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Re: Texas or Florida better living abroad?

Originally Posted by sailr69 View Post
being a vet, knowing all about firefights, the gun nuts in this country are the same as those you see on television in Iraq, excited and shooting their guns in the air and shouting some form of anti somethings. brings one to ask this simple question. in the case of one black man walking down the sidewalk toward a white guy both open carrying weapons and eyeing each other, who draws first? both sighting self defense. the gun nuts claim it is not safe anymore and they need guns for self defense as the other guys have guns too. Do you like living in this environment? thirty years ago, this was not even considered. only in America can we screw up this bad. Even in the wild west back in the 1700 hundreds, laws were past to check in your guns at the sheriffs office before going to town. it takes two to have a fight. guns settle that permanently . I hated having to kill an combatant before he killed me.
There was no "wild west" in the 1700s in the usa. Ohio and western PA were just starting to be settled in 1795.
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Re: Texas or Florida better living abroad?

Originally Posted by geoleo View Post
There was no "wild west" in the 1700s in the usa. Ohio and western PA were just starting to be settled in 1795.

After re reading what that guy “wrote” think this would have been a better response to his crazy post lol

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Re: Texas or Florida better living abroad?

Originally Posted by SalingSue View Post
Do you want the government to have the same level of choice as to what other rights apply to a citizen as well? Maybe a permit for different types of speech, kitten memes are fine, but you need a background check and to petition the government to give you a level 2 speech permit before you are allowed to talk about the local government, level 3 permit to discuss the federal government, and really no one has a need to question the executive branch, only nut jobs would do that, 5yrs jail for that offense, etc?

Bill of rights, you’re ether for it or against it.

This plays a huge role in picking a state to live in, we all have our rights, they can not be taken away outside of death, hence rights V privileges, just a matter of how much a threat the local government is to those freedoms.

One BIG plus for FL are the 1st generation Cubans, they, unlike the elite liberals, actually understand words like tyrant, socialism, and what happens when you give too much power to the government. It is VERY refreshing to talk politics with a older 1st generation Cuban.

They also make some AWESOME food.
You mean like who can fly a plane? or drive a semi or a car? Yes absolutely I do.

There is not a single "right" in the BoR that doesn't have some form of limitation on it.
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Re: Texas or Florida better living abroad?

Texas has less expensive slip fees than FL. On the other hand, TX is much more exposed to hurricanes and if one is coming , you have no place to go to get away. Florida allows you to easily sail up the coast during hurricane season. As for locations in TX, Galveston/Seabrook is your best location. Close to shopping, hospitals, NASA & only a 30 min drive into Houston. Corpus Christy is not as nice. Mostly refinery industry and helps to speak spanish if you live there. Fishing is better in Corpus.
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Re: Texas or Florida better living abroad?

Historically (see National Hurricane Center historic era storm tracks) Florida has more hurricanes than Texas, and the Florida season lasts longer. Texas has very few hurricanes after the last week of September, same for before mid-June, and July is usually slow storm wise.
I have cruised Texas and Florida for almost 50 years. While there are pleasant and isolated anchorages in Texas, one state-wide problem is lack of dinghy docks. I have sailed the length of the Texas coast numerous times, and have to report visiting as a cruiser is pretty confined to marina-to-marina sailing. Even more so for Louisiana, one of several reasons why cruisers from east of the Sabine River are quite scarce. There are certainly a number of protected bays that are very good cruising grounds (Sabine Lake, parts of Galveston and Trinity Bays, Matagorda and and Corpus Christi bays) but you have to really want to come. On only two of those bays are there any marine services to speak of. There are services in Port Isabel-Brownsville, but though there are isolated anchorages getting there, the Laguna Madrid for all its size is pretty thin -and rocky to boot- in most places, so it’s really just a channel run from Port A/Corpus further south. And there are no dinghy docks down there either.
Florida is just more hospitable-maybe TOO hospitable- to the cruising public, including prettier water, whiter beaches, more accessible to a variety of natural life, more variety of cruising amenities, and, depending on latitude, longer winter sailing conditions.
Why won’t the money go as far as the boat will?
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Re: Texas or Florida better living abroad?

You guys quoting hurricane stats, activities to do in each locale or the best area to live, are missing the OP's question.

He's asking about the best location for his "claimed" residence........

Doesn't really sound like he will be fishing, visiting Disney or carrying a handgun or rifle into Walgreens...........
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Re: Texas or Florida better living abroad?

True Davy J...

But this thread is so off the rails....

There were a few that understood and gave some good info and I truly appreciate it.
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Re: Texas or Florida better living abroad?

Originally Posted by Shanachie View Post
Texas has an open-carry law. Personally, I would never live in or even visit a state that allows high school dropouts to strap AR-15s on their back while shopping or walking down the street. I live in Florida, which unfortunately issues concealed weapons permits, but at least does not allow thugs to intimidate people with unnecessary display of assault weapons. Also, the sailing is better on the west coast of Florida and in the Keys.
So you're scared of weapons and you dislike people who are not as educated as you. So how about sharing how smart you are and telling how many college degrees you have and how much money you owe for useless degrees that make you FEEL superior.
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florida, texas

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