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DREAM/Plan went sideways

Bare with me I have to give a little background history.
I retired from law enforcement about 18 months ago, I have been hoping and planing to liquidate everything and cruise full time. I just sold my car wash last week which was the anchor keeping me on land after I retired. I'm in the process of getting my condo and three rental homes up for sale at this time.

I fell in love with sailing as a teenager in northern MI small cats sunfish etc. As life will sometimes side track us from things we loved as children so is my story. Marriage children all the family responsibilities paying for college, weddings etc a career filled with the most challenging assignments Federal, State, Local task forces,working Narcotics, Violent Crime. All of which filled my time and took me away from sailing. I managed to crew a few times the last two summers on a boat racing on the Great Lakes so I have little real sailing experience just a desire and a dream!

So the plan,,,, I got divoriced a few years ago and have been in a relationship with the most beautiful and intelligent women I've ever known for about Five years. She was down with the plan to cruise full time, so we were looking at boats and checking on ASA schools together. So I sold my car wash and was setting the plan in motion. Now that the Plan/Dream is becoming a reality it just went sideways......

The girl decided she doesn't want to cruise and said she only wants me gone one month of the year. So I just walked from an amazing women and I'm going forward solo. Some may say it's selfish and maybe it is. But I've spent my life raising a family and serving the public I feel I have to do this or will regret it. So this is a new deal and will be doing it alone so I guess I'm looking for a new plan.

If you were me......

1. What boat ? .....
(now solo) was looking at 34-38 ft Budget 30 to 40k with 10 in reserve for equip repairs etc. would like sail ready or close to it. Sailing fla and Caribbean to start.

2. Best place to buy boat been thinking Fla or the Caribbean?

3. Any insight on going solo?
sailing and life style obviously I was planing it differently so any insight here my help. There was a learning curve before but this put a different spin on things.

So I guess this may be a strange qustions to experience sailors this scenario but any insight may smooth out what is proving to be a rocky start.
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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways

There is a thread that might be of interest to you. I think it is called something like "wanting to buy 33' boat for 30,000". There are some good boats on that thread.
And no, you aren't selfish. This is your life. Live it for yourself.
If toast always lands butter side down, and cats always land on their feet, what would happen if you strapped toast to a cat's back and dropped it? - Steven Wright
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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways

Good on you, a Great start.
Now the rest!!!

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That derelict boat was another dream for somebody else, don't let it be your nightmare and a waste of your life.
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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways

Hint, the world has plenty of boats and great Women!

Thank you for your sacrifice and your service.

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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways

1st... thanks for your Public Service!

2nd... I know you didn't ask this but... maybe you hold onto one of those rental properties or the Condo just in case things don't work out and YOU don't like sailing.

IMO - A good, well found boat in the 30 to 40K range that is no older than 6 years may be be closer to the 34 size.

Just buying the boat is going to cost money... you need to hire a surveyor, pay to haul the boat, and so forth. This may cost $500 to $1000 depending on where you do that work and how much the surveyor thinks you are a mark.

You will spend the rest of the 10K making repairs and updates right after you buy it so its not really reserve. No boat is perfect no matter what anyone says - not even ones right from the factory.

I've heard that the best place to buy a boat is actually in the fresh water lakes up your way. They have not had salt water service, they only get used 3 or 4 months a year, and so forth. So buying a well kept 20 year old boat is like buying a 5 year old boat in teh south. We bought ours in Annapolis but Florida is full of boats. Don't limit yourself geographically to find the best deal.
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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways

if you await your departure because of no companion, you will die in port .
i find pick up crew as i go.
during cruising season, there are usually plenty of souls desiring to sail to another port. some even almost know what to do on a boat.
there is no magic to boat ownership. many folks say oh wow a boat. and want a cruise ship existence or to party in the slip.
sailing solo opens your eyes to yourself. it takes a special kind of soul to fly solo.
and to be happy about that.
take the time to be good to self. learn to sail, get your boat, keep on keeping on and pay no heed to the snide words of jealous others and naysayers.
learn all you can learn and go.
or sit in the slip wondering why you cannot find someone with whom to sail.
or sit on the beach wondering why you cannot find the perfect boat when you havent the knowledge for use of that boat. then wonder why no one wants to sail with ye... so many scenarios. is your choice where you go, no one else's. it is your choice how you live, no one else's.
so keep sailing everything you can find to sail with everyone you can find to sail with. once you find your perfect boat, keep sailing. or not.. your choice.
present with positivity for a happier life. it is all within your self, and only you have the key.
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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways

@ Mark: there seem to be two threads now: ask the mod to join them.

