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I've been shooting for a number of years and offset a good deal of our cruising budget with photography.. Its a lot of work, I work with a stock house, I sell at Art fairs, and I look for oppertunities where my experence might bring in a buck or two..
At the present I'm doing some shooting for a Non-Profit, but already have picked up a few leads for future work.
Its somewhat odd I would think, but I dont shoot boats, cruisers dont have money, and what they do have, they wont spend it on photography...
I made the change to digital a few years ago, and even though there are millions of digital cameras on the market, there arn't that many good photographers..
I use a laptop and an Epson printer(1800 & 4800) and cut the mat myself..
Most of my good shots are staged, so time in photoshop is small, If anything I'll use elements first to clean a shot up. I'm not Photoshop geek so My pre-work is a little more. My equptment is all Nikon and Nikor as thats what I started with years ago and it would cost to much in lenses to swich now.. I can change cameras and carry the lenses on. I shoot with a D2x and a D300, and have a D3 on order.. The wife shoots Macro and likes the light weight of the D70s and D70x..
We've just recently started shooting Video and added a Cannon GL2 to our mix.
I mounted a ball-head to the boat and documenting the places we sail..
Just finished shooting areas of the California Delta and will put it on Disk.
We've got another Idea in the works but I'll keep it to myself for now.....
Theres is money in Photography, but I havent found it doing anything with sailboats.. Our boat is just a means of travel and at times, a work office, and a home... our advantage is that we change our backdrop often as we sail from place to place.
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Randyonr3 is correct -- lots of cameras, but not many good photographers. Taking photos intended for publication isn't easy. In a former life, I was a newspaper editor -- although I'm working the freelance route as my way of trying to fund a cruising lifestyle, the reality is that the work I'd produce for publication has nothing to do with the sailing/travel/vacation industry. I'm cultivating a niche in healthcare quality and statistics, of all things. For people who are interested in writing for pay, it would be wise to consider checking out the Website for the Poynter Institute, or to check into the Society of Professional Journalists.

Speaking as someone who used to buy photos -- there's not really an interest among editors to purchase yet another mini-library of stock images. Perhaps soliciting assignments for specific events might pay better, but you'd better have a kick-butt portfolio or the most you'll get is beer money. Usually.
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You might want to contact Steve Jost

Travels with Viva-Travalog 23

He is a cruiser and photographer who visited our marina and the marina hired him to take some aerial photos of this area.
Denny Schlesinger
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Originally Posted by Hud3 View Post
Here's a guy who makes a living taking photos on the water--Tim Wright. home
Having taken hundreds of pictures from boats under 20ft. if he is driving and taking the pictueres then he is truly amazing. If he is just taking the pictures he is truly amazing. Zipping around in a small fast boat (I assume that is what he uses. What else could slink under the bow of a 26ft racing sail boat?) for the length of a race is truly taxing.
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Tim shoots standing up in an inflatable dinghy, holding the throttle extension in one hand and his Canon digital in the other. For safety he wears a harness and tether attached near the bow that allows him to lean back and achieve a three point stance. He gets some absolutely amazing shots that way!
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Yeah, the Yachtshots folks are tethered in with an extendion on the throttle too......they have amazing crew thought we were going to run into her and wanted me to steer away, and I said NO, that's the worst thing you can do, she knows what she is doing and she has to assume we are on a straight course...we were doing about 6 knots and she darted across in front of our bow literally within inches. When I spoke with her boss later he said she was a professional photographer and he put her in a dinghy to see how she handled taking pictures from a moving platform and he said she was a natural...took right off and been darting within inches of yachts ever she is taking a picture of us..(hope the image comes out)

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Thanks for the pic.
I could do the past.
Now I would last less than half a day.
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I agree that there are way too many digital cameras and way too many people calling themselves photographers. With the advent of digital, it was a double edged sword. It finally gave the freedom and creative boundlessness to professional shooters. But, on the other hand, it gave every swinging Joe the idea that they can go out and shoot weddings and everything else.

I'm from the "old school" of photography in which I only used medium and/or large format cameras. My favorites being hasselblads, Mamiyas and Horsemann. I almost never do studios unless the magazine or book demands it.. Otherwise, I love to use ambient light and on natural locations.

I am also using my digital kits more often as the turn around time for publications are so quick, that film will never do.

As stated, I'm Old School, and I still believe in personal space and privacy. I would NEVER take a shot of you without permission and then attempt to talk to you to sell you YOUR shot?!?! This to me is a version of a Paparazzi, and I think everyone knows their reputation.

