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Re: The Other End of Cruising "Cost"

Wish we were in your position! We did just buy a used cat, 40 feet and will start in Greece. We are praying we can make it on 90k to go through the western Med with the boys (will be 10 and 13 at that point starting in June this year, 2018) and plan to head back west with the ARC Nov. 25th. Then, caribbean, potentially sell our lovely cat in florida, or try to make it through Panama and up the coast back to Los Angeles. We are renting out our house, quitting a job and spending that time with the kids while we can.
Best of luck to you and hope to see you along the way!!

Andrea and Mike
Field Trip
Lagoon 400
Andrea and Mike

Family is my safe harbor :-)
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Re: The Other End of Cruising "Cost"

Originally Posted by TonyBe View Post
This seems to have just been a throwaway line but that is seriously an absolutely huge thing to consider.

There are online schooling programs but you are still very much the teacher.

If you are serious about "don't want to limit thier college options" then I would suggest that you really do need more than an online schooling program at the age that you say your children are, especially if they have any aspirations about attending an Ivy League, or similar, school.

This is a very real dichotomy that many long-term cruising families have to face; the very real benefits of seeing so many different parts of the world set against a more limited educational experience. It is something that only you can decide for yourself.

Personally, to my mind, cruising the world is (probably) a once in a lifetime experience - you can always carry on going to school at a later date.

I think other posters have mentioned about attending local private schools but, unless you're staying in one location for a year or more then your children will be chopping and changing every term or semester and what sort of education will that give them?

If you're not willing to seriously play the part of teacher for your children and you are as serious as you profess to be about not limiting their college options then you really will need to think about a full-time tutor and, even then, that will still limit their options somewhat compared to full-time schooling.

However, given the choice between seeing the world as a teenager or being stuck in a classroom all day every day, I think I know which one I'd choose. Just be aware that this may well delay their college - but there again that's not necessarily a bad thing, for example, I know many young people in the UK take a year off at age 18 before carrying on with school in order to see the world (that's not so common in the US).
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Re: The Other End of Cruising "Cost"

Originally Posted by TonyBe View Post
This seems to have just been a throwaway line but that is seriously an absolutely huge thing to consider.
It's probably even bigger than that.
We just did 6 months with two kids 10 and 6, and their education using distance ed was the biggest time consumer.
And we failed at it, we barely kept up with the maths and English curriculum - and that's with us parents having degree level competence in these areas. It would have taken 4 hours a day with both parents to keep up -and we didn't think that was the best use of our time. So we ended up doing school work whenever there was nothing better to do... which wasn't often cruising.

As for budget - we were on a much smaller boat (37' mono), but had an effectively unlimited budget for the time. We mostly spent 5 to 10 days anchored out on islands / reefs etc, then 2 to 4 days in a Marina. I was actually surprised how little we spent. When away from a marina, we spent virtually nothing - just the cost of the food and booze we consumed onboard. In the marina we ate out everyday, normally twice, and did land based stuff including car hire when required.

We spent around $20k preparing the boat, but nothing on the boat while travelling. All up we spent around $5k per month all in for us and the kids. Most expensive dinner was a touch under $500, most would have more like $120 food, $50 drinks. We did kid stuff like theme parks, but not much adult entertainment.

We figure we could live this lifestyle indefinitely on sub $100k per year. Unfortunately we don't yet have that as a passive income. One day...

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Re: The Other End of Cruising "Cost"

Originally Posted by alansmith View Post
Have you considered doing your European touring on a boat that can do the canals and rivers in France, Germany, Holland....etc?

I'm dying for it. Only 18 months before i retire these tired bones. I am happy for you that you are in a financial position to have your family experience such a thing. What an adventure and grooming it will be for your family.

I would also say that having a nanny/educator on board is not a bad idea if you can find one that won't make your wife crazy. Women can be pretty funny about having another woman in their own to speak. Ask Jennifer Garner and Ben
That made me chuckle. Thank you for that.
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Re: The Other End of Cruising "Cost"

A 55 foot 2007 cat in Texas as it happens is selling for 990k USD. If you're in the market for a million dollar boat, I'm fairly sure all other expenses are irrelevant. Dinner for 200 bucks or 1000 bucks won't make any difference at all. I live in Italy and travel a lot; in any port around here (even Monaco and Nice et al) you can find a delicious dinner for 15 bucks, or 150 bucks. Depends on your mood. Some days you'll want an 8 dollar bottle of prosecco, others a 100 dollar barolo...but it's not something we can answer for you, or even you can answer for yourself. You'll spend whatever you need to feel good, and fortunately it seems you have the budget for it. So don't worry about it and enjoy!
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Re: The Other End of Cruising "Cost"

Originally Posted by TXnewbie View Post
Removing the cost of the boat (a newer 50 to 55 foot cat) and maintenance, what can we realistically expect to spend living 100% aboard sailing in Europe mostly. For those of you in similar situations, any help would be appreciated. If this is not a fair questions...moderators feel free to remove the post.

Thank you all. Family of 5 setting sail June 2018.

I was just thinking again about this thread and I suddenly remembered that there is a blog written by an Aussie guy that I think might be interesting for the OP and it would probably be beneficial for them to contact him about his experience as regards costs and schooling for their children.

The blog is called "Sail Wildling" and it is about an Aussie family that bought a brand new 59 foot Outremer 5X catamaran two years ago and have been sailing it in Europe since then. They have two children who are about the same sort of age as the younger two children of the OP:-

The blog is a very interesting mix of where they've visited and also technical updates of what works and what doesn't (I was really interested to read about their experience with North 3Di sails on a catamaran).

For the OP - I would strongly suggest reaching out to them as they very much seem to be in a similar position to you. They bought a brand new 59 foot catamaran (the best part of US$2 million including all the extras and upgrades) and have been cruising in Europe extensively for two years with two children before heading off across the Atlantic later this year, bound for the Pacific.
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Re: The Other End of Cruising "Cost"

Alternatively, there's another poster on this site (although I don't know if he really posts here anymore) that goes by the name of "davedindubai"

He and his wife bought a brand new Lagoon 450 (including extras, they typically come in at about US$650k - 675k for a well equipped version).

They spent last summer in the Med before recently heading across the Atlantic with the ARC so it may also be worthwhile contacting them as well about costs.

They also have a youtube channel and here is the very first episode where they pick up their catamaran:-


It seems like Dave is still active here. Here's the thread about his purchase. I just noticed that he replied there earlier today:-
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