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Conversation Between MV and JiffyLube
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  1. JiffyLube
    I read your profile again, and you sure do like to sand teak! LOL
  2. JiffyLube
    I know we missed you! Jan got to the boat first, then I came down an hours or so later...I was at West Marine taking a class on splicing braided line. As you can see we took most of the canvas off. I cleaned it today in our backyard, and tomorrow I'll put on the water proofing. In a few days we'll be back down to the boat to put the canvas back on, and take the rest home for cleaning. We may see each other this coming weekend.
  3. MV
    Hey!!! I missed you guys!! I am sorry -- really want to say hello. next time if you got a moment, just knock on the boat, ok?
  4. JiffyLube
    Heck, I don't mind at all. We didn't have a view before when a big old power boat was there, and the view is no big deal to us anyway...glad to have you as a neighbor.

    I will say this about the end tie from a sailboat users point of view. As you approach the end tie the wind will have a tendancy to want to blow you away from the dock, but you have more room in that area to make another run at the dock. If you want to tie up facing the wind (that will make leaving the dock a breeze), then when you come in you'll have to make a tight 180 degree turnto bring you up to the dock...but if you can't make the turn in one swoop you still have backing up room to finish the approach.

    I found out Saturday that if I want to single hand our boat, I'll have to leave before much wind picks up. Even though the wind wants to blow our boat next to the dock (which is what I want), when all the lines are off the boat she starts to drift over to the boat next to us...weird.
  5. JiffyLube
    I stopped by your boat yesterday morning, but you weren't there. Your boat doesn't look like work in progress like you suggested, actually it looks pretty good.

    I got my oil changed and was going to take her out for a little bit, but the wind picked up good and I was getting tired so I opted for not going out this time.
  6. JiffyLube
    We dealt with a similar situation docking wise, when we had our boat at Shelter Island, but being sideways to wind only compounded the problem. The first few times leaving our slip we ended up backwards, and I started getting pretty good turning the boat around in the fairway. After awhile it became only a 50/50 chance of coming out backwards, then later on we could make it out the majority of the time in the right direction. Coming into our slip was another work in progress, but we slowly got better at that too.

    What would make life a lot easier for you is if you got another slip, and I know their available, but they might be a little larger than you want. I liked the price better on the 34' slips, but I like the room better on the 38' slips. Study the wind pattern, consider your prop walk, and look for the right slip...they're there.

    I'm going down to our boat tomorrow (Tuesday) to change engine oil, so I'll take a little time and stop by to say Hi.
  7. JiffyLube
    My wife mentioned to me that maybe we should get another slip farther down into the fairway, because she wasn't sure if I had enough room to maneuver. I had to tell her from my point of view as the person that has to take the boat in and out of the slip, this slip is perfect!...I'm not budging from this spot!

    I think there are a couple more empty slips on the same side that we're should check with Pete.

    Thanks on the boat. After summer we're going to have the boat hauled out for new bottom paint, re-painting the boot strip and the strip under the cap rail a dark blue, re-painting the cove strip a two part gold, and getting the hull compounded, polished, and waxed...should look real nice then.

    We might be down again before the weekend, maybe we'll run into you.
  8. JiffyLube
    "Are you living on your boat? I went slip shopping today. Frustrated backing this boat out of the slip here. I dont have a lot of room to maneuver."

    We're not living on the boat, but I wouldn't mind to.

    I know the frustration of not have enough room backing out, that's what we put up with at Shelter Island. Where we are now I have lots of room, and being downwind is a huge advantage to me. Our boat sucks at backing up (probably because of the big barn door rudder we have), and when you throw in the prop walk it can be spine tingling at I studied the slip layout and wind direction at Kona, and the slip I finally got is perfect for me.
  9. JiffyLube
    "What was so bad about Shelter Island Marina? That is where the Best Western is, correct?"

    Shelter Island was nice enough, but all the slip are sideways to the wind. We were on the upwind side of a double slip, and we really had to be on our game getting in and out of that slip. I could never take our boat out by myself, because as soon as you let your lines go the wind would blow our boat into our neighbor's boat...really sucked. Now we are downwind, and it's a pleasure coming in and out.
  10. JiffyLube
    We're over on H-81...last slip before the end tie.

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