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pirate English Muffin Bread From Scratch! (EASY)

English Muffin Bread (Courtesy of SV Prism)

Hey All!

It's been a really long time since my last post, but I came across this video on youtube about how to make English Muffin Bread from scratch.

I suppose you could easily do this while at sea in the right conditions as well, so long as you can keep it dry while it rises, but that's for you to figure out.

I hope you all like it! Totally de'lish! (This isn't my recipe, by the way. Just had to share it simply because it's awesome.)

For those not able to watch the vid, here's some reading materials:

Full Transcript:
0:00when the crew of SV Prism get hungry
0:02they look upon Shannon for food here on
0:04Prison cooks Shannon shares her favorite
0:07boat recipes that are easy to make and
0:09yummy to eat
0:11welcome to the first episode of prison
0:15cooks we're going to start off today
0:16with one of my favorite recipes which is
0:18English muffin bread and what I love
0:20about this bread is that it's super easy
0:22to cook there's no rising punching
0:24rising punching it only takes about an
0:26hour so the boat doesn't get super hot
0:28and that well I probably make it every
0:31other day so the ingredients you'll need
0:34flour baking powder salt sugar and yeast
0:38need to make sure that your yeast is
0:40really fresh
0:41I keep mine in the fridge to keep it the
0:42freshest you also need water and milk if
0:47you don't have milk you can use all
0:48water but it tastes better with milk so
0:51let's get started I'm going to add half
0:53of the flower to begin with which is a
0:55cup and a half into the bowl
0:58I kind of a I don't get perfect
1:00measurements which to me
1:03never has caused a problem but I get
1:05pretty close
1:10and before I go any further I'm going to
1:13put the kettle on to warm up the water
1:16with warm water the yeast reacts a
1:20little bit faster and you get the nice
1:22big holes like in classic English
1:24muffins so i have half the flour in i'm
1:27going to add a teaspoon of baking powder
1:29a teaspoon of salt and i'm just using
1:42kirkland brand sea salt
1:45nothing too special i'm going to use a
1:51teaspoon and a half of sugar there's one
1:57and a half
2:02it's kinda funny i keep my sugar in a
2:05that's a little bit easier because in
2:07Central America the only sure you can
2:09buy is in like massive bags for the most
2:11part and i found it funny that I look at
2:13this today and i put in a sugar-free jar
2:15I thought it was ironic since it's sugar
2:17now anyways and also two and a half
2:21teaspoons of yeast 12 and a half once i
2:34have got all set i'm going to let my
2:36water heat up a little bit i'm gonna add
2:38it to cold milk a cup of cold milk and
2:41so that way it's just not too hot not
2:43too cold and the yeast will be nice and
2:45happy all right i think my water is
2:48warming up so an a-cup i'm going to add
2:51my cup of cold milk if you use both cold
2:55milk and cold water
2:57these will not be as happy so I just
2:58heat up the water because it's always in
3:01a kettle and put it into a mixing Cup or
3:05you know thermal cup and then add a half
3:08a cup of my warm water if your water is
3:11too warm that it will kill the east so
3:14you want to make sure it doesn't get
3:15above a hundred and fifteen degrees
3:17you don't want to kill your yeast you
3:19just want to activate it once that's all
3:22good i kind of stick my finger in to
3:24make sure it's not too warm
3:25it's perfect and i'm going to go ahead
3:28and pour this into my flour mixture and
3:34stir it up and when I want to make sure
3:36i stir it all the way till it's
3:37thoroughly mixed
3:38another great thing about this recipe
3:40that there's no needing you don't take
3:42it out needed and flour and the dough is
3:45actually much stickier and it looks kind
3:47of wet which is kind of odd if you've
3:48never made bread before you would think
3:50that is going to be like pizza dough but
3:51it's not
3:53so I'm going to mix it up tells
3:55thoroughly mixed and then I'm going to
3:56add the remaining 1 cup of flour so a
3:59total of two and a half cups of flour
4:01for this I find that a big enough bowl
4:04and a big wooden spoon is your best
4:06friend I'm not only for this recipe but
4:09in bread recipes in general a big thick
4:12wooden spoon that you can really hold
4:14onto and mix the dough around it's
4:16really helpful
4:17ok so I'm going to add the other cup of
4:19flour and i'm just going to gradually
4:22pour it in and mix as I go
4:25you don't want to just dump it all in
4:27there at once so you want to make sure
4:33that you're adding and mixing thoroughly
