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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

i'm hooked! cannot waiter part 2!
“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Wow, there have been some doozies in the fifty or so years that I've been fooling around with sailboats.
Met a guy single handing west to east in a 19' boat in Faial: thought he was a penniless surfer dude. Ran into him a couple of yars later in Mallorca and damn if he didn't own a bleedin' castle on the north end of the island. Sailed tiny boats across oceans for the sport of it.
German gent in his motor yacht (1978 or so, not a mega yacht, maybe a Hatteras 60?) in Georgetown Exhuma with a bevy of young honeys as his crew. Turns out he was one of the wealthiest guys in then West Germany. He knew how to pick the girls, I'll tell ya.
It's been like the lyrics in an early Jaime Buffett song
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Early in my cruising life, 1993. Met this guy on a ferrocement boat, about 55 feet. Guy had scars all over his body including a large burn scar on shoulder. He would have made a good Hollywood character in a horror film - no makeup required. Had a normal girlfriend. We were sailing with a bunch of boats from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. Turned out the guy was a retired fisherman who was given the boat by a boat yard on the condition that he get it out of the yard.

He was a very mean drunk, Beat up the girlfriend. She ran to a nearby boat. The guy did not know which boat. The guy starts his engine. Screaming I'm goona sink them, not knowing which "them" boat she was on. Fortunately he was too drunk to get his anchor up. He motored around his anchor for a while and gave up. Next day while he was in town looking for his girlfriend to "get her back" we brought the girl to his boat so she could pack her things. Other boaters were shadowing the guy and had handheld radios to warn us if he was coming back. We all contributed to her airfare to get her home. Three boats were lined up in a row. Ours, the drunk and the boat the girl ran to. If he had succeeded in getting that anchor up that huge heavy boat could have destroyed our boat and a lot of others.
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

About twenty years ago in a North Florida anchorage, I was awakened during a brief late night storm by the sound of a boat adrift against my hull. I came from below to find a man on the deck of what was likely a boat hidden under piles of debris. Most of this was covered by tarps, but I could make out an old lawn mower and a couple of washing machines. I made an attempt to fend him off with a boat hook, but my pole eased through some rotten wood and lodged on something within and I had to let it go as his vessel drifted past. As he moved down wind he shouted about the joy of "living the dream" and "another day in paradise". He joyfully thanked me for the boat hook.
There was no sign of him or his boat in the morning.
Take care and joy, Aythya crew
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Well... you know... "If everyone else in the room seems kind of normal..."
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

