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Re: Coast Guard Registry for Med and USA (54 Amel)

"All the Coast Guard cares about is that there are no two boats with the same name and same home port." Don't this so, there are many boat in Hawaii with the same name and hailing port, some documented some not. There were two US flag boats with the same name and hailing port and both owned by the same guy (not "Sunny" I and II, both just "Sunny") for a short time until I bought one and changed the name an hailing port.

The hailing port on mine is Honolulu HI, but it has never been within 5,000 miles of Hawaii.
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Re: Coast Guard Registry for Med and USA (54 Amel)

Okay, I seem to have come upon the U.S. Department of Commerce, Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 55DC


There are about two million places listed. As I posted earlier the list goes on and on.

And indeed there can be found many "fun" [Fort Knox] and "not so fun" places, e.g., prisons, yes, like San Quentin,

You can download the entire Federal list or by smaller geographical limits, such as State or County to narrow your review.

Note: "Please turn off pop-up blocker or allow pop-ups from this site. If there appears to be no response to a file selection, check the status of the pop-up blocker. The browser security level settings may also be trying to block file downloads. If this is the case, right click on the information bar that displays, select "Download File...", then select the file for download again."

It actually is probably harder to find a place that is not on the list, because it is intended to be a comprehensive list of all known designations of places, big or small, like a single building, a square, a road junction, etc. And it includes historical named places. And one can submit to have places added to the list of designated places and places are regularly being added and renamed, for example, there has largely been a culturally sensitive renaming of all places once using the word squaw, which typically get redesignated with an native american language name.

I live on Indian Country, on the Flathead Reservation and one could use as your hailing port the name of the reservation, or you could use the name of a County. I think a good hailing point for a Montana would be Big Sky.

Or one of the mountain ranges, Mission, Madison, Gallatin, Tobacco Root, etc.
or a summit, a ridge, a butte, a pass, a knob, a lake, a creek, a river, a trail, a hill, a draw, a rock formation, a national forest, a state park, a cabin, a school or university, both historical and present, a saloon, a campground, a marina, a church, a cemetary, a canal or ditch, a guard station, a mine or quarry, a glacier, a pond, a well, a swamp, a divide, a cliff, a meadow, an oil or gas field, a bar or island, a park [e.g, American Legion Park] a Place [which is often how we describe a ranch or homestead, .e.g, Kingrey Place] and of course lot's of named ranches.

