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Training to pee on the boat- from an expert

OK, I could not resist the moment to call a radio show and ask Vladae the Russian Dog Trainer how to get my well trained dogs to "do their thing on the boat" This is what he told me. Start using whatever you plan on them peeing on right away. Any time they pee wipe it on the turf (thats what I will use hopefully) and then put this on the boat. He said maybe even use some poop because they will go where they smell they have gone before (creature of habit). It may take awhile but sooner or later they will get the idea. I told him that they have gone 10 or more hours and was worried about this but he said- if they have to go they will......Sooner or Later
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That's the "standard" dog trainer answer. Somebody wrote in once in a book, and everybody else keeps repeating it.

I don't know about you, but just watching my dog leads me to question the logic. Maybe every dog I have ever owned was crazy, but none of them peed and pooped in the same place every day. If yours does, maybe this will work.

That said, dogs definetly are creatures of habit. But the habit we work with here is more to do with the surface. City dogs learn to "go" on concrete, country dogs prefer grass or dirt. Intact males tend to want to mark lots of spots, and "go" a little at a time, fixed males and females just get it over with.

Our dog doesn' like using the deck, but when he has to, he does.

Probably the best approach is to begin by teaching your dog to "go" on command. Then, on land, slowly expand the variety of surfaces that he is comfortable using. Then you can bring him on the boat, and let him get good and full, and give the command. Success is highly praised and rewarded. It's not an "instant" answer but it works.
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we used the puppy training pads when housebreaking the girls, on board we leave a pad in the head and they actually use it. We have also incorporated our land routine to the boat. Thedogs know that when we say "go for a walk" it is time to do their business. We take them for "walks" around the deck whenever we are away from the dock, they prefer the bow and with the trainers "positive reinforcement", treats, this works well. The only time it goes arwy is when the captain has to do an anchor check in the early hours before sunrise and forgets that the girls went for a walk just before bedtime.

Good luck
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my dog is crazy. I tired the poop and the astroturf mat thing. no dice. she decided she likes to go forward to do her thing. she likes to play in the water, so she will come get me when she is done so that I will dig out the bucket and wash it off. Some times I wonder who is training who.
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sounds like with some luck!!!!

I think by listening to some of your stories of how your pups go will help me a lot and give me a couple different ideas to try. As far as them holding it for the 10 hours that would be the longest I would want them to hold it because right now they go out at around 10 pm and usually don't ask to go out again till 7 or 8 in the AM, so that would be a norm for them anyhow. I do have a call into the Vet to see if they have anything that might encourage them to pee if the time should be alittle more than I think they should be holding it. I will post that next week and any progress the dogs and I have.
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well i trained my german shepherd to go on command , 'do your business' then i would reward with a small cookie and lots of praise, WHAT GOOD BUSINESS you do...!!!!! then put a piece of 4x4 washable astroturf outdoor carpet-type material on the foredeck , telling her DO YR BUSINESS... then you can wash it more thoroughly once in port.. she doesn't like 'doing it' on the boat, much prefers to be rowed in the dinghy to a sandy uninhabited beach etc... twice a day !!!
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there are no short cuts for successful toilet training, use a simple command such as 'BE QUICK' (said in a calm non-threatening manner) every time the dog toilets this will assist in the association of the command and the action, attempt to restrict the dogs movement (not to difficult on a boat) maybe utilising a cage, and place a puppy pad where you can get the dog too, as soon as it starts to make the movements associated with toileting (circling, sniffing and squatting) physically put the dog on the pad until it toilets, using the 'BE QUICK' command, as soon as the dog toilets lots of praise and a food or play reward, (remember any food treats given to your dog should be taken from his daily food allowance, wouldn't want to much ballast would we?) once the dog has learnt to go on the pad move the pad in small measures to the area you want the dog to toilet in permenantly. At some stage put astraturf or carpet under pad then make pad smaller and smaller till it has gone this should be enough association for the dog to work out where his toilet area is. This should all be done in the first 6 months of the puppies life, there are differing opinions on this but after 12months of age it is almost, impossible to toilet train a dog OR change its toilet habits. hope this helps (i'm a police K9 handler and not too far distant liveaboard)
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training to pee on boat

I have to cavalier king charles, i taught them to use wee wee pads for when its too late to go out for walks or out to sea in bad weather, in the year weve been living aboard theyve adjusted well to their 3walks aday when were in port and using the pee pads..I also buy them in bulk 300 pee pads from DH medical supply (thru amazon) for $30 Its a buy.. I take them out of the huge box, keep them folded and use paper saks to keep them in. Usually three large paper bags holds 3hundred.. It takes them 6-9months touse half that amount

On keeping dog food, when in port i stock up on dry dog food ( i feed Eucanuba puppy dry ) I have a locked container made of plastic i put the food in and it keeps 40-60 lbs.Mine eat about 15lbs a month give or take, i only use metal 1/2 pint bowls to feed them in , and keep their walking leads on the handle to the companionway the other side i keep their poopbags hanging on a string so i dont forget. I always clean up after them

I showed dogs for 40yrs and have owned dogs all my life, i found if you pick up after them , keep them properly groomed,nails and hair, and get annual vet checkups, people dont mind you being a neigbor with dogs

On peeing on command both of mine do, I feed them at night, on their night walk after we cross the bridge to land i tell them time to go. each one finds their spot on the grass, does their thing ,a fter we clean up, stop by the trash we are back at the boat done for the night, i keep on wee wee pad in the galley just in case (i put it down at 10pm) if someone has to go after midnight they have a spot, all i do is throw it away when i get up

pretty easy keepers id say, much easier then when my kids were young
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