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Transporter2112 25-07-2013 15:03

New Cruiser
My Wife and I came REALLY close to upping our timetable and purchasing a Horstman Tri-Star 43 this weekend. So I have some questions that I am certain have been asked and answered on the forum, but I wanted some fresh answers and I wanted to put them together for everyone looking.


I have sailed when I was younger but want to refresh my knowledge. What books would be recommended reading for basic sailing skills and information?

What Multi-hull Specific books should I read? I am looking at a composite home built boat with daggerboards and a large wing mast.

We intend to live aboard full time, on a small budget and sail the Caribbean for a few years initially before crossing the Atlantic to tour the British Isles then into the Med before crossing back with the trades to Central America, through the Canal and out into the pacific. So what live aboard or world cruising books should I read? (i just ordered Captain Fatty's book)


Progressive and BoatUS will cover a trimaran for US Inland use, but nothing off the coast of the US. Don't most marinas require insurance to enter and dock? Even if its just Liability? What insurance companies if any offer international coverage?


OK, HOT TOPIC. What is the legality (or Illegality) of carrying my Pistol on my boat in international waters? What are the issues of having a firearm on my boat while in a marina in a foreign country say in the Caribbean? Is my vessel protected by US laws, as long as the firearm remains in my boat is it OK or not?


What other research or classes are recommended? Boater Safety course, Coast Guard Auxiliary ETC.

Tennessee river and Tenn-Tom Waterway?

What are the bridge clearances up the Tenn-Tom and the Tennessee River to Knoxville? This boat has a 55' above the waterline height, will it clear the bridges or will i have to step the mast to get it up here for a refit?


Are there multi-hull surveyors along the gulf coast that are recommended to hire, or will I have to get a general surveyor to look her over?

Did I miss anything?

Thanks for all the information in advance.

FSMike 25-07-2013 16:05

Re: New Cruiser
Please, anything but another gun thread.
The answers and opinions haven't changed since the last time, please do a search and/or a Google search.

Transporter2112 25-07-2013 16:07

Re: New Cruiser
Thanks Mike, I was hoping for a little more than that but I appreciate the effort anyway.


FLLCatsailor 25-07-2013 16:09

I would provision with some Iraqi surplus scud missiles for pirate defense

Factor 25-07-2013 16:22

Re: New Cruiser
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You were going so well till you mentioned guns.

As for books, anything by Charles Canter is worth a read (Cruising in Catamarans etc), but an absolute must in my humble opinion are:
Multihull Seamanship by Gavin Le Seuer
The Cruising Multihull by Chris White.
The case for the cruising trimaran by Jim Brown

Have a search in amazon or similar using one of the titles above.

Transporter2112 25-07-2013 16:26

Re: New Cruiser
Thanks Factor,

I guess the Gun thing is going to get alot of hackles up, but its something the Wife asked so I thought I would pose the question here where someone might have first hand experience. I'm sure its a contended topic with nothing but opinions and no supporting facts, but I wanted to ask.

Thanks for the advice on the books. I'll get Chris Whites book. I like his designs, really innovative, and I have seen several mentions of his book on the site here.

Thanks Again

Factor 25-07-2013 16:30

Re: New Cruiser
Gavins Book is also really good - very simple, but very helpful.

Transporter2112 25-07-2013 17:08

Re: New Cruiser
Thanks again Factor,

My library is growing.

GordMay 26-07-2013 04:19

Re: New Cruiser

Sand crab 26-07-2013 05:06

Re: New Cruiser
Get Gregor Tarjans book.
Publications & Articles - Aeroyacht

Here's the facts on guns short and sweet.

Any US rights to firearms end the moment you are in another countries territorial waters and that countries laws apply. Your boat is not a political sanctuary.
Usually not declaring an otherwise legal firearm in that country will get you arrested and you boat seized.
Many countries especially Mexico and Canada restrict handguns but are more permissible with rifles or shotguns.
You can be thrown in jail in the Bahamas for an undeclared bullet. It happened.
Some countries require you to surrender your firearms at the port and then you can pick them up on your way out. But they may be somewhere else.

So there you are.

scuba0_1 26-07-2013 07:42

if you sail now just go and get some good charts. Buy a kindle and search sailing the most popular books will pup up. If you don't sail now take sailing class 101 and stop at the 3 day overnight class. And for all our sakes edit your post and delete the gun question and just search with guns in the title yep it's a little work but will save us all...

Sailor_Hutch 26-07-2013 07:47

Re: New Cruiser
You've already passed THE biggest hurdle of a sailor's nascent sea life and career: You've talked the little lady into the idea!

sailcruiser 26-07-2013 07:57


Originally Posted by Sailor_Hutch (Post 1294131)
You've already passed THE biggest hurdle of a sailor's nascent sea life and career: You've talked the little lady into the idea!

Hutch can we go with spouse? There are several ladies (while definitely the minority) who want to go but the men in their lives are reluctant.

On topic a few non multihull suggestions:

The Boat Galley Cookbook (buy a pressure cooker if you don't have one)

Nigel Calder's The Bostowners Mechanical and Electrical Handbook

The Pardey books are good reads but are written around a monohull.


Jane.Joy 26-07-2013 11:54

Re: New Cruiser
Stephen - may I suggest? You might get more replies on your specific questions if you stick to one topic per thread. For example: "Book recommendations for a new cruiser" would probably attract more on-point replies, and such a thread would also be easier for others to find, if they were looking for recommended books. A book I recommend, for basic sailing skills, is Sailing: The Basics: The Book That Has Launched Thousands: Dave Franzel: 9781585748075: Books

Transporter2112 26-07-2013 16:36

Re: New Cruiser
Thanks everyone for the great advice. I appreciate everyone overlooking the gun thing and giving me some useful answers. The cooking book was something I hadn't thought about, that's great.

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