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Cyndimarcus 13-06-2013 17:47

Name that Dinghy
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We have a unique sailing dinghy we inherited and are interested in knowing what it is and how to rig it. I have looked on the internet, but still am not certain what to call her.
Anyone have any ideas?

markpierce 13-06-2013 18:55

Re: Name that dinghy
Ding Dong

marc2012 13-06-2013 20:56

Re: Name that dinghy
Looks like rigged as gaff rigged as cat.Nice looking little boat marc.

Krogensailor 13-06-2013 21:10

Re: Name that dinghy
looks like a dwyer dow. Not sure of the spelling

Cyndimarcus 14-06-2013 08:41

Re: Name that dinghy
<H3>Think this is the rig

Don't think it is a Dyer Dhow it has a wineglass transom.
</H3>Crab’s Claw Rig

The other is the [ crab's claw rig, ] similar to a lateen sail in basic shape except there is a spar on each of the two longer edges. The sail is set pointed down with both spars angled upward. Research shows that it may have the potential to produce more power than other sails type on all but a close-hauled course.

We are looking to sell this as we are leaving for Mexico again in the fall.

Cyndimarcus 14-06-2013 09:25

Re: Name that dinghy Similar to this, but not lapstraked. It is 8'6" with a 4' beam. Now we know how to rig her! We will be selling her, as we are retuning to Mexico and just don't have room for her!

Cyndimarcus 15-06-2013 17:16

Re: Name that Dinghy
Gaff rigged? Anyone?
Thinking she looks like a puffin . . .

SkiprJohn 15-06-2013 17:27

Re: Name that Dinghy
You say you are headed to Mexico. Where is the dinghy that you want to sell? Looks pretty nice. What would be the price?
Are there sails to go with it?
That's a sprit rig you show in the photo.
kind regards,

marujo.sortudo 15-06-2013 18:51

Show us more pics of the spars please and lengths of each. Should make it easier to figure out.

zeehag 15-06-2013 18:51

Re: Name that Dinghy
bring that dink down here to mexico--is perfect for these bays and lagoons and coves...awesome cute.

psk125 15-06-2013 21:04

Re: Name that Dinghy
It is NOT a Dyer Dhow. They have three thwarts, and a lever-operated centerboard. This dinghy, with the mast so far forward, tends to indicate a cat rig, A gaff rig might also be likely. Good luck getting more information.

Celestialsailor 15-06-2013 21:31

Re: Name that Dinghy
I'm wondering it is the F/G version of the Herrshoff Columbia?

markpierce 15-06-2013 23:27

Re: Name that Dinghy
Definitely not gaff rigged. I say "lateen."

Cyndimarcus 18-06-2013 20:17

Re: Name that Dinghy
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here are additional pictures. Thought I had posted a response several days ago, but apparently not.
Mast is 8 feet and other spars are 7 feet.
Hope this helps identify.
Looking to sell, asking $425.
no sails.
Sweet little rowing/sailing dinghy!

marujo.sortudo 19-06-2013 04:13

Re: Name that Dinghy
The extra pic and mast position make it clear. It's a gaff rig, probably very similar to the Dipper on this web page:


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