4:35before each addition
4:41this is when the big wooden spoon comes
4:48in handy this is a really sticky dough
4:50you want to make sure you're getting
4:51everything off of the sides and thorough
4:54mix so with a big wooden spoon like this
4:57you can really get in there and mix it
4:59I remember the first time I made this
5:00recipe i was really confused because the
5:03dough looks more like a straight
5:05stretchy a cake batter type dough and I
5:09thought I was doing something wrong and
5:10I tried it anyways and came out great
5:13going to grab my bread pan and i'm going
5:20to give this a quick spray down with
5:22cooking spray and if you have cornmeal
5:26you can sprinkle the bottom of the panel
5:29cornmeal I don't have any I've never
5:31used it I've never had a problem but if
5:34you want that classic English muffin
5:35crisp you can use it so just sprinkle a
5:39little down there and i'm going to go
5:40ahead and pour my batter in as much as I
5:54just question the dough around on the
5:56bottom of the pan so it's somewhat level
6:01but taking up the whole pan at the
6:03bottom of it now let it rise depending
6:07on the temperature where you're cooking
6:09it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to
6:1060 minutes about halfway between rising
6:13time I turn the oven on in classic ovens
6:18the recipe calls for you to pre-heat
6:20your oven to 375 and then to bake the
6:23bread for 15 minutes but if your gallery
6:26evan is anything like mine it's really
6:28more of a guess I'm since I've made this
6:31so often I've basically just turned my
6:33oven up as warm as it gets and I do have
6:36a little thermometer in my oven that
6:38tells me but I really don't think it's
6:40correct so once it gets around 200 275
6:43that's when I put the bread in and in my
6:46oven and only takes about 10 to 11
6:48minutes to cook so really depending on
6:50your oven just keep an eye on it
6:52I'm luckily the red pretty much tells
6:55you when it's done so you can see now
6:58that it is has beautifully risen and we
7:03are going to put in the oven now I put
7:05it on about the middle rack slide it in
7:08close the oven backup and i will turn a
7:14timer on for about 11 minutes and I use
7:17my iPad phone watch whatever you have
7:20works fine just don't forget about it
7:23so the timer is done that was 11 minutes
7:25so i'm going to go ahead and just take a
7:28look to see how she looks like she's
7:31ready or not
7:32she looks pretty golden i'm going to
7:35give it a light tap it sounds Hollow
7:37that means it's done i'm going to go
7:40ahead without burning myself
7:43bring her on out
7:47alright so now that it's out if you want
7:50to crispy crust you got to get it out of
7:51the pan to cool i'm sure to grab classic
7:56butter knives and the muddy and I'm
7:59going to flip this bread up and out now
8:04if you use corn mill this is when you
8:06have all that corn mill on the bottom
8:09hot pan out of the way and then stick
8:12the butter knives underneath the bread
8:16it's hot to try not to hold it for too
8:18long i'm gonna let it cool just like
8:21that I let it cool for about 5-10
8:24minutes depending on how bad I want to
8:26eat it when you cut into it you should
8:28have nice big holes like classic English
8:35alright so we've let it cool and now
8:39it's time to dig in
8:42so i got my handy dandy ikea cheap bread
8:48we're going to go ahead and cut right
8:49into it oh yeah look at that see those
8:54holes good yeast this bread is delicious
8:59when toasted so if you have a toaster
9:01oven or grill or if you toast toast on
9:04your stovetop however you do it with a
9:06little bit of butter on top
9:08you swear that you are actually eating
9:09an English muffin it's delicious and
9:12another topper is that this bread will
9:14last in a ziplock bag in your fridge for
9:17I mean it doesn't last long for us
9:20because we eat so fast but it will last
9:22for up to four days in a ziplock bag in
9:24the fridge
9:25I haven't tested anything beyond that
9:27because we eat it
9:28one piece for me one piece for the
9:33hmm alright so good that is some pretty
9:38good English muffin bread if I say so
9:40myself and if you want to try this
9:42recipe yourself which hi highly
9:44recommend you do because it is delicious
9:45is SB prism calm and click on prism
9:49cooks for full recipe and more until
9:52next time
9:53fair winds and following seas
Full Recipe:
Flour - 2 and 1/2 cups
Baking Powder - 1 Teaspoon
Salt - 1 Teaspoon
Sugar - 1 and 1/2 Teaspoons
Yeast - 2 and 1/2 Teaspoons
Water [Hot] - 1/2 Cup (Not over 115 degrees!)
Milk [Cold] - 1 Cup (Preferred but optional, Use cold water instead if none available)
Bread Pan and Cooking Spray
Cornmeal (Optional)

