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shnitzelhiven 30-08-2013 06:21

In need of new adventure
After living in France from 2003 to 2009, and then England from 2009 to 2011 for university, I have been combining work and travel. Only ever working where there is the possibility of adventure and experience. I have had many different experiences and adventures on my travels, ranging from taking care of six month old twins to training at the Shaolin Temple. In the last two years I have Travelled the great state of California, worked as a dancer/performer in Disney Paris, tried to steer clear of the tourism in Thailand, rocked out in Hamburg, been back and fourth between the U.K. and France, and my latest adventure has been to teach English to children in Chinas Hunan province for ten months.
I have always loved the sea, as I feel it is one of the few places left where the sense of true freedom and adventure can be found. I enjoy anything that requires hands-on work, am always ready to try my hand at any new experience and also enjoy soaking up sea air and listening to music (especially classic rock) whenever it feels right.
There are plenty of places I would like to see and travel to. I am relaxed, easy going, enjoy good debates and conversations on almost anything, swapping stories and really, just having a laugh.
I would like to join the crew of any amount of people heading almost anywhere.
I have been aboard all sorts of vessels: fishing boats, row boats, ferries, a couple of yachts and even a cruise to name a few, but sadly I have no real experience of working on any of them. But as I said before, I am always ready to learn.

northiceman 30-08-2013 10:56

Re: In need of new adventure
I will be sailing from Eastern Canada to the Bahamas in early October.

If Interested , please reply.

Three questions...
Are you available begin october ?
Are you male or female ?
How will you travel to Canada to join me?

My info...
50 ft ketch - aux diesel (Perkins) 4 GPS, radar, 2 depth sounders, 6 man Viking liferaft, all new rigging and ground tackle, teak/mahogany in and out, plenty ground tackle (300 ft 3/8in high tensile chain), fridge, shower, etc etc
This vessel has been in Labrador and Newfoundland, Great Lakes and all maritime provinces - sturdy and safe
Will be sailing from NB Canada to Abacos, Bahamas
Leaving end september
You can do part or all of the voyage (please specify)


shnitzelhiven 30-08-2013 12:27

Re: In need of new adventure
Hi Ron,

I am very interested. Here are the three answers to your three questions:

Yes, I am available from the beginning of October.
I am male.
And if I joined you, I would have to fly to Canada.

My only question for the moment is, how long do you think the trip would take?


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