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RV's vs. Sailors

I have often wondered which one is more of a financial drain? I have a friend who stores a powerboat in a local storage area, and parked in this storage area are dozens of RV's, some of them I know worth over 300K. I have only stayed on RV's a couple of times, but I am always entertained by the sequence of all day at a bad gas rate, find a campground with the necessary facilities, park, spend 2 hours getting all your stuff plugged in, then grab a lawnchair and watch the next guy do the same thing.

At least you can drop the hook on a sailboat somewhere and not have to pay 50 a night to park. However, I am sure that an RV has to be a constant source of problems and expensive fixes too. Or at least I assume that.

I remember listening to a clark howard show once where he was discussing the depreciation of these motor homes and how quickly they depreciate.

Wondering from those who might have done both, which is the worse financial drain, a boat or an RV?
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All things compared, I'd say they are probably close to equal. Items on RVs are not as high quality, and tend to break more often. Items on boats are higher quality, so they cost a lot more to repair.

After doing a huge investigation into RVing full time vs. sailing, we are proud to say we are sticking with sailing!!

It's the parking each night thing that really cinched it for us. It's hard to find good spots that you could stay at for a couple days to a week at a time without paying.

When we looked at all the considerations, I decided to work from the boat and keep our boat, which I had very recently looked at selling because it costs so much. Turns out, we find it worthwhile to work extra hard for a couple years to pay it off. (Thread drift alert!)

I'd say they're a tie though. What money you have, you will spend.
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Also, it is a heckuva lot easier to get around a slow boat than a slow RV! While I love to get out into the backcountry of our beautiful PacNW, the RVs that toodle along at 35, that you can't see around, and rarely if ever take the pull out so others can around them, really get my blood pressure up.

Much better (for me, anyway) to sail.

Expense-wise, I'd say Sean is right and they probably break even as a result.

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This may really require some definitions before a conclusion can be drawn. First there are as many types of RVs as there are boats. Both My RV and boat cost about the same when I bought them but I've put substantially more into my boat than my RV. The RV costs more to operate and much less to store and maintain. Heading to the KOA is far more expensive than anchoring out. But being a boondocker my nights on the hitch cost about as much as my nights on the hook.I consider those RV campground people in the same category as people who sail from marina to marina. One advantage of the RV is the ready availbility of parts, supplies and services. Most mechanics (and mechanically inclined) can work on one and consumables are available at any Walmart.

Some of my family lives in one full time and are members of three or four clubs. They are retired military and are going from one Navy retiree get together to another. It is a lifestyle for them and one I'll try after cruising. I'm just not sure I want to retire just to become a truck driver.Anyway if you've seen one Chili's you've seen 'em all.
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