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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

I am not new to sailing but I have never sailed. For the last 22 years I have been a dreamer, while studying every aspect of sailing in every publication or website I could find.
I have been a long haul trucker for the last 20 years. With the recent increase in fuel prices I have myself being forced out of the industry. So now I will have time to pursue my dream at last.
My start will be very minimum to say the least. I am selling my truck with hopes to buy a decent cheap sailboat. I already have my choices and price range.
My plan is to sell or walk away from everything I cant carry and buy the boat. I then intend to take some classes and spend as much time as I can on the water to gain experience. But this will have to be short cruises as I will have to find some type of job to do as I will be almost broke.
I have a couple of questions for everyone, I am not thin skinned by any means, please tell me your honest opinion.

1. Is there anyone in this forum who has experience driving a truck like I have and made the switch?
I ask this because I really donít see much difference in driving an 18 wheeler and sailing a modest sailboat. My truck requires 100% of my attention and gets it, at times with the added cost of a relationship or two. I really donít see the difference with a sailboat.
2. I will be buying a $10000 boat and living on it. Is this feasible? I am used to small spaces, a 28ft sailboat has twice the room my truck does so size doesnít matter. I am thinking of costs and will live as cheaply as possible. I am handy with the mechanical aspects of my truck and with the research I have done I know I can handle most problems an older boat can give.
3. My plan is too eventually work 6 months while living aboard and cruising the other 6. Is this feasible? I don t need much in the way material things so a wallet full of money isnít going to happen but I need to know how much all this will really cost.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I also would like to charter a short cruise first with someone who is living aboard in as close to the same circumstances as I will. I always learn better and faster from someone than something.
By the way I am in NC.

Thank You for time.
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Hey there. This is bad advice, but go for it. Don't let anything stop you. You'll be fine. Planning and research is the key.

However, on the flip side; A 10 thousand dollar boat will really need another 10 thousand to improve it first year. A prudent sailor will have another 10-20k as backup savings. Expect to blow 5k a year on maintenance, tools, charts, improvements etc. Keep in mind that a 10,000 dollar boat isn't really a cruiser. You'll need quite a few modifications for a weekend/day sailor to get to be a comfortable live aboard cruiser.

Anywho, I'm lucky. Single and having been in a combat zone, the savings piled up. Most aren't so fortunate. You plan is feasible. Plan on eating more than just nuts and berries and purchasing a light bulb now and then. Berthing will cost you anywhere from 45 to 100 dollars a foot per season (winter and summer are separate bills). That's $1,350 for your 30 footer twice a year priced on the low end. Cruising will get you out from that bill, but first season out you'll need a yard to fit the boat. Don't forget insurance and taxes on the boat, plus the survey.

Converting your single most productive asset, namely your truck, into a depreciating hole in the water is incredibly unwise and not so smart. But you have to do it. Live the dream. Get back into a used truck on borrowed money later on, if sailing doesn't work out.
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Thank You for the Welcome


Your bad advice sounds good to me. Talking about depreciation, my truck cost me 50k used and 5 years old, 4.5 years ago, now I will be lucky to get the 15k I am wanting. That is depreciation. LOL

As far as the boat not being a cruiser I have to disagree. There are numerous stories of people living on and circumnavigating on smaller boats than I am trying to get. My research has shown me that a boat in the 30ft or less range is going to cost me around 7500. Now I have no illusions of it being a Mega-Yacht with all the toys. I will spend the first few years staying close to land and working when I can. A Pearson Triton28 has exactly twice the room inside as my truck with the added benefits of a toliet, stove and not having to spend a 1000 to fill up the tank. I can be comfortable in almost anything as long as it goes somewhere, which brings me to the dockage concerns. With what you told me, 1350 every 6 months sounds better than this 800 per month house payment.

Maybe, just maybe I can find someone willing to take on a greenhorn such as myself as crew till i get the experience and knowledge I will need later on.

Thanks again and good luck to you and yours.
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Aloha Interstate,
Go for it! If you put your mind to it you can do anything. Take your time in choosing the right boat. If you have diesel experience you can come up with some repairs to something that might not be running at the moment and you can always find work in marinas.
kind regards,
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