Add everything to the same bowl:

Step 1 = Add half necessary flour to a bowl (1 and 1/2 cups)

Step 1.5 = Start heating water in kettle

Step 2 = Add 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

Step 3 = Add 1 Teaspoon Salt

Step 4 = Add 1 and 1/2 Teaspoons Sugar

Step 5 = Add 2 and 1/2 Teaspoons Yeast

Step 5.5 = BEFORE ADDING TO POWDER, Mix 1/2 cup *hot* water to 1 cup of *cold* milk together!
(1 Part Water and 2 Parts Milk mixture should not be hot enough to burn 
your finger after mixing or it will kill the yeast and mess up your bread!)

Step 6 = Pour liquid into bowl and stir until thoroughly mixed (Looks sticky when done)

Step 7 = Thoroughly stir remaining flour into mixture (About 1 cup)

Step 8 = Coat Bread Pan with Cooking Spray (Sprinkle bottom with cornmeal if desired)

Step 9 = Evenly pour batter into Bread Pan

Step 10 = Let rise (Preferably in direct sunlight) for around 30-60 minutes.
Do not allow mixture to spill over side of Bread Pan.

Step 11 = Preheat oven to approximately 375F/190C while dough is rising.
(May require a healthy spackling of Sailor’s Intuition depending on your oven.)

Step 12 = Put Bread Pan on middle rack and cook for 10-15 minutes. Watch carefully.

Step 13 = Should have a light golden color on top and yield a hollow thump when flicked.

Step 14 = Remove from pan and allow to cool 5-10 minutes. (Preferably suspended by two butter knives)

Step 15 = Slice, tear or gnaw a chunk from the loaf, then slather, smear or dunk with butter and enjoy!

(Can last up to 3-4 days while wrapped in the cooler.)
"Thanks for reading!" -PlumKrazy
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Re: English Muffin Bread From Scratch! (EASY)

I just realized that the transcript reads "prison" every time the boat's name is mentioned. It's supposed to be "Prism," lol. Thanks for the transcript Youtube!
"Thanks for reading!" -PlumKrazy
( Also, please check out my latest book by clicking here. )
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Re: English Muffin Bread From Scratch! (EASY)

Thanks for sharing this! For whatever reason, when you bake fresh stuff for folks they pretty much love you for the rest of your days. Be it breads, or snacks like cookies. And it's a huge morale booster too. So try & make doing it part of the regular routine. To include scheduling, yes, scheduling, everyone to take regular turns at it. Even if it takes a few trys for a newbie to figure out what they're good at making, & what needs work. So that they know what to make when they're pressed into galley duty by virtue of the regular chef being down due to seasickness. Or that they're the only decent cook in a thrown together delivery/racing crew.

The Uncommon Thing, The Hard Thing, The Important Thing (in Life): Making Promises to Yourself, And Keeping Them.
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Re: English Muffin Bread From Scratch! (EASY)

You're welcome! I guess I was so impressed by this one because I've been looking for an easy, half-decent bread recipe for a very long time. This one fit the bill!

Would love to know what you think if you get a chance to try it out, too!
"Thanks for reading!" -PlumKrazy
( Also, please check out my latest book by clicking here. )
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Re: English Muffin Bread From Scratch! (EASY)

Thx much!! I'm already hungry..
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Re: English Muffin Bread From Scratch! (EASY)

Gotta say thanks! The smell of fresh bread baking in the oven motivates the forenoon watchman to get up!! Tony
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