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Lightbulb Future Liveaboards

My wife and I are planning on retiring in a little over 4 years. As of yet we do not have a boat and my boating experience is on lakes. I am currently taking different courses on boating and plan on taking the Captains course for the knowledge. My plans:

1) Get boat about 45 to 60 foot
A) Dual Diesel engines, Inboard

B) Generator (Diesel) large enough to run all boats electrical
C) 2 State rooms (teenage daughter will be going with us)
D) Fly Bridge (Looking at Hatteras type of boats)
E) Wife likes the older wooden boats, I like more modern

2) Trips planned
A) Alaska
B) Panama Canal
C) Bahamas
D) Lake Superior (More kids live here)
E) Having fun until health says to stop. Hopefully 3 to 5 years from start.

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. I am trying to do my research now so we can relax and enjoy later.
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Re: Future Liveaboards

You've posed a broad question and hopefully those more knowledgeable than myself will also offer their thoughts...
Hatteras boats often have great big diesel engines designed to get them out to fishing spots quickly. They are not designed to chug along economically for long range. So you have to decide what kind of mileage you are expecting to do and what kind of mpg you will likely be getting. If money is no issue, then fill your boots. Also, depending on your finances, it is often unrealistic to constantly run a generator (or engine) to provide your day to day power demands, especially once you leave the U.S and have to pay the same prices at the pumps as the rest of us! Many cruising boats have a decent solar array or wind generator to supplement a big battery bank. Finally, boats that are not designed for offshore can run into real issues if caught in heavy weather. If you are going through the canal heading west, then you can expect to be at sea for weeks so you will need to be properly prepared for bad conditions. Whichever way you decide to go...good luck with your dreams.
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Re: Future Liveaboards

I agree it is a broad question, that is what happens when I do not know what to ask :^)
The Hatteras boats are not a definite, it is just the size/room accommodations. If there is something else I would definitely take a look. I do not know what to look for and thus my broad question to the people that know. I will be on fixed budget when we retire. But we should have everything paid off (including boat) and so my SS, disability pay and Military retirement should hopefully be enough.

I am in need of information on what I should be looking at (Boats for example), type of equipment needed and so on. I did not think of or know about the solar array or wind generator, I am one more step there, thank you.
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Re: Future Liveaboards

I am noticing that most of these boats are sail boats. Are most/all of the live aboards sail boats? I have never been on a sail boat and really do not desire to go on one, looks too much like work :^)

If this is only sail boats, is there another site/place I should be looking for?
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Re: Future Liveaboards

Powerboat subforum exists here, but yes mostly sailors.

Trawlerforum gets lots of stinkpot liveaboards
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Re: Future Liveaboards

What do you mean "stinkpot liveaboards"?
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Re: Future Liveaboards

As a noob myself, here's my 2 cents. Before you start asking broad questions looking for impossible answers, spend some time reading threads. This forum is chalk full of info on everything you could imagine. When I joined all I wanted to do was tell everyone I am leaving everything behind and buying a cat because I saw one a few months back and it looked cool. Well now I realize I can't afford a decent cat so then I started reading about mono's....then cruising boats...then davits and biminis and dodgers...then prancers and dancers and comets and get the idea. There is a TON of info to consider. Some of it subjective, some just plain necessary.

Every day I visit this site and click on New Posts, look through the list and start learning. Sometimes I use the search function to narrow it down. I usually end up somewhere completely off topic but keep reading and learning. Learn some nautical terms while you're at it. Today I learned what apparent wind was...I think.

So welcome to CF and get ready to do some leg work before you ask everyone else what you prefer. Good luck!
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Re: Future Liveaboards

yes , every day is a school day, and something cam be learned on here,,,, but what is a " stinkpot liveaboard " ? !!!
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Re: Future Liveaboards

It is jargon

Stinkpot = power boat (referring to engine exhaust)

Blow boat = Sailboat
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Re: Future Liveaboards

DSM: good start. Analyzing and postulating features you need/want/might like to have may very well help you buy your third boat first. And then folks can chime in with their ideas on pros/cons of those various features.

When you say "Hatteras" perhaps you mean their Long Range Cruisers (LRCs) and similar versus their sportfish boats? If so, that style and similar is likely a good candidate for consideration as a liveaboard.

You might rummage around on yachtworld to look at motor yachts" (MY), aft-cabin motor yachts (ACMY), cockpit motor yachts (CPMY) and trawlers (latter being more of a marketing term than anything else, these days). Research various features each of those may offer, and keep asking questions.

Wood boats can become a major maintenance/upkeep job. Even non-structural wood (teak decks, brightwork, etc.) can eat up chunks of time and money. You might do some serious searching here and on (sister site) about pros and cons. Use the Advanced Search tool; the regular sight search tool is relatively useless.

You projected cruising areas are widely disparate; that can be great, but be aware that can add get-there-from-here costs big-time. Sometimes cheaper to leave the boat somewhere and fly to visit somewhere else. More to the point, maybe, is that it can add complexity and $$$ to your shopping and to your budget.

Stinkpot is a pejorative term used most often by sailors to insult those of us who choose not to fiddle with sails all voyage long, stumble over shrouds, drown in the cockpit, etc.

Selby Bay, South River, Chesapeake Bay, USA.
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Re: Future Liveaboards


First Welcome to Cruiser`s Forum. As you have seen from your question, you will get what you asked for and not ask for. There are a lot of people here with great information.

I would start out by looking at Yacht World .com. You will find every boat imaginable on this sight and help you narrow things down. Secondly go to all the boat show you can. Seeing it on line is one thing but seeing it in person is totally something else.

Judging from your wish list and the place you want to go, you may want to think about a Trawler or a sailboat. Remember wind is free. Each have there pros and cons. Another good idea is to have you family write down what they want in a boat. Then narrow down being realistic. Then go look at what`s for sale.

You mention 50 to 60ft boat. Just know that slips are harder to find and more expensive with larger boats in general. Rates run $10 - $15 per foot. I`m a believer of buying the biggest boat you can afford. With that being you must not just think about the initial purchase of the boat but all the fees and maintenance cost that goes with it. There are volumes of books written on this subject alone.

There are those that will argue this, but the perfect size cruising boat is between 40 and 50 Ft depending on family size. Stay as close to the lower end if you can. Another consideration is hull material. Do you do diligence in educating yourself. Knowledge is power. If the deal is to good to be true, It is. There is something that is being hidden.

VERY IMPORTANT - Never use a Broker`s surveyor. You will hear "Oh I have used him or her for years, They`re great" Red Flag!!!! Find you own independent Surveyor that has a reputation of being very thorough. Also make sure you get an Engine Surveyor and rigging surveyor if it`s a sailboat. Hope this helps.

Again welcome and best of luck in your search.
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Re: Future Liveaboards

Suggest you move over to Trawler Forum, you'll get better advice. i.e. Hatteras are famous for the their LRC's (long range Cruisers) like the one shown below. This sounds like what you are looking for.

I'd suggest you start your education here Marine Survey 101
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Re: Future Liveaboards

I use stinkpot affectionately, to each their own.

Plenty of "sailboat" owners use the engine so much, IMO they may as well get the greater comforts of a trawler.
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Re: Future Liveaboards

i would go for a Nordhavn trawler .. around 46 feet. it would have everything you need but it is not made out of wood.
some of the best times of my life were spent on a boat. it just took a long time to realize it

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