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Lynx 15-11-2007 14:04

Made it to The Bahames!
I finally made it to Bimini Bahamas and heading for Abacos, YEA!!!

scallywag 15-11-2007 14:41

Congrats... The pic is beautiful.


savvy 15-11-2007 17:18

oh man, that pic is my wallpaper now. thanks, got to get building quicker!

Inkwell 15-11-2007 18:10

Lynx, tell us more. How was the trip? Have a grand time. I hope to it in July for the month. Georgia to Abacos.

Lynx 16-11-2007 12:38

The crossing was rough. We had a bad weather forcast and it turned worse 15 miles from Bimini. 20+ winds on the nose. Hard on a 26 footer. I had enough power to push through it and an auto pilot. Nice. We had been waiting for over 1 week for good weather and we took the chance. I am glad that I am here and not waiting in Fl.

It is best not to have any winds from the north and less than 10 mph from the east. This makes into an easy day sail.

slomotion 16-11-2007 12:52

The crossing is often and certainly potentially the hardest part. Now that you're in paradise there's no reason to move if the conditions or the boat aren't quite right. Go slow and have a blast.

Morgan Paul 16-11-2007 13:14

F you man, I just had my boat hauled (the town will not permit me to keep her in the water past November) and I'm freezing my ass off here in Long Island NY. Your story and picture does inspire me though. Congrats and happy Thanksgiving.


mickmul 16-11-2007 19:59

Try Ireland buddy . . insurance dictates no mooring after Nov 1, best weather these last 16 days like you would'nt believe!! Monsoon summer . . . need a better climate!

stevensc 23-11-2007 15:38

Now all you have to do is shimmy up that tree on the left, cut the top off one of those coconuts an pour a good shot of rum into it. hard to beat!
have a great trip

Morgan Paul 23-11-2007 17:11


Now all you have to do is shimmy up that tree on the left, cut the top off one of those coconuts an pour a good shot of rum into it. hard to beat!
And find a nice native girl with two big melons.

Tropic Cat 23-11-2007 18:46

Lynx, did you depart from Miami?

Lynx 26-11-2007 09:04

I left from Anglefish creek, N. Key Largo. Had a little help from the streem to Bimini.

Here is a Pic of Mermaid Reef Marsh Harbor Abacos Bahamas

Lynx 01-12-2007 08:11

Made it to Hope Town

Wach out for these in Marsh Harbor -

ssullivan 01-12-2007 08:27

Can I come??? ha ha ha

It's supposed to be 10F tonight with wind chills below zero. The picture you took warms me up just looking at it. Congrats on an achievement I know you have been looking forward to for a while. Glad to see it!

Therapy 01-12-2007 10:18


Originally Posted by Lynx (Post 115073)

Wach out for these in Marsh Harbor -

Thanks for the update
Great sign.

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