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Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

In my marina, there are very simple rules (HISWA - most marinas follow these contracts): if you don't want to renew your contract, you have to cancel in writing, at least 3 months before the end date. If you don't, it's automagically renewed.

Last year, I had a full 12 month (in the water) contract from April 1, 2015 - April 1, 2016 -- so the contract renewed on Dec 31, 2015 since I didn't cancel it.

I was about to cancel in Oct for several reasons, one of them being I might lose my slip and would have to move to a lonely (very few liveaboards, and not the social kind), separate part of the marina (cos I'm but a little boat) which doesn't have internet - only guest wifi (which is down most of the time and slow as sh*t the rest of the time).

Since I make my living online, I kinda need internet so ... I paid for wired internet. Which the other slip can't offer since it's separated from the rest of the marina by a road, a bridge and 4m deep water at low tide

Anyway, the harbor master kindly agreed to let me keep my current slip cos my fees did cover the minimum 80% required to keep it and most all liveaboards are in this part of the marina. So with that sorted, I happily let the contract renew.

What I didn't know at that time, is that the marina was being sold. And when I did find out (around Christmas) I didn't really expect any problems, especially since the new owner already owns 4 high end marinas that allow liveaboards (very unusual in these parts).

Anyway ... we didn't really notice anything changing, until I was told recently I had to leave my slip and go to the lonely corner by April 1st. Why? Cos the new owner has decided he can fit bigger boats here so the small ones have to leave. Since he figures these slips are OK for larger boats then the previous owner had planned, I suddenly lost the 80% minimum requirement.

They never said anything, I should have noticed it on the invoice. I hadn't, to be honest, nor did I really check since we had already agreed on the slip for this year. I renewed a contract with this slip on the invoice, which renewed at Dec 31st. The new invoice, from the new owner, was sent Feb. 12.

Anyway -- long story short: the harbor master has amnesia and doesn't remember agreeing to anything and I will end up on a very lonely, separate-from-the-rest part of the marina -- sans internet. No internet = no work, no work = no food.

And yes, I did ask how much it would cost me to keep this slip, but they never gave me a number. I just have to move.

There's nothing I can do about it, but this year is gonna suck
I could leave, but €1640 is way too much money for me to just sail away from - and pay again at another marina, if I can even find one on short notice. Liveaboards aren't usually welcome and a lot of marinas are in the middle of freaking nowhere, and I don't drive. It'll take me a while to find a new home. And a new way to make a living, cos that won't be easy either and there are bills to pay ... and I would like to eat too, every now and again.

Sorry, just needed to get it off my chest and since I'm alone aboard today so you guys are it
Marina is sad enough as it is this weekend, as a lot of people are leaving -- last weekend before the April 1 deadline, most people have 4 days off -- ah well, we all know how these goodbye moments go when you live afloat

Thanks for "listening", haha! I know there's no question here, nor any solution, so pls just agree with me that live can really suck sometimes
"Il faut ętre toujours ivre." - Charles Baudelaire
Dutch ♀ Liveaboard, sharing an Ohlson 29 with a feline.
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Oh, no. I feel so bad for you. Good luck, hope you can somehow work this out.
Stu Jackson
Catalina 34 #224 (1986) C34IA Secretary
Cowichan Bay, BC, (Maple Bay Marina) SR/FK, M25, Rocna 10 (22#) (NZ model)
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Is there a spot within WiFi range that is to shallow at low tide for bigger boats but enough for your draft? My dads marina has some like that some just can't be left during low tide so have to plan trips.
Its an idea
Non illigitamus carborundum
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Sorry . . .


One suggestion which you might try is to use a long range wifi device, in order to pick up wifi AP's you can't see with your normal gear. The difference in range from a built in wifi card to the simplest USB wifi adapter is amazing. And if you go all the way to something like a Ubiquity Bullet, you might connect to APs even miles away.

I am actually in a similar situation here in Cowes, where Internet access is mission-critical but the marina wifi is iffy.

Just adding a TP-Link AC1200 USB adapter made an amazing difference. I haven't needed my bullet.

Another solution if you already have a wired Internet connection is to set up a wireless bridge to your boat. Not expensive or complicated, but you will need some place to place the modem, router, and AP with some kind of power source. The bridge consists of two wifi AP's or routers, one set up as AP and the other as client, and if you use directional antennas the range can be great. Ubiquiti makes great and cheap equipment for this.

