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Amgine 19-09-2007 13:21

Strictly Sail isn't.
USA. Sailboats and trawlers balance Strictly Sail St. Petersburg Spa Beach

I'm probably the only person who didn't know this, but apparently the St. Petersburg "Strictly Sail" show actually *does* include powerboats, and has since at least last year.

I note the addition has been "welcomed by a number of sailboat manufacturers..." No mention about how the audience appreciates it. For that matter, the sentence also may be read that a number of sailboat manufacturers *do not* welcome the inclusion.

Frankly, I spent about 20 minutes going through the Vancouver Boat show, then left for the in the water portion. The stadium was a waste of my time, being 90% oriented to motor boaters. The in the water show was mostly a waste of my time, with about 40% of it being sailboats.

This is an improvement over other boat shows I've attended, but I rarely take the time to attend anymore. I've spent a couple hundreds of thousands on marine hobbies, but I've spent more attending shows than I've spent *at* them. The few lectures/content which are relevant to me as a sailboat cruiser are just not worth the hassle. I've been planning to make it to a Strictly Sail show in hopes they might be different...

Celestialsailor 23-09-2007 22:27

Friends don't let Friends buy powerboats...

delmarrey 23-09-2007 22:40

Come on! :rolleyes: Let's not start bashing powerboats. It'll get to be like the multihull group. :( who some of are power boats. It just goes in a circle around and around. :devil:

David M 23-09-2007 23:09

Take the mast off a sailboat and what does it become?...a powerboat! I have been skippering a powerboat for over 20 years now for a living and love both. Like all things, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. One group of people does not necessarily know more about the water than the other. Thats up to the individual.

What's most important is that power boaters and sailors can learn things from each other by looking at the "other" type of boat. I have no problem with throwing in a few "stink potters" at a sailboat show or a few "rag boats" at a powerboat show. Don't sailors use a stinkpot to get ashore on occasion? On the other hand, I'm sure that some power boaters wish they got infinite miles per gallon on occasion..especially with Diesel at almost 4 bucks a gallon at some fuel docks. Hey...too bad a diesel cannot run on's cheaper!

It's fun to look at all the different designs all intended for different purposes and budgets...even if that "other" type boat is something you would never consider purchasing.

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