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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

There’s been lots of good advice and anecdotes.....Here my bit.....Now 70 years old , sailed since 15, never had a full time “ regular job” but university educated... sailed around the world 2013-17,lots of shorter trips, had enough cruising so now restore my vintage cars, practise the fiddle, make music etc etc, no time to scratch myself. So if you’re worried about the future, depending on how much dough you have, buy a property somewhere you’d like to live. Don’t just buy vacant land as you still have to build a house. You may not have the energy,health or fun tickets left after cruising. Most importantly just go sailing while you have the health ! Do not leave it too late. When you’re on your death bed will you say” I wish I’d spent more time at the office ?” One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen was an old codger walking away from his boat in tears saying...” I can’t do it , I’m too old !” Live your dreams while you can, one day you won’t be able to. Finally, the most lingering aspect of cruising is not the places you’ve sailed to, but the people you meet!
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

Originally Posted by Mikentosh View Post
I can't help but wonder what the exit strategy is for many full time sailers.

Do you plan to sail until you can't?

Once you can't sail anymore what will you do? Social Security checks?

All you need is money!

This is what I'm thinking about before I start my full time sailing life at age 55, where will I go once I can't do this anymore?
Strange question, after all you do need money when living on land as well, considering a lot of people own floating condos which are expensive to maintain.
I guess you either stay on the boat tied up to the dock or sell and buy/rent an accommodation. Find a job? Live of your investments? Who knows.
Some get into caravaning dragging a van around from one trailer park to another.
Some settle down in more exotic countries where life is somewhat cheaper and more exiting.
Some don't worry and follow the ride to the end.

That's about it
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

It sure is wonderful for us relative youngin's, to hear from all you folks who have been out there for a long time. You're affirming my choice to go (relatively) early.

Thank you all
Why go fast, when you can go slow.
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

Put your toes in the water, ass in the sand
And without a worry in the world, place a cold beer in your hand.
Life is good that day, life is good that day.
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

After 19 years of owning a spray replica (beautiful but time intensive to maintain) my boat partner and my wife came to me and said “we think it is time to give up the boat”. 8 monthsLater, On the same weekend I sold the boat and bought a rental property in NJ. we use the rental from late August to early june. Rentals in the summer pay the bills. In the summer we travel and stay home ( my wife came with a home).

A year later I bought a compass 14 catboat. Something I can trailer and plan to sail into my late 70s.

It was a little different from the live aboard situation but it works for me.
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

Originally Posted by michaelratinter View Post
My crew has instructions to tie 2 feet of anchor chain to my ankles and put me over the side. Hopefully they will wait til I'm dead.
gave me a chuckle that did
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

Read the poem, "Ulysses" by Tennyson. Then decide.
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

I’m 69, Wife 67. I retired at 65 in Jan. April 2 we cast off. We had been living on the boat dockside off and on for a few years. Now we are living on the boat in Caribbean half year, at a remote cabin in Canada half year, torment the kids for a few weeks in between.

I’ve been thinking about this, what to do when we retire from sailing. After much thought and research my considered opinion is, not a damn clue. I don’t want to go back to the States, crazy folk live there. At the Canadian cabin March is a whole season long. Caribbean islands have some attraction. Each one is different, land policies, visas, etc. I don’t like cold but not sure how 12 months of heat would work. A couple of guys I’ve spoken to both live in a remote region of Panama. Other friends we have sold the boat and moved to Corsica. So I’m all betwix and between.

For me the biggest problem is I am just loving the life I’m living. It’s grand. I don’t want to move on. I don’t want to get to old and frail. I am now just what I wanted to be when I grew up, retired with income. It’s GRAND.

I know the next stage in life is inevitable, unless I croak along the way. If that happens all my planning would have been for naught and the prospect would have messed up many an otherwise pleasant day.