If none of that works, you can always do mobile phone data. I don't know about Holland, but in most Northern European countries you can get 30 gigabyte packages for reasonable cost. If you can live on 30 gigs a month, this can be a decent solution.

Good luck.
"Parce que je suis heureux en mer, et peut-ętre pour sauver mon ame. . . "
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pirate Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Life can be a Bitch.. but she can be great most times.. chin up.. best foot forward and other useless platitudes...
Can you not use your phone as a Hot Spot with the appropriate SIM card..??

Born To Be Wild.. Double Click on the picture.
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Karma may come and bite the new owners on the bum...with a bit of luck...maybe it will be some time before the big boats come.

Campo Pinguino is in a remote part of the planet with no neighbours visible and no hard wired inet.. I have to live with rather expensive $10 a gig wifi from a major telco.. maybe in the short term you have to go down that road.

In my experience marina 'guest' wifi never works where they put me... maybe its the way I dress....
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Originally Posted by El Pinguino;2081595[B
]Karma may come and bite the new owners on the bum[/B]...with a bit of luck...maybe it will be some time before the big boats come....
Yep. I hate to think how long ago this happened but I once was living in an apartment. I bought a house and I planned on leaving the apartment when my lease was up. I went to the apartment office and gave notice that I was not renewing the lease. They said ok, thanks for letting us know, and sorry to see you go...

When it got time for me to move out of the apartment, the apartment management said I owed them money because I had not given WRITTEN notice. Sure enough that is what the contract said...

I then gave written notice, following the contract to the letter....

It was in my best interest to stay in the apartment for another month anyway since it gave me a bit more time to ready the house, get things moved, and finish up school.

The apartment got burned since they just wanted to "fine" me for not giving notice on time and they had someone else wanting to move into the apartment. So I did what the contract said, they lost the penalty payment and did not rent out the apartment like the wished.

I do believe you reap the seeds you sow...

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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Lizzy Belle, sorry to hear about the rotten treatment by the new owners. I hope you can make the best of it with a cell connection for now until you can find a better situation.

S/V B'Shert
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Sorry to hear about your situation. To me, losing your slip is the biggest issue vs losing wifi, and that is where I would focus my energies. Have you considered seeking legal help? Have you considered contacting an advocate or news agency? One never knows, maybe something can be worked out that may at least delay your move if nothing else.

You said you don't drive. Does that mean just cars. Can you get to an internet cafe or similar on a moped or bicycle? Are there any livaboard marinas next to good public transportation?

Again, sorry for your dilemma. Best of luck.
"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore"- Andre' Gide
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Hi, Lizzy,

Gosh, that's awful! Don't be too mad at the harbourmaster, poor dude's job is at risk, too with hard nosed owners. New marina owners are often just horrid people, who have no understanding of what life is like for the liveaboards. And, you're pretty much helpless, except as to how to provide your internet.

Dockhead's on the right track with that. There are a number of signal booster things you can do that will help.

The isolation, in the other part of the marina, will allow you more time to focus on work, and the time you save, maybe you can meet friends in coffee shops and socialize. One thing I used to do, as a divorced woman with a small purse, was to invite folks over for dessert, and that worked well for me. With your boat, just one guest at a time, might be fun.

Good luck with it.

Who scorns the calm has forgotten the storm.
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Lizzy - you have good karma ... we are all pulling for you ... hang in there.
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

If you said for a service ie internet you must insist you get it, you paid for it.

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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Wifi AMP and antenna? Lots of threads on them. Most can pull signals from kilometers away.

Or... 4G signal and use your phone as your hotspot?

So long as it's not video, that works for me.
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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

You make your living from the internet, may I suggest finding another marina with good wifi and palm trees

Make some lemonade girl.....

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Re: Sad rant about suddenly losing my slip :(

Bad news, Liz... so sorry to hear about it.

Something we've seen here in Oz over recent years is marinas, long established and run by folks who know and understand yotties and boats being bought by investment firms. Always bad news... suddenly the place is run by bean counters who know nothing about the sea or sailors, only the bottom line... and there ain't much you can do about it.

Much sympathy, and I hope that the wi-fi amp helps out.

Jim and Ann s/v Insatiable II, back in Port Cygnet after adventures in the big smoke.
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