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sailorboy1 23-07-2013 14:36

Your Ignore List
I have no one on my Ignore List! I think at one time I got up to a max of having 3 people on it, but took them off over time and don't think any of them stayed around anyway.

But I am feeling that I'm doing myself a disservice by not putting people on it and my health would be better off to change my way.

So how many people do you have on your list so I can get an idea of the goal to set?

I guess I wouldn't hear from those that have already have me down on their list :p

Wrong 23-07-2013 14:47

Re: your Ignore list
Let me help. You can start with me. After all, you've been on mine for a long time already.

I'm in a really foul mood today 'cause I've finally realized one municipality after another has finally destroyed any possibility for me to live my lifestyle as an anchor out liveaboard in the 'land of the free.

So, go ahead add me to your list. That way you can avoid my whinging about this ad infinitum. Besides I'm not one of the 'in' group anyway. Who wants to be exposed to 'outsiders' like me anyway?

Go on, do it.

Badsanta 23-07-2013 14:58

I havent put anyone on the list yet. But I was warned a few times till I figured out the rules. At first I felt restricted but now enjoy the limits and have learned to play nice. When I was on sailnet I had lots blocked and got tired of the BS there. I am much happer here.

sailorboy1 23-07-2013 14:58

Re: your Ignore list

Originally Posted by Wrong (Post 1292043)
Let me help. You can start with me. After all, you've been on mine for a long time already.

You get your feelings hurt?

The list is "special" and I looked at your boby of CF work and you haven't gotten close yet. You need to post on something I care about (it isn't CPN).

But you should keep reading my stuff as I think you like pointing out typos, I make lots of material for you! :thumb:

Sandero 23-07-2013 15:02

Re: your Ignore list
What's an ignore list? Do you have to think about people you don't want to think about?

Tayana42 23-07-2013 15:05

I haven't used the ignore feature yet, although I've been tempted. Generally, I find I learn a lot from all of the post and I don't have much trouble sorting out who knows what they are talking about and who doesn't. Even the "newbies" add by asking questions and reminding me where I've come from.

That said, It is sometimes annoying to see people who need to respond to every comment on a thread even if their knowledge is "limited" but it is not hard to scroll past them.

Most of all I am thankful for all of the truly experienced and knowledgable people who take the time to share with everyone on this forum.


LeaseOnLife 23-07-2013 15:16

Re: your Ignore list

mean spirits, chatterboxes, and wearisomely verbose (usually technical) people

Badsanta 23-07-2013 15:18

Ok I found one. Now where is that button.

boatman61 23-07-2013 15:22

Re: your Ignore list
I'd say something..
but what's the point...:p:p:p

cabo_sailor 23-07-2013 15:30

Re: your Ignore list
There you go Wrong, I just sent a request to add you to my "friends" list. You are the first I think. But anyway, I suspect there are some misunderstandings floating around. Feel free to PM me to make your time here more enjoyable and productive.


David_Old_Jersey 23-07-2013 15:31

Re: your Ignore list
No people, but I have a couple of sub-forums on ignore!

Really changes the nature of the place, plus makes it easier to dip in and out of.

boatsail 23-07-2013 15:33

Re: your Ignore list
What gives. I see a thread, but don't see any typing on post 1

keyspc 23-07-2013 15:34

Re: your Ignore list
i think I'm on keyspc's list

boatsail 23-07-2013 15:35

Re: your Ignore list
Imagine having a forum of only people who agree with you! That would be what it's like if you use the ignore button to much.

OP: Should I remove the ib from my 44' cutter and replace with freshwater trolling motor
post 2: yea
post 3: sure, but make sure you get at least a 40 watt solar panel to recharge your battery
post 4:Wow, great idea, I think it would be very green
post 5: What kind of anchor do you have? Your idea is great.
post 6: OP writes "rocna"
post 7: I agree, rocna is the best
post 8: wow this is civil and you guys are so right, rocna is the best, but what about guns?
post 9: dont take guns
post 10: yeah, guns are bad
post 11: I like otterbox for my navionics gps ipad
post 12: Ipad, what one do you have? The 2 or 3?
post 13: yeah, who needs chart plotters, ipad is better
post 14: yep, you guys got it
post 15: hard dink or soft?
post 16: Soft
post 17: why would anyone want hard dink?
post 18: nobody would
post 19: agreed, only soft dink
post 20: I'm going to take a long walk off of a short pier
post 21: what pier, I'll join you
post 22: me too

Tellie 23-07-2013 15:36

Re: your Ignore list
I don't think the interesting score is how many you put on Ignore, but rather how many put you on Ignore.
I dunno, but I'll bet my scores right up there.

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