So, we anchor in Ua Huka in the Marquesas and head ashore without the outboard. There is a playing field at the end of the bay, where people are playing soccer, the only flat piece of the island. Guy standing there with a dog looks at us, thought he was the coach, and he says in perfect english, what are you looking for? We say, a cold beer. We all start walking without the dog and he tells us it's not his. Tell him I thought he was the coach and he says he was just watching. Come with me he says and off we go, to a woodcarvers house and in the backyard is a large garage door. He says something and the door opens to a large grocery store and he comes out with 3 ice cold Heineken. He tells us he is the island doctor, or nurse as the case is, and we follow him to his infirmary. Very engaging young man, asks us to stay and watch videos, or stay over and we can sleep in the beds in the examination room. We tell him we have a cat aboard and must return to the boat. So, he asks us what we are doing the next day as he has his rounds through the small villages on the island and we can join him. In the morning the copra boat is in collecting burlap bags of copra, and they guide us to miss the surf line and when to come in. So, we paddle like crazy at the go sign and catch the curl, spilling us out with our Pelican camera case, filing the Zodiac with water and wash ashore. About 8 rather large men come over and pick up the zodiac full of water and walk ashore. The whole town is there laughing at us as we shake sand out of our ears and start to drip dry. So we make our way to the clinic and the nurse greets us and insists we must shower and he gives my wife and I clean dry clothes. Now I am surfer boy and my wife is surfer girl and we go off in his car to watch him do his rounds. On the way back we stop into a fenced agricultural preserve that grows every type of plant on earth. He tells us there are 3 like this in the world. The rules are you can eat anything you like, but cannot take nothing out. So, as we are leaving after seeing the preserve, he has bags of starfruit, fresh apples, mangoes etc. I ask about the rules and he tells us his friend is the curator, so it is ok for him. The next day we want to hike into the hills and he tells us where to find stone figures and all kinds of memorabilia and when we return, we ask him about wood carvings. He tells us where to go in the next town, but we don't have enough local currency, on US dollars, so we find a newspaper that shows the conversion rates and he exchanges money for us. We find the carvers and buy some pieces and off we go back to the clinic. So, after all this, we decide to ask him out to the boat for dinner, and he accepts for the next night. Curry chicken is on the menu and he is excited for some foreign food. I go pick him up and we row the dinghy back to the boat in the late afternoon. We show him the boat and we are sitting in the cockpit when he says, hear that whistle? something is wrong and I have to go back ashore. Off we go, and upon arriving find a soccer player has gone off the edge of the field into the rocks and has a compound ankle fracture. Get him on a stretcher, back up to the clinic, shot of morphine and he radios the hospital on another island who has a helicopter that can only fly in VFR, or visual flight. Back to the playing field which will now be the landing zone and the chopper comes in hot right over the boat and lands. We get the injured guy aboard with 1 family member and off they go. We are walking back to the clinic and he has a bag in his hand which I ask what he got. He shows me potatoes, carrots, celery, all kind of vegetables that can't be grown in the soil, because the wild pigs will root it up. I ask if the chopper has time to shop for him before emergencies and he says they know whenever they come by air to bring him fresh veggies, and too bad the dinner didn't work out. I say no, we are still good to go so he grabs his go bag and off we go back to the boat. Just before getting into the dinghy, he throws his tee shirt into a bush and off we go. We have dinner and we are sitting out in the cockpit after dinner, now dark and he stands up, picks up his bag, leaps overboard and we never saw him again. All we see is a light under water and him hunting lobsters on his way to shore. No bye, no thanks just disappears.
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Originally Posted by toddster8 View Post
Well... you know... "If everyone else in the room seems kind of normal..."
no such thing as normal, but BORING comes to mind.. hahahahahahaha
i forgot i was in a movie that actually made a cult classic, i was told by a producer at cedars while waiting on elevators... he recognized my face from that flick. i still donot know name of that thing.
and there was the time i ran after a friends van only to find meself in the audition jam session for david clayton thomas in lake george ny ..hahahahaha that was after woodstock.....
ye gotta be in right place at right time with right attitude
yup if you are bored, or alleged normal, wait a few mins. life is always changing.....
i am still looking for ocean characters... havent really run into any, yet.
would love to meet boaty and atoll. now them is characters...yup. and mark j.....
life is an adventure meant to be LIVED!!!!
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Life is actually full of all kinds of fantastic people when you yourself is active and get out there to experience the world, which is pretty evident from some of the posts.

My first celebrity was back in about 1953, I was ( 13 ) on a flight from Oakland, Ca. to Burbank on a DC 4 Airliner. We landed at Burbank and I looked out the window and saw all kinds of news people, movie cameras, flash bulbs, etc. Turns out Marylin Monroe was seated in the back of our plane.

They had all of us passengers deplane first. I was walking down the isle to the rear exit door, for the stairs. No jetways in those days. I was about 13, and I knew Marilyn was a movie star, and that was about all of my vast knowledge.

As my mom and I approached to go past where she was seated, I smiled, and gave Marilyn wave. She smiled back and did a little finger wave.

Later, when I was in college, I worked out at Disneyland, and did shows with Walt Disney, and even tried to hustle Annette Funicello . Had no clue who she was, but the she was a class act, and that is another story.

Life was pretty exciting on a steady basis, with living at the beach cities, heavy duty street and strip drag racing, body surfing, major party time. Those of us that are left standing , still get together, annually or sooner , and talk story.

After the service the next 40 or so years was professionally saling and powerboating and also flight instructing , corporate pilot, and fighter pilot.

Great people, and with Air Combat USA ( military fighter pilots ), we flew with many of the TV, movie, and celebraties. Actually had them in the left seat, hands on flying as we talked them through full of 5 and 6 G dogfights.

For us instructors it was not a big deal, we treated them like we did every one else, and had three cameras in the aircraft and made a top gun movie of them.

Sailing, one story was a flake warf rat who had a small pacific sea craft FLICKA.
He made what ever money he could by telling people he could marry them since he was a real sea captain. So, these couples would fall for that, and he performed the service out on the ocean, or in newport harbor, give them a tour of Newport Harbor and complementary drinks, and congrats. None of those marriages were legal in anyway, but the couples thought is was all official.

On kauai, and other places , i have met the full on B.S ers, who babbled constantly about their sailing prowess. Met this dude at a local bar in Lihue, and yada, yada.
Well, he was working on boats, and took one of his clients sailing vessels up to Hanalei Bay from Nawiliwili Harbor. Boozed it up pretty good with his warf rat buddy.