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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways


Originally Posted by T.Mark View Post

If you were me......

1. What boat ? .....
(now solo) was looking at 34-38 ft Budget 30 to 40k with 10 in reserve for equip repairs etc. would like sail ready or close to it. Sailing fla and Caribbean to start.
I suggest you don't start in fla or carribean or don't stay there very long and continue through panama after a few months or at least consider that these areas are "over cruised" and "spoiled" compared to much of the rest of the world, don't let them spoil all cruising for you. Also keep in mind, many of the police in islands like st lucia and st vincent are criminals.
2. Best place to buy boat been thinking Fla or the Caribbean?
I think the best place is remote places where sailboats commonly visit, however there is no local market, and it is hundreds or thousands of miles from anywhere... I could have had a working saddler 32 for free.
3. Any insight on going solo?
sailing and life style obviously I was planing it differently so any insight here my help. There was a learning curve before but this put a different spin on things.
Why don't you find a boat headed for the south pacific and crew on it first. Then you can know more about what boat to get, or get luckly and buy a cheap one someone "sold to the harbor master for $1" in the cook islands.
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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways


You've made the right choice. You paid your dues, fulfilled your obligations, provided for and raised a family, served your community and nation. It's now time for you. Continue your research - the web is an amazing source of information. Read all you can, about different boats, purchasing issues, and so on. When you are brain dead on those topics, switch to sailing topics. Single handing will be a challenge for a relative beginner.

A couple of tips, that you will likely see again if this thread lengthens:
1) ALWAYS get a survey. Find a reputable surveyor in the area of the boat (lots of ways to accomplish this, but that's literally another thread).
2) So as not to spend money on unnecessary surveys, try to narrow your search to a given model boat or two. To do this, you need to get on a LOT of boats, and look at layouts (above and below deck). Climb into berths to see if you fit. Evaluate storage area (is there a little or a lot) and tankage (fuel, water, waste). Water is precious on a boat.
3) It is generally (in fact probably almost always) better (cheaper) to buy the best boat (in terms of condition and equipment) you can for your budget, instead of buying a lesser boat at a lesser price and spending money to retrofit gear and improve the condition of things. Do not be fooled by that false economy.
4) If you are serious about single handing, take some lessons. Doesn't have to be organized club schools, or ASA, although those are definitely worthwhile. Find someone local who teaches, or grab a friend with a ton of experience cruising or racing, and offer to pay them in the beverage of their choice. Or check with a local club and start crewing - you often don't have to be a member to do that.

Keep posting questions, in this and other forums. If you end up buying a popular boat, there will often be a national or international organization of owners that will be a wealth of information. Good luck.

P.S. is your friend, even if it is only to "look at" a lot of boat layouts quickly. The pictures are usually numerous. However, it is no substitute for getting on boats.
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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways

Your price might be a little light for a Live-aboard, blue water boat.

It will certainly be an older boat.

But I am sure you can find something that works for you.

Doing it alone mY be an issue, but that depends on you. I donít think I would have too much trouble, but I am a bit of a loner. My wife would die without someone to talk to everyday.

Being alone for long periods of time can be tough. And you have to consider that sailing solo is a lot different than having someone to share watches with. Sleeping 20 minutes at a time while under way takes a lot of discipline.

I wish you the best on your new adventure.

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Re: DREAM/Plan went sideways

Hi. All the advice above was spot on. There is very little to add. I may be interested in buying any businesses or rental properties you have up for sale however. Could you PM me to talk?
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