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tlgibson97 28-08-2013 04:36

Re: Young Yachties-Sail article
Since I just started sailing 1 year ago, I have to now try and make my plans fit into my existing life. Since I never had the idea to retire on a boat when I was planning my life I made choices that put me where I am now. Marriage, kids, college, career choice, mortgage, etc. all put me where I am now.

I've never tried to keep up with the Jones' but I do buy things that bring me enjoyment, a boat being one of them. But it's not easy for me to now uproot and become a liveaboard cruiser. Heck, it'll still be a few more years before I'm above water on my house.

My plan right now is to wait til my kids are gone (age 16 and 12 now) and get the house paid off then start saving aggressively for a liveaboard boat, equipment, etc. I'm lucky that I have a penson with my company so hopefully that will give me the little bit of security to retire at 55, sell everything, and move onto the water to live out our days. Between the pension and savings it should allow us to live comfortable.

Until then, I learn as much as I can and gain as much experiance as possible. I have just over 20 years. Seems like a long time but I feel it will go faster than I want it to.

cruise 28-08-2013 04:54

Re: Young Yachties-Sail article

Originally Posted by rebel heart (Post 1323553)
It's kind of cute when I meet a sixty year old who's been sailing for five years try to lecture me about sailing because he's "more experienced".

You would be surprised by some of the idiots I come across at my local yacht club I totally agree with your comment.

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