A sampling of "fun" actual places with a quick look at just Montana:
Snoo-weh Pass.
The Thumb.
Angel Wing. [a glacier]
Bad Marriage Mountain
Bad Route Creek
Badbaby Coulee
Bear Skull Creek
Big Lightning Creek
Big Ox Bottom
Blackfeet Boarding Dormitory
Blessed Sacrament Church
Boothill Cemetery Note: Every cemetery is listed so your hailing port me where you wish to be desired forever place.
Bootlegger Trail
Bozeman Trail Not spelled or pronounced as BOOZEman.
Broken Jaw Creek
Broken Leg Creek|
Bullwhacker Coulee
Cactus Flat
Calamity Jane Horse Cache [a bench]
Carl O'Hara Ranch lot's of ranches designated as places.
Billings Central Catholic High School Yep, every school is listed so you can be a proud alumni.
Charles M Russell NWR Station Ranger stations are common places.
Chewing Blackbones Campground - Indeed this is a place.
Chicken Coop Coulee
Chief Plenty Coups State Park|
Choke-To-Death Butte
Christmas Well
Confusion Reservoir
Cracker Box Creek
Crazy Horse Creek
Crazy Head Spring
Dead Horse Creek Lots of Dead thing places. Dead Indian, Dead Man, etc.
Devils Kitchen Loads of devil related places.
Dirty Woman Creek Like this one! Has various connotations.
Dogie Creek|
Dream Island Now this place designation depends on the kind of dreams one has, good, nightmarish or wet.
Dripping Hole Spring
Dry Blood Creek Loads of Dry places.
Dusty Star Mountain
Eagle Feathers Creek
Eagle Nest Peak
Electric Light Ditch
Eyeful Vista Point|
Fairy Lake Invokes nice thoughts
Fly Cemetery. Well I guess this where the bugs go when they pass.
Fort Smith Ruins. Fixer upper.
Four O'Clock Reservoir
Fourth of July Creek Probably where Captain Mullen was at years ago.
Fox Homestead Don't blink you will likely miss the many homesteads.
Freezeout Lake I suspect this be cold water.
Froze to Death Creek
Frozen Dog Coulee
Frozen Leg Canyon It is forecast to be a balmy -19 Fahrenheit tonight.
Goat Haunt Lake Spectacular alpine lake.
Going-to-the-Sun Mountain The most beautiful road leads through Glacier National Park to this mountain.
Grace Lake Spiritual place.
Greasy Hill
Grizzly Mountain Of course there are those bears here.
Halfway Retaining Pit Okay, not a good place to say you are from.
Hangmans Creek Appropriate given our vigilante justice and code 3-7-77
Happy Gang Reservoir Like that one.
Heart Lake Because that is its shape.
Hell Creek Hell is a common place for everything. Many places.
Hole in the Wall Many
Hole-in-the-Rock A natural arch.
Hudson Glacier Hey its water so whatever floats your boat.
Ice many versions thereof, as in berg, lake, cave, etc.
Ice Cream Butte Heck who wouldn't want to go to this place. And why would you leave.
Jackass Butte Because if you are from here you are one perhaps.
Many Glacier
Morning Star Lake A good place to awaken.
Muskrat Creek Cute rodents.
Never Laughs Mountain So not going to be the party boat with this hailing.
New Year
No Name Lake Now this is a winner. I bet there is someplace called No Where.
Old Woman Lake
Packs the Hat Creek
Paleface Reservoir So not referring to our native population.
Pasture Creek
Peoples Creek
Pettapiece Badland I suspect there are not a lot of boats from here.
Pistol Creek Sure to be the subject of a thread regarding guns on board.
Pleasant Creek Could be worse places.
Poison Creek So not where you wish to draw your water maker from.
Police Creek Well your boat will not be the first choice for thieves.
Pompeys Pillar Awesome!
Pond Number One And there is a Two and a Three.
Porcupine Creek Sounds a bit prickly.
Poverty Coulee Some where you are glad to leave.
Ptarmigan Tunnel Now that is a special place.
Reservoir Number One Hundred Sixty-eight You guessed it there be that many, so just pick one, anyone.
Rising Sun
Riverview Cemetery Hey it might have a view of boats that float by.
Rocky Reef The name of a cliff.
Rocky Windmill Because the windmill is the only thing out there so they use that as a designation of a place.
Rough Creek Because not every place is easy.
Ruins of Fort Maginnis
Sacrifice Cliff
Saint *** Yep every saint there is.
Salamander Falls So not navigable.
Seven Winds of the Lake
Shotgun Creek Another gun thread.
Skunk Creek Best if you anchor down wind.
Slaughterhouse Creek
Smallpox Creek You will need to fly the Quarantine flag.
Snow Moon Lake Would not be understood in warm climates.
Snowshoe Falls
Baking Powder Creek
Bitter Creek
Muddy Creek
Hot Dance Creek Becomes the designated party boat.
Kills At Night Creek For when you desire to anchor all alone.
Starved to Death Creek
Stink Lake I'm think this one is like fly fishing in the sewer lagoon
Sucker Creek Where one is born every minute.
Swiftcurrent Yet another awesome place.
Tepee Creek
The Badlands
The Big Eddy Name of a rapids.
The Deep Ground
The Devils Backbone Great name for a pirate ship.
The Garden Wall Just wow! If you have seen it you know.
The Greycliffs
The Island There is only one, "The Island" so don't ask which one or where.
The Little Sag So much nicer than the big sag.
The Plunge Yep a name for a lake.
The School House Again THE as the one and only. Like THE traffic light.
The Wall A cliff.
Thomas Massacre Graves. Historical Cemetery.
Tin Cup Creek
Two Ocean Glacier Likely along the continental divide.
Two Shacks Flat Where it is easy to know all your neighbors.
Vinegar Hill A bitter place.
War Dance Creek So not the designated party boat.
Warwhoop Springs Hope you don't hear yelling coming from this boat.
Wasteway Coulee
Water Holes Creek
Welcome Spring
Whiskey Creek Sundowner special.
Whoop-up Rodeo Ground A cowboy's boat.
United States Customs and Border Protection Wild Horse Port of Entry Too many letters but certainly not like to be inspected by Customs and Border Patrol.
Wildlife Reservoir Another party boat.

Your Name Reservoir For real that is an actual place.
Zero This is listed as being "a populated place."
Hell Roaring Creek
Honey Run Creek Sweet.

Lost Creek Don't ask for directions.
Alpine Lake
Wounded Man Creek
Wildhorse Hot Springs
Great Plains.
Missouri River.
Saint Olaf Cemetery.
Butts Coulee.
Sober Up Coulee.
Sway Back.
A Canal.
Fizzle Lake.
Nixon Gulch.
Juniper Spring Gulch.
North Fork Muddy Creek.
Stonehouse Canyon.
Mountain View Cemetery
Pig Creek
Hungry Horse Reservoir.
Madison Plateau.
Louie and Scottee Creek
Frying Pan Creek.
Arch Apex Gas Field
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Re: Coast Guard Registry for Med and USA (54 Amel)

I am going to add my two cents. I bought my boat new in Brazil and paid no tax because I registered her in Delaware where there is no tax and I left Brazil. My registration cost me $300 for three years. I went straight from Brazil to the Med and have been there for 12 years. The back of my boat claims that Stockton, CA is my home port. No body seems to care where my home port is.
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