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Old 31-12-2012, 04:15   #31
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

friend has used his Di Blasi in 21 countries(asia,now Europe) with Australian registation,insurance and international driving permit, police do pull you up to check papers and then send him on his way. only does 50 kmh so banned on freeways

i have been advised that this bike is also acceptable use in north and south America.
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

So, where did LT go? Is this even an issue in other countries?

Okay, I had the same question, basically of wanting to take my Honda Transalp dual sport (650cc, trail bike type with extra stuff).

First, if you have a bike, tie it down between two points, get on it, now disconnect it balancing the bike and imagine a boat rocking. Try it in the back of a pickup, have some friends rock the bed slightly and see if you can ride it off a can be done, but good luck!

I had asked the question of how to on other sites (a boat design site) and was bombed by an N/A as if it were impossible, others said it would disolve from the salt water and heard all kinds of issues like the motorcycle throwing off the CG, breaking lose and killing me, etc.

I guess those guys had never hear of WD-40, bisqueen, waterproof bags, fresh water and soap, wheel locks/stands bolted down, safety straps and even cargo bars. They also pointed out that the bike would be live weight subject to moving around.....not! It's dead weight, all 325 pounds of it.
So, just opinions I'd say and probably more to do with the oddity unconventional novelty of it rather than objective advice.

A guy in Viet Nam put a honda trail bike in a small raft! Not rocket science, it's just a load, most road worthy bikes would be under 350 pounds, they can carry two up aswell. My Transalp can cruise at 75mph all day on the highway (V twin) and charge up a hill or out of the mud, within reason.

Here are the issues I've identified after a year of thought and research.

I spent much of my time trying to fit a boat to the bike, 350 pounds off the stern of most any seaworthy cruiser isn't going to raise the bow out of the water. But how will it be held? I'm not sure the stern of a sailboat is thick enough to bolt davits on, davits large enoungh to hoist the load at some distance away from the boat. I'm not an engineer, but common sence tells me there will be more stress on the anchor bolts and plates on the stern or deck. Many dingys probably have the same weight, but the dingy is lowered in the water, not eight feet behind the boat trying to hit dry land or even shallows. You need shoal draft to get close enough for loading and unloading. So, an extendable boom might be better solution.

My plans were mostly in fresh water, along rivers but also in the ICW..
I used google earth and followed some of the major waterways and there were some areas that seemed suitable for transfers. But, even if the marina manager was out to lunch, I saw other issues. I can ride up low steps with large landings, but not really stairs. So many docks may have issues with steps, where there are steps there are hand rails, to you're trapped. Can't jump a sea wall either. I also noticed fences by parking lots and guard rails, if you set off on private property you could get some distance before realizing you are fenced in to get to a roadway.

You'll have terrain features, bluffs, canyons, heavy woods and water obsticles that can keep from getting away if you set off in an unknown area.

Boat ramps would be ideal, if you can get close enough to set the bike off or on.

If you did use a dingy, you'll have the same issues when you get to shore or any dock. Stability can be an issue, I