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Old 02-05-2020, 19:54   #31
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Re: I could have done this smarter...

I don't know if you can install AdBlockPlus on a phone, never tried, but it keeps my CF free of ads. Perhaps there is something in your settings for your phone? or an app you can get for it?

As to the "censorship", why yes, this is a privately owned forum, the owner has set the community rules, and everyone has agreed to follow them, when they joined. The moderators are volunteers who undertake to enforce those rules. It is not a "free speech and everything goes" environment. If you decide you don't like the atmosphere here, there are other forums.

Who scorns the calm has forgotten the storm.
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Re: I could have done this smarter...

Originally Posted by Jordan-Flomad View Post
(seriously, the ads are bs... Which is short for what comes out of the butt/anus/lower intestines of a very specific animal), for the knowledge that certainly exists around here.

For a few bucks a year as a supporting member you can get rid of almost all of the ads. The only ad I see is a narrow google ad banner below the menu at the top of the page. Well worth it in my opinion.
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Old 03-05-2020, 07:19   #33
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Re: I could have done this smarter...

Ah, therein lies the problem (and it's my problem, not a problem with the board). It's a weird combination of auto correct (which adds a lot of cussing based on my history of typing), Florida (which is hot and makes my fingers sweaty), and an inordinate amount of frustration with instructional videos (the Hawkeye depth Sounder I just got doesn't seem to have written installation instructions, and I didn't find a single useful article with pictures on how to hoist a jib on a roller furler - I had to watch a video, and I missed the important part the first time).

I was actually super stoked to come back here and look, but I did it from my phone, which leads to frustration, which leads to me talking about it, which then causes the actual point to get lost in my complaining. It's my own thing, and my own frustration. That's all that was. Not super important. I know the rules here, and I'll follow them. I'm willing to deal with the stuff I don't like to get to the stuff I do (like you folks!).

Anyway, the important part is that I'm living aboard now, and revamping the electrical system. This boat stuff is tricky, and quite the learning curve.

Refrigeration, charger/inverters, and the like are in an entirely different area than I'm used to operating in. I will totally do a write up (from a computer, with pictures) on my build, because it looks like we'll be taking the galley down to the bulk heads, with some fun sliding organizational methods of getting similar volume as our ice box but with 12v refrigeration (and a freezer!).

Sorry for derailing things with the complaints. What a freaking adventure this is! I love it.
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Re: I could have done this smarter...

A Pearson 365 is a nice ship. A friend here used to own one. I liked his boat very much. It was simple and had very reasonably sized hardware. Big enough to give basic comforts, but not so big as to place any silly requirements on our fitness and stamina. Fitness and stamina that are getting less and less each passing year.

While some electrical systems are a must (think of nav lights) many others are luxury.

You can live without a fridge and without an inverter. They should not come between you and cruising.

We use cola can inverters that are maybe 150Wats each. Plug and forget, nothing to wonder, fix or worry. There are also small piezoelectric coolers that can be plugged or unplugged any time. They work directly on 12V system too. These are zero complexity items.

What you DO need to care about are the rudder, the rigging, the sails and maybe the engine too.

A broken chainplate is a far more serious issue than a broken fridge.

Make sure the essentials are sound. Fix the rest as you go, or learn to do without.

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Re: I could have done this smarter...

Congrats on the 365. We had hull #19 for years and I cried like a baby when we sold her.

My only complaint was that we needed 15 knots of wind to get her moving at anything like a speed I was happy with. We put a Maxprop on expecting better speed all round but to my amazement we were then able to sail in 3 knots of wind! I don't know what your budget it like, but file it away for a rainy day.

We would still be on that boat but for the fact the cockpit is so large it cuts down on the living space below. I hope you enjoy your boat for many years!
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts...
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Re: I could have done this smarter...

@barnakiel, yeah, I've been going back and forth on that. I'm currently in a marina, and talking to other folks, I keep thinking about how to change my habits. Going without a fridge is definitely not an option, just due to our diet. We've been going out to eat way more than I like (curbside pickup and all) here. Part of it is the fridge, but a bigger part is the lack of stove. We picked up a cheap pressure cooker, and have been getting really good with that. But we also bulk cook, and I like the idea of multiple meals ready to go without cooking.