It is quite a long passage back to Lihue, and the harbor where the boat was slipped.

it is now very late night , or early morning, his buddy is passed out, and he is looking for Nawiiwili Harbor entrance. He is telling me , he sees an ORANGE LIGHT, and figured it was the channel entrance. Thar aint no orange nav aids, but I just listened to his story, The light was on a building many miles from the harbor. He ran the boat over rocks and grounded and it . Boat was a total, The owner , who he did some work for , did not know he had taken it. He left the island, whereabouts unknown.

Back when I was a CFI , fight instructing, one of my fellow instructors and I had flown over to Catalina's airport in the sky. You could order a Buffalo Burger at the little restaurant, and sit outside. They had speakers so you could hear the aircraft talking to the unicom operator. A cessna 210 is on a straight in approach. Not according to procedure. caught our attention,

Catlaina Island's , runway , sits on top of a tall hill, with cliffs on three sides. it is a short runway, no FAA tower. Just the advisory airport dude, in sort of a tower.

Over the speakers, we hear...TAKE OF SIR, YOU GEAR US UP ! Then we hear the scraping , screeching sounds of the belly of a plane, sliding down the runway. this fellow hhad not gone thru his landing check list. Did not lower his landing gear.

We are running full speed out of the airport coffee shop, out to the plane. The four guys are now out, and several of us, try to pull the 210 off the runway. The airport is now closed to all traffic. I talked with the pilot. Turns out, he was a Flight Instructor from Orange County John Wayne airport.....the plane belonged to one of his students, who told him he could fly it .

Well, he decided to take these three guys over to Catalina for lunch. The owner of the plane did not know he had taken it. He was supposed to have notified the owner if he was going to fly it. Plus, he did not follow the normal flight pattern and course rules for landing or complete his landing check list. Us humans could not get the airplane moved, and a airport worker, drove over a small tug, tied a rope to the plane and drug it off the runway.

Sailing tale, Pirate in Turtle Bay , Baha. Boat delivery from Cabo to Los Angeles. About half way up the Baha, Mexico Coast, we stopped in Turtle Bay, fuel, water and a break

The three fellows, non paid crew, jumped in the dink and rattled ashore to find a bar.
Erica stayed with me, I was catching up on the log, and she was squaring the boat away below and making up our bunk.

The Pirate. ( only priate story that I have )

I heard a thud against the hull. Figuring it was our dink and the three be- whiskered dudes returning since they could not find a bar. Nope, looking out the aft st'b portlight, I see a ratty bearded , long haired, scruffy looking, sarape wearing dog, beginning to board our boat. Hargghhh, time to repell all boarders.

His dink painter was held in one hand, and he was grasping the life line, to pull himself into the cockpit. I grabbed our very pistol...old style metal flare gun. Inserted a shell, pulled back the hammer, and took a shooting stance in the companion way. The now loaded weapon was pointed dead center at his chest.

He stopped about mid way of his climbing over the life line, his eyes expanded to huge, and he screams in surprise. The metal barrel of that very pistol must have looked like a shot gun to his thieving bones.


He babbles something like, he was just coming over to see if we needed to exchange dollars for pesos.

(Passports, cash, credit cards, electronics, etc, etc. )

He was a haole due, big sarape over his shoulders and was on board his delapidated, beat up, Cal 25.


End game.

Most of the people that I have associated with, in life, especially in the service, high explosives, sailing and flying are pretty darned sharp, and interesting and positive. .

In other places We do run into whackos, and sometimes they are so far gone that we just stay clear of them. We do not invite certifiable crazies , into our lives.

But, we totally enjoy those who are true adventurous , skilled, and interesting ,

As most sailors here, we have lived amazing and active lives, meet all kinds of people from all walks of life , and still do. All we have to do, is say ...Hello !

For us, the posters here on this forum, life is great fun, because we get out there and actually live it.

We are the fortunate ones.

Good on ya,

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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Well, some people would call them crazy.... but in a good way. I knew Tim and Pauline Carr back in the 70's. They cleared customs in Coffs Harbour from New Caledonia in their engineless cutter Curlew, anchored next to us. Next day we were headed out to Lord Howe Island about 300 miles out from the coast and after a couple of hours we saw their sail heading back towards Coffs. They were just going for a daysail !! These 2 were extreme and ended up ??? Google them and you will find out if you don't know.
A year after they got to Australia they took the cabin off the boat and made it flush decked due windage and it was only 28ft and 100 yrs old. They could be seen very often all year round sailing along the coast off Sydney for a few years before they headed south.
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Originally Posted by zeehag View Post
ye all forget i met the characters in sporty car racing ... gord lightfoot in pit lane during can am event--he owned a team. promised me an upbeat album...

