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Hi, name of Nathan.
Usually sea kayaking, collecting plastics as I find them in the Port river. (When boating, usually working describes my week better).
About to garage my dads yacht "Henry D" a Rob Legg 24 . 350kg swing keel, about 4 inch to 4 foot draft. Many ideal anchorages around here.
Easier to throw a kayak on roof racks though and dads boat needs a rigging replacement. Nothing major, just many little bits.
Used to race a Dragon, love the keel feel.
Saving up.. Girlfriend says she gets seasick but my idea was to save a couple of years and attempt to purchase and berth a liveaboard. Second hand hence whatever market has is what will make choices .
If 2 years was now I'd probably try to obtain the Cascade 42 in Sydney (7 day sail to home) or the Roberts 45 on the east coast. Thinking any bigger would hurt me to much with costs and upside down sanders. Lol. Plenty of lifts at that size are available.
Anyway.. Years away.. Was looking steel to bash containers with and sail home to go hunting plastics in the ocean Eddy's. Changed mind, read solid glass holds up fairly well.
I read that if no osmosis after 15 years she's a sound bet. Dads past friend built boats. If osmosis occurs, sealing with epoxy fills the hollow glass strands and prevents water from entering fibre.
Maybe steel, maybe core sandwich glass, maybe wood, maybe solid. Who knows. Whatever the market offers is the choices I budget to choose from.
Liking ketch due to steerage. A friend lost his wheel but his mate sailed her (40 footer fractional sloop) back to harbour without a hassle. (Better skills than mine).

Cannabis plastic bottles look nice. Look like PET but disintegration is about 60 days.

Happy sailing


Dads first boat was one of the first foam core Paper Tiger catamarans "Shere Khan. " He was lucky because work were in excess of unusable titanium so he bought sheets and machined them to suit. The cat came in extremely rigid and extremely light. Lead blocks were needed in bildges to obtain race weight. The state champion at the time noticed her(tough luck Tiger) and bought her when dad ?upgraded? to a camping boat; the RL24.
I don't mind cats, wanting a monohull though due to wind spillage in gulls and ocean beatings in the open. But, who knows, gotta keep saving first. Hoping I learn to set anchors well.
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Re: Nathan

Welcome aboard Nathan! Good luck in your adventures!
1962 Columbia 29 MKI #37
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Re: Nathan

Thank you Don,
Wishing you many safe voyages too.

I do knot know what I'm allowed to do.
A bowline.

Thanks guys per reading your ups and downs.. Highs to lows.* Hot to cold. Counter of torque. The reason I sail.
Chief Walker taught me some kung **.* I am yellow tip white belt.* I walked away.* White belt is respect.* Yellow tip might cover my mistakes.
My dad Joe taught me sailing.*
Walker's seen as best knowledge regarding land protection.* Sailors per same with sea.

My head hurts often.. Rebuilt with titanium plate and tuned to a specific high frequency.* The government needed help helping both land,* sea and creature.
Here I am,* born March '74 with both eyes of vertical stigmatism,* I had fangs until orthodontist treatment,* born yellow skin and a few other abnormalities between a white belt with a touch of yellow and an ability to sleep on a helm of a sailing vessel.* Really appreciate people that recycle.

Cruising plans..* We cruised a lot with man weight of battery on bildge fore of keel edge of a RobLegg24. She'd still plane.

Loosely planning an ocean yacht because I don't know future.* As per now.* Joe needs to store the RL24 now that it's moved from out under a shade cloth.* It's been sitting with broken rigging and semi seized trailer bearings near 27 years.* I'm not sure whether she'll be ours or mine as a cruising yacht,* eg me and mates or dad and mates such as me.
Hence ocean yacht is probably retarded from I another many years while I prepare a cruising skiff.

Seeing rigging needs replacement,* both standing and running.* Knowing I don't know the costs of monetary and workload.* I like the idea of. Trapeze,* harnesses,* more horsepower,* swiveling sheet cleats and a big numb ape on a winch. Hence can go cruising or get blown around the cans although there'd be less interior due to strengthening needs.
My wallet would prefer,* new stays,* new ropes,* use of stretched sails.

We're easy going too,* the easy path.. Sail.. Power to weight with a sheltered waters cruising yacht is tempting though.* She's just waiting to feel a rig again.* I just want to go cruising to enjoy long,* long hours of boring and hold on moments.* Work commitment suggests this option suits me..* I'm slow,* be a year or 2 or 3,4,5..??
That's me..* Chief (or king)* of land where I grew up is Karno.* I like sailing with Joe because he doesn't litter.* Unfortunately I tend to break things hence I lost use of boat longtime ago..* I hope she gets rebuilt with more horsepower and lasts 5 years to do it again or find ocean vessel instead.* We'd averaged 10knots with main and Genoa with her one day.* But that was because of a swell.