Chain plates are solid (I've learned enough to check that) plus the rigging is in excellent shape (both backstays replaced in the last 6 months, no rust or broken strands on any of the others). I have a main that looks good, and a mizzen main (is that what it's called?). I've got three additional sails in the cockpit locker, but I haven't flaked them yet (assuming that's the correct term for taking them out and folding them correctly), so I'm not even sure what they are (I was told one is an asymmetrical Spinnaker, and another is a Genoa).

I joined a sailing club, but it hasn't proved fruitful yet, just due to timing. I joined on a Saturday, and two weeks later was a meeting. But then some stuff came up (global pandemic and all), and things got cancelled. What it kind of comes down to for me is that we're not necessarily ready to retire just yet, and the plan is to work remotely when needed (or even when not needed if it's fun). Right now, since we managed to get a really good slip at a really good marina as a condition of the sale, we've got shore power, and super fast internet. The rudder is good, and I accidentally did a pretty in depth examination of the steerage system (which seems pretty solid). Since my job is a bit data intensive, and my technology needs are quite extensive, I want to make sure I can do what I need to on the hook. I know I'll be upgrading to a relatively large lithium bank, so I recently bought an inverter/charger that cost right around 10% of the purchase price (timing worked out really well, and I got quite the deal on her). As we look at galley redesign, we'll probably wind up spending another 10% on the fridge/freezer system. Call me an optimist (I'm really not), but I want a freezer to store all of those fish we catch . Doh! A fishing pole/line and lures should go on the list.

I feel like our habits may change once we're actually out there, but I'm just trying to take it day by day. I have big dreams, a full NMEA 2000 backbone with all kinds of amazing things hooked up to it, but when it comes to that, I know my eyes are bigger than my mouth so to speak. The simplicity is something I really want to move towards, and I have to keep those tendencies i check.

@redhead, that is so awesome! I don't know if you are on the owner's forum, but hull #1 (as of a month or two ago) is still out there cruising. I actually really like the big cockpit and the lack of a quarter berth. We've been sleeping in the V-Berth which seems to work out (with a bit of adjustment), and even with 2 cats (Nemesis absolutely loves the pilot berth) and more than 30TB of data, we've got room. The only thing that bugs me is vertical. We've got a standard office fridge sitting where the stove/oven would go. It sits so high that our galley seems smaller. Can't easily access the cupboard on the port side with that stupid fridge which won't work unless we're connected to shore power. How was #13 rigged? Encantado (soon, the vinyl stickers didn't quite hit the USCG requirements) is a ketch (cutter rigged I think). She's going to take us places for sure, and I'm loving it (even if things get a bit frustrating sometimes).

Thanks for the advice on the prop. She's got a fixed one now, but it's most definitely something on my radar.

Folks, thanks! I know I complain a bit when it comes to tech and the like (the first post I made here was hilarious), and I've gotten disenchanted and frustrated with this community, but this is amazing. I imagine a big part of it was how stupid I was when I first jumped in here (and the Bayliner and all that jazz), how much I dislike Florida, and just a bunch of major life changes. These last two comments really made me smile.

Edit: Ha!! You were right Ann (or maybe it was Jim earlier)! Once I get on a computer, I get in the no cussing mode, and didn't have anything that got filtered!! Woohoo!
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Re: I could have done this smarter...

I don't know that it's known here, but one thing you will find about me is that when a question or feedback is raised, I respond with my current state of mind. I'll state where I'm at, my mindset, thought process, and the like. And then for the next few days, once I verbalized it, my subconscious takes my argument and stance, and just rolls it around for a while. I find myself watching things that are related to my thought process, almost on accident.

And the same thing happened in this case. I made a comment regarding needing a fridge due to our eating habits. And then a bunch of stuff started coming up regarding the philosophy of doing without, some of it related to cruising, some of it not. So yeah, thoughts are shifting, and I am really stoked about how it's going.
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Re: I could have done this smarter...

Hi, I have read most of what you wrote about your journey, but i missed seeing anything about the fate of your much did you pay, how much did you spend on it, did you sell it and how much? Even Byliner powerboats are not well regarded, so I cringed inwardly hearing how you began; it seems to be going better for you now though.
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