Interesting! Gordon Lightfoot sponsored John Graham’s March 811 in the 1982 Can-Am series. Graham never finished higher than 8Th, that year. Do you recall if he was involved in racing, more than that one year?

Gord May
"If you didn't have the time or money to do it right in the first place, when will you get the time/$ to fix it?"

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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

gord i never saw him again after that year. i looked for him..he is a cool guy. i also looked for the album he promised me... i was involved in racing from 1976 thru 1991.
life is an adventure meant to be LIVED!!!!
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

E dock, Marina Mazatlan. You know who you are. ;^)

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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Originally Posted by goat View Post
E dock, Marina Mazatlan. You know who you are. ;^)

oh you must mean vino.....
life is an adventure meant to be LIVED!!!!
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

One of the most interesting characters i ever met was visiting Moscow Russia. He picked me up with my future fiancé at Sheramitzava. We are heading back to her apartment. He knows I am American. He starts talking about how he wishes the Americans would bomb the shizzle out of Moscba. I ask him why he would say such a crazy thing....keep in mind that this is after Peristroika (Berlin wall falls down...end of Cold War). He states his case about the corruption and the New Russians (gangsters). He says “look at how Germany and Japan did after their war with USA.” He believed that the only way to fix Russia was to destroy the old communist guard. That was back in 1999. President Putin has steadily gained wealth and power since then. I think it takes a powerful man to rule Russia and i think President Putin is a very intelligent and master strategist. I woudn’t want to cross swords with him.

He pulls over as he is flagged down by mafia types. He hands the two guys a hundred Roubles. I ask him what is going on. He says since he is not regular taxi he has to pay passage fees out of the airport if he is carrying passengers. That money goes to a boss. As we are traveling the hour or so back to her apartment the muffler falls partially off and is now dragging on the pavement making an dreadful noise. After a few miles he pulls over and gets some bailing wire out of the trunk and patches it. Who brings bailing wire in their car?

When we get to her apartment he gives us his phone number if we need his help in the next couple of weeks. His car was a typical Russki car...beat up, rusted, dented, filthy, and missing pieces. Winters are freaking demolition derbies there. A week later we call Vasily.

He drives us out to one of my girlfriend’s dachas. She worked for the Kremlin as an English speaking tour guide. About 8 of us meet up out at the dacha. Vasily is actually not Russian. He is from Georgia. Stalin was from Georgia. We pay him and he asks when he should pick us up. We say the next day in the late afternoon. He asks us if we would like to taste how the Georgian people make shashlik (shish kabob)? Al the girls chime in “Da!”

He asks for some money for the meats and vegetables. My girl asks me to give him the equivalent of about 30 dollars. I think to myself...”that is the last i will see of this guy.” The next day he shows up about noon. He marinated the meats all night long...lamb, beef, pork, chicken.... We sat down and drank all afternoon...singing...eating...pickles...borscht.. .bread and told stories and he staid overnight.

You would rarely...see this sort of thing in America. They are more open there. I can’t believe that this taxi guy that no one knew made us the best skewered meat I’ve ever tasted in 40 years. We sang...we laughed...we enjoyed the hell out of each other’s company.

On another trip i hired him again. Middle of winter. I wanted to swim. We went to a downtown swim facility. I asked him if he wanted too swim. He was very pleased. He had no swim suit. We are in the men’s locker room butt naked and a lady walks up and hands him a swim suit.. I was so shocked that i covered my privates. He did not even motion to cover anything.. It was just Russia and no big deal. His underwear....dingy...elastic almost completely done away. Don’t even know if i would use his underwear to wipe up a spill in the garage. Half the women in the pool wore no swim tops. It was an outdoor pool. Couldn’t see the pool because the fog was so thick. Thank God i brought my swim goggles. I let him borrow mine and we started giggling like two high school boys....made a friend for life....

How does fate introduce us to a taxi driver who made us an incredible meal...we broke bread and drank and laughed til we coulldn’t laugh anymore....I will never forget the experiences i was enriched with by meeting this man. Warm...deeply human...flawed...dirt poor....and would trust him in any situation...
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Re: The craziest character you met while cruising?

Hahahaha YASSSS y'all give me LIFE! That's some cool stories, keep 'em coming!

Update: Hans came over the next day with that chain link connector as promised, gave it to me along with a small baggie of uhhhh oregano, refused payment for either, and said that he'll be back for the beer. So far, the beer has not materialized, but something else has: an english language newspaper neatly folded on my transom every morning at 7am sharp since then

I'll keep y'all posted
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