I believe that these are the types of people that are truly ruining the loved and respected art of photography that I grew up with.

Well, again, this is only my opinion. I guess everyone needs to make a living, but I do believe that there are proper ways to do it. If someone just started to buzz around my boat and taking pictures, I would be severely pissed and probably chase them down. The whole point of anchoring somewhere is for peace and privacy. Not to be hassled and your privacy invaded..

Just my .0000000000000002 cents..
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Thanks for the imput. Randyron3, that is the type of info I was looking for. Good luck to you and your wife and I hope you get lots of great shots!! Nikon for me,too.
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I use to do Giclee for artist on canvas and watercolor paper

Yes this is something someone could do with the right printer,inks,canavs,
watercolor paper etc. Ive done this and sold them when I got back from crusing. You might find some places to sell them while sailing. Ive never done that. I save them all up and then print diffrent size prints of the pictures people might like. Its worked for me but when I got back to the home front.
I have lots of art shows near my home.
I don't have time to sell while sailing and have to go ashore etc.
Im busy selling a underwater video camera that pans 360 degrees.
People get to see how it works and want one.
I designed it. Im working on another new design for that now.
So there are things you can do to make a few bucks and have fun.
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when oppertunity arises

I believe I've stated before that you have to keep you eyes and ears open and take advantage of whatever arises.
A week or so ago we had a wind storm blew through the area and it took the top of one of the shead off..
It landed right in front of my boat but the worst of it was that 3 of the 2-by-6s went through the small houseboat in front of me, tearing off the rail around the front and just making a mess of everything..
I was there on the spot when it happened and started taking photos.
Dosent cost much as its all digital..
Anyway, when the insurance company stopped by to check out the houseboat, I mentioned the photos, and after discussion and him looking at the set on the laptop, an arangement was made to pay me for the photos..
I made $350.00 for 15 minutes work and I didnt have to work with the photos.. only put them on a disk and sign over a reliese form.
attached are a couple of the photos..
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	wind damage 082.jpg
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Name:	wind damage 069.jpg
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ID:	3757  

Click image for larger version

Name:	wind damage 075.JPG
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ID:	3758   Click image for larger version

Name:	wind damage 079.JPG
Views:	143
Size:	376.7 KB
ID:	3759  

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Send a message via Skype™ to Alondra
We are Currently in India and writing for a sailing Magazine in Holland, Yacht Vision.
I think they are interested as long as you propose for a number of articles (in our case it started with 6) about an interesting trip.
They Pay well, I write and Edith my girlfriend is taking the pictures. See the result at

Any Questions? Please mail!

SY Alondra
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Randyonr3: I'm glad you've been able to make enough money off your cruising related photography to help support your cruising kitty. I hope to do the same someday.

I started trying to make some money with my photography about two years ago, and have had some success, but it has been a lot of work. Mine has not been related to sailing, but many of the same ideas could fit into a cruising lifestyle.

So far my revenues have come from:

1. Selling matted and framed art prints.(gallery sales)
2. A self-published regional book that is being sold mostly through a retail outlet
3. Selling digital images to a local business (small college) for their advertising use on web and print material

The book was very rewarding, and for months has been one of the stores best selling books, but still, there has been very little profit in it. There just isn't the volume or profit per unit to make it ever pay off.

The art prints have been about 2K gross over a year and a half. Due to inventory of mats and frames, I've barely turned a profit so far, but if sales keep up, it will begin to pay off. Note, this is in a non-tourist area, where art moves slowly. When I talk to other art photographers, they tell me they usually make more profit at fairs than through galleries, with the exception of a few really notable, nationally recognized photographers who are selling gallery prints for $1,000 or more.

Selling digital images to business has been the most profitable, but it took a lot of time shooting and submitting images before I made my first sale. That has grown to where I've ocassionally been offered a few assignments, which may pay up to $250 per published image, but that's a bit misleading, because I may take a hundred images and submit 10 for the one that is finally published.

I know one very talented, full time traveling photographer that makes some money from stock. His experience is similar to what I've read and that is most people who make any thing off of stock, submit hundreds or thousands of QUALITY images. Of those, they make a little from a handful that get used once or twice and may have a few images that make some notable money. Unfortunately for cruisers, I've read that most stock companies have an excess supply of landscape/scenery/sunset images.

By the way, I'm fairly familiar with issues of copyright, usage rights and release, by U.S. law, so am happy to answer any questions I can along those lines.
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