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Washer/drier yes or no what brand

Taking a short survey
Thinking of installing a washer drier combo on our 42 sundeck trawler.
Have talked to some who say it's not worth the space, others say they would defiantly have one.
We cruise the Bahamas and sometimes laundry is a real pain.
Looking for pros and cons opinions and model recommendations. Space is limited so it would have to be a combo wash/dry same unit.
Any thoughts appreciated
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

Washer, yes I want one, will install one.
Dryer? No, to work would take enormous amount of power and I just don't think it's needed, however I want a washer that spins well and get majority of the water out.

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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

we have a cheap chinese all plastic washing machine on our 38 footer. been using it for 3 seasons. Easily washes our king size sheets. Uses 40 litres of fresh water for a standard wash and rinse and so usually only use it when we're moored. my wife has RA and so this machine has been very helpful. We drain the dirty water into buckets and wash the decks, flush the toilet, clean the bilges etc. No drier but the clothes come out of the machine drier than hand wringing and air dry rapidly. There are fold up drying cabinets available but they need plent of electricity.
It makes cruising less like living in the bush and more acceptable.BTW I wonder how many men in couple who cruise do the washing.
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

An $99.00 el cheapo, Taiwanese made washer w spinner combo was on the boat we just helped crew on the last 3 months. It was 7 years old and spent it's first 4 years servicing a family of 4 full time the timer dial just broke a gear on us, pretty good all things considered, we have a new one waiting for us at home on our cat.

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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is Yoko xpb50-88s monocular small mini washing machine water wash dual-use belt
if that doesn't work, just go to aliexpress and search for washing machines
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

Washer is more important than dryer.
You have a mast... run the clothes up a line like signal flags. They'll dry pretty quick.

I can't recommend any specific machine... the salt air environment will make the experince of others with how long they survive very important.
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

The OP has a trawler type motor yacht, and there needs to be somewhere convenient for him to hang out clothes. If I could see the boat, I could make some suggestions, but he needs some heavy fish line under some overhead to which clothes can be pegged. If you have a watermaker and power to spare, you should be able to have really nice, clean clothes and linens. Some expense and work involved in getting it all up and running.

My true opinion is that I'd love to have a washer, but not the extra genset (on this mono) and watermaker. My rationalization is that I contribute to the local economy by having others do our laundry, when in out of the way places without laundromats accessible by dinghy.

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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

Splendide has given us nothing but troubles, and the factory no help whatsoever. Seems it likes our generator power, but won't run on our inverter and most shore power. Super picky about its voltage input I am told. At first it wouldn't work on any power. We swapped out the control unit - my own several hours of labor and scraped knuckles for a new unit - and now it works as described above. No more help from Splendide. Our old non-marine GE unit worked much better.
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

We had looked into retrofitting a Splendide washer drier into our Leopard 47PC. They are standard in the “owner’s version” but we bought this vessel as a used, ex-Mooring’s, charter version. There was no way the Splendide would fit though the hatchways and we were dreading cutting through the roof panels over the rear starboard hull to provide access, when we visited some friends on a nearby trawler. They had a small washer / drier combo sitting on their back deck, with the drain simply hanging over their stern.

We purchased a Samsung WT11H3210MG/AP unit for US$350 at an appliance store in Curacao. The power draw is 400 Watts for wash and 135 Watts for spin; the flavor is 110 volts, 60 Hz. and it runs comfortably from a 1 Kw inverter fed from solar panels. The washer is a “family sized” 11 Kilo version designed for “third world” use – they don’t actually say that! – but designed to be filled from hose / bucket or temporarily connected to a faucet. The construction is mostly plastic and it is easy to move. We lash it when under passage but otherwise it just sits on the rear deck with a canvas cover.

My wife uses a series of buckets to recycle wash and rinse water but for a one off single load, it uses about 20 gallons. We used to plumb the spin-drier drain into a cockpit drain but realized that if we simply let the waste water flow across the deck, we could wash the deck at the same time!
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

I have had several washer/drier combo units and a Splendide separate washer drier. Forget Splendide they are a pos. when I bought this boat I created a space and bought a Haier combo unit and it was problems from day one. Had a vacuum pump go bad in the first 6 months and it vibrated like crazy. Also did not dry the clothes unless you ran it for 4 hours. I did a lot of research before buying the next one. I have replaced it with an LG model LG WM3455HW: 24 inch Compact Washer Dryer Combo | LG USA and this machine is the bomb. Washes the clothes as good as any machine I have ever owned, ventless drying but does a great job in a little over an hour, and almost no vibration. I could not be more impressed. I've had it for over a year and not one single problem. Truly a great piece of equipment that we use at least twice a week. Only drawback is the price might be a little rich for some people, but if you are looking to buy a W/D you are probably not one of those dreamers trying to sail around the world on $500 a month and can afford it.
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

We're a family of 7 and run our Splendide practically every day.

We had electrical issues early on where it refused to run on inverter power. We changed to Victron inverters and it is much happier. It still freaks out occasionally and has to be unplugged. I think it is overly sensitive.

We gave up on drying. It works, but lint builds up inside until it develops an error code and won't dry anymore. Cleaning out the lint is difficult-to-impossible. It doesn't have a lint trap. The spin cycle works well and we just hang clothes to dry.

Despite the problems, it has been great to have a washing machine. If it dies, I'll replace it with a washer-only from a regular household brand.
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

I just installed a new Splendide , NEW Splendide 2100XC (WD2100XC) washer-dryer

Its the newest and greatest version , works the charm , I did get the vented model because of trouble with non venting drying. Running the vent to the transom is also a chore but when its done its done and forget about it.

I run it of my Vanner 2400 watt inverter and it takes a total of 26 ah per wash, never had any problem running it off my inverter . I only use the dryer function if I am on shore power. You can choose not to have it dry when you choose your cycles . the dry function is on a completely separate dial. So far 2 loads a week for the last 6 months , this little machine is wonderful I barley hear it run .It has a 1200 rpm spin and the clothes come out almost dry , 20 minutes hanging on the lifelines on a warm day , all done.

I would not spend time on a boat without a washing machine , we have the technology , why camp???

You can see my install here.,

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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

I had Splendide W/D on my 42' cat - and LOVED it. We had no gen, but it ran fine on the inverter. Quiet, water efficient, clean clothes. Best part, it was in the master head, just behind the sink and reachable from the shower. Ran the dryer with the towels when showering and got out to a $million treat of hot towels that were clean, smelled clean, and dried nicely.

We had a 6 gph water maker that ran on 12 volts and made enough water for showers, washing clothes, and other needs without intruding on our life style.

Best of all, as a good front loader, the Splendide produce very nice clean and fresh smelling clothes.

It was a VENTED unit - the non-vented units don't dry very well.
Capt. Stuart Bell
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

We had a full bathtub in my boat as purchased, but I removed that and in the same space I put a Haier washer and a standup shower. The Haier works great, no problems after 15 years of occasional use. It spins most of the water out of the clothes, which I then hang in the engine room to dry or inside the cockpit enclosure. Just guessing, you have a lot more electrical power on your trawler and I'd go with a washer/dryer combo if I had lots of power. But that hot engine room is actually a really efficient dryer.
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Re: Washer/drier yes or no what brand

We have just replaced our very old Splendide with a new 7100 (the ventless model) and it works great just as the old one did. We even ran it sometimes while under sail on long passages and you couldn't tell it was running.
It's silent, it works great and, though we usually hang out to dry, on the occasional rainy day it dries great too.
I don't know whether made specifically or not but it was the only machine that could fit exactly thru the hatch.
Wouldn't leave dock without it.
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