Too me and my current lifestyle.* That is a cruise boat.* Has long bunks,* a galley,* a chart table.* As children we'd lay on the vberth and have competition whom could get the most air from a lay.* If tensioned skiff rig,* we'd lose appropriate use of the vberth making her a twin berth cruiser but she would be competitive with some bigger girls around the cans.

Who knows,* who cares,* enjoying life too.

I'd rather an over powered skiff than an under powered skiff hence a sail knot less prop. She kicks up in a well, easy to drop and thrust past the rudder or steer with if rudder is broken.

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Re: Nathan

BTW. She's dances with a 350lb tapered edge and a belly at 12 inches. Not 4inch on 350kg.
But I've only ever known her as a cruising boat with about half the launches being her day tripping.
Cruising takes priority over racing here but reefing will cover horsepower issues. Figuring cabin volume.

Admiring truck like cruises.. We're more like a bike with a long side car.
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Re: Nathan

I don't know how to thank you guys/gs/ls/men enough.
Thanks per letting me open up and clear some thought.

Time, quality, quantity is the restraint of 3 I choose 2 with. My budget kitty being quite low, time and quality.
She is not mine but I am to house her dry dock and I hope to achieve allowed usage by rebuilding her.

She is capable of full sail at 90 degrees to a consistent blow of 35knot. Her preferred plane is 15 degrees heel.

If allowed to internally brace rigging in cabin she will most probably get an upgrade, if not... A nice triangle cruiser is she, St Vincent gulf, south Australia.

If allowed to brace, this is build plan.
Fence rails, as are or foot capped to remove with day events.
Mast. Same or an upgrade that allows use of current boom and sails. Rigged to accept trapeze wires. Rigged to raise with or without trapeze wires.
Idea being. Kids can come day sailing and have fun. Throw them the longer sheets and let cockpit do less.
If raced later, you beauty. She's about 1 tonne, maybe 1.5. I don't know. Good enough ..

In a few years unless adverse conditions dictate my life to be other than aboard a long passage vessel, I'm still planning to sell a house.

I like dads boat.. Light, can get fast, low budget.

I'd prefer a long keel. Pitch fulcrum tends to be further fore but they're generally slower in most ?comfortable? conditions.

Loving hot to cold
High to low
Up to down


(I'll post a picture if I can find 1. Just a boat)
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Re: Nathan

I don't know if I'm offensive unkindly.
Reality.. A nice bloke.

I like stink boats but my quarrel is knot of such vessel. My quarrel is such that a better fuel should be made available to provide access of a lesser pollutant to our general publics availability of purchase. I'm dumb yet with others smart of topic; I believe that should have time and effort towards improvement.

I like sailing yet I'm like all of us and need practice.
I understand some basic theories yet might knot ever learn such rather than preferred fluency such as..
Using sail to air steer both pitch, heel, turn.
Lots and lots of lots. Very much nearer no practice then much practice with some sum practice not so enjoyable.

Our local dolphins are intelligent yet last season both calves lost lifes and 2 seasons prior 3 of 7 calves survived. They are gorgeous. If the tides are obeyed and a system weather is used a yacht can race the dolphins into their often feeding location. Depth is shallow; maybe 4 fathom. A surf zone of 10 mile with steep yet generally non breaking crests. Surf face, punch back of wave, surf face in front. Dolphin showed knowledge, punching steel keel and knot with hull. We are not experts, white sails, maybe that will colour in the lines in fairly high wave heights some day?

Sum day; earning.. Picked up others smelly plastic rubbish and retained personal use rubbish to bring home to recycle having professionally worked the majority hours.

I will see some of you out there some day. I'm glad to sail. Sometimes I'm told to be vulgar, sexually explicit, racist, ..anything else? I believe arrogance and ignorance should be included as well as singled out! Some things are said to break concentrate and focus; especially when a mate needs to balance a clew!!! I haven't seen much yet I've seen a lot of strength and it is fragile; hence the love to learn fulcrum, far, force and balance beauties bit. Eg a tapered edge leading a point!!!
We live, we learn. I am predator, I am also prey.

Here's a photo of the little vessel I enjoyed many cruises on. I remember my sister crouching in the anchor well while we surfed with some dolphins. She buried her bow to front hatch on deck with many waves. Just plane fun!!!

I am born a tiger king, I am physically different to many a man.

I could truly appreciate more help. There is no noticeable payment per collection of rubbish and sorting into recycling piles. There is a shared playground that we use.
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Re: Nathan

Anyway, that's her. 'Henry D'
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