So while I struggle with this issue I don’t have a good answer. There is nothing stopping me right now so I’m not stopping. If something happens it may be so quick it won’t be much of a problem. Or If I drag in in my dotage then I guess I’ll have time to figure it out then. But for now, screw it, onward!
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

Originally Posted by CATJAVA View Post
When u can’t sail anymore? When’s that, I’m only 75 now? As far as “exit strategy”, this sounds like a corporate term to me. U really want to own a condo in ??? when u find that moving on land (I shudder!) is needed? Why try to plan the future when you ain’t the one dealing the cards? Just saying... Evan
I love this sailors comment !!!!!!
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

I live on my sailboat and the folks who can’t sail anymore all bought tugs with diesels. Less up and down, very comfortable and still have that certain feel that is closer to sailboat than loud powerboat. That’s my plan when I can’t do it anymore. I like Nordic Tug. Check them out, pretty cool. Pacific Northwest has a lot of amazing places to go in one, year round. That’s where we will be.
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Wink Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

Originally Posted by Whisper 2 View Post
I don't really understand your question, why should fear of what to do when you get too old put you off from doing what you want now? I think it's a bit weak really and sailors spelt with an O are made of sterner stuff normally. I started off round the world at retirement (65) and I am half way round 5 years later. I have no fear of what to do when I can't sail. I think you need to grow a pair.
You are funny as hell! That said, you are a bit rough on our friends; not all of us are brave, and some of us worry. Maybe we do need "to grow a pair", but at our age, it may not be possible. :-)
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

I retired at 63, But my retirement was planned out many years before that,
I own every thing, I worked for 55 years, I have all my toys,
Im on the aged pension now, Only because the govt slugged me for capital gains tax,

I plan to sail around Australia, Via the Kimberlys on my boat and sell it when I come back,
That will take approx two years if I dont sail off to parts unknown in it,
Thats the future, At this point in time, I just dont know,

Then I will tour OZ in a 36 foot RV I imported from the USA, Towing my Bike on a trailer, Honda Blackbird, 1100XX, 1989 Foretravel, Grand Villa, 300 HP turbo Cat, Its a house on wheels,

Then when I finish doing that,
I will finish building my house, Which I currently live in, and built myself,
I might even be old by then, Im 72 in three weeks time,

My G/F who is also retired, is currently emptying her house out of furniture, And will be renting it out,
She is going with me, Just the rent from her house will keep us in luxury,
Not that we need it, We are both already self sufficient,
$100-00 worth of Diesel will take us around OZ, Its a sail boat,
I carry a minimum of 500 Nmiles of diesel on board, Just in case,

Being cruisers, We can wait for the right wind going what ever way we want to go,
I only travel down wind, I like the comfort of trailing winds, It is a sail boat,
And being flat and level on my Cat, and being comfortable,
Im not in a hurry to go any where,

Upwind is slow and bumpy, and tends to break things, I dont like the bridgedeck slamming either, So I just dont do it,

my second hand boat is near brand new again after its major refit, So wont need any thing for at least two years, Unless some thing breaks on it, Most of that, I can do myself,
My Genoa has just been restitched and is in almost brand new condition, I have a brand new jib in the locker thats never been used,
The main sail I never use, Its also near brand new, Cats dont need a mainsail to sail,

Our costs will be food and entertainment, and two sets of council rates once a year,
And the insurance on my Boat, Which is negligable,
I have wifi internet, So the weather is on tap at any time,

Food costs really dont come into it either, as you have to buy food whether your on a boat or land,

I do need to buy a good deep Freezer tho,

Cheers Brian,

PS; Only live people worry about dying, Hahahahahaha
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

Good read, this thread! I’ve always admired Jim & Ann Cate, up in their 80’s and still out there, many yrs up and down the east coast of Australia, currently a bit delayed in cold Tassie.
My situation, I’m 72, sold my Catalina 42 3yrs ago, it needed a new rig and sails and I didn’t want to sink that many more $$$$’s into it. Besides I thought I’d like to try a bit of land travel, bought a motorhome, drove across Australia and down around Tassie. It was enjoyable but no comparison to cruising. I still miss being on the water. Currently renting a lovely little cabin on a friends farm and looking to possibly buy a smaller yacht to enjoy both lifestyles.
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

I'm 68, we've cruised for 4 years now - 30,000sm. We'l probably cruise for another 4-5 years if our health allows - after that - buy a trawler (I know - g over to the dark side). then sail the canals and rivers of europe. After that? who knows?

as John Lennon once noted - Life is what happens to you while you ar busy making plans.

But as others have noted - if you don't get your wife on board then you'll be going single. Make sure that is what you want to happen. A good woman is hard to find (to paraphrase: you have to kiss a lot of frogs before one turns into a princess)
I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by
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Re: what do you do when you can't sail anymore?

When you can't sail anymore, but a trawler.
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