looking forward for updates.:thumb:

bobconnie 10-11-2013 20:07

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
:whistling:We hope he fixed or at least shored up that rotten push pit before he trys the main !! I like kidding him, but do worry about him and his crew ! Theres seemed to be so many things most of would have fixed before takeing off for open ocean sailing! I don't know if hes used all the sails as yet!! All the pics show only the genny in use !! Lot of cloth on a schooner that size, and he has a all lady crew ! Hope he go's with short sail at least at first!! Have fun Scoobie!!

cheoah 10-11-2013 20:24

Scoobert you said 40 degree nights were your goal? Just head for myrtle beach or Charleston, via Delaware and Chesapeake, and take sabray up on the battery help. Annapolis is a killer town to sail into... Very nice offer sabray, btw good for others to notice the very real danger of fire.

Plenty of adventure to be had, lots of learning I'm sure and all the adventure you may want, surfing down the Chesapeake as I imagine don did on his first run south. Nothing wrong with light winds too, just another opportunity to learn. Takes skill sailing off the wind, making your course.

Be reasonable with your goals within your time constraint. Any additional southing is a bonus. I think you're sailing with your wife? Smart money makes this nice and easy for her. Maybe it has been said already, I'm late to the party. From experience, should you want her to stick with it, make it all kinds of fun for a couple weeks - harder to do when you're figuring it all out. Will still be the adventure of a lifetime, and plenty of time to rock out some 200 mile days once you really connect with that boat. Not that women are shrinking daisies on a boat, but often not the driving force with our seagoing shenanigans. Either way, doing what she wants will pay off big time for ya pal. Maybe she wants to punch an inlet and make a run for it. Lucky boy.....

Then again you may have some really benign weather. We'll see. You've got a few days to get in the groove and watch the weather. Have fun - great to be on the move.

scoobert 11-11-2013 03:19

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
In case a few of you missed it, our goal, again, is nyc departure by thursday.
Tonight we are aiming south of newburgh. On schedule, fully legal, my diesel is purring nicely. Today will be sail training day.

Trojan Man 11-11-2013 03:24

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
hey scoobert. looked at your blog - nice boat.

we're on the chesapeake now and heading south next week.

shoot me a pm if you decide to take the inside route.

scoobert 11-11-2013 03:37

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
We plan to go inside the cape, but if weather looks great, and the crew is rested, we will go outside. Thats a lot of "if's" thou. If we can, we will stay outside the entire way.

scoobert 11-11-2013 05:25

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
When two scooners pass, is there a special wave?

Snore 11-11-2013 05:36

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scoobert (Post 1387793)
Today will be sail training day.


fjwiley1 11-11-2013 09:09

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Thumbs up to ya Scoobert......from all the negatives you've received, look how many positives are with you.......just remember to keep smilin.......Life is Good.....:)

BigBoater917 12-11-2013 06:43

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Be careful with the vis today. Lots of big stuff coming up the river this morning.

MBLittle 12-11-2013 07:16

Why so much hatred for Scoobert?

Seems like he had a cruising dream. Bought his boat, livedaboard, refit it and is now taking off. Seems to be more than many of the armchair skippers here with their 28'er sitting at a mooring ball 1,000 miles away.

I say good for you Scoob and happy sailing.

marlinmike 12-11-2013 09:10

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
All the best, safe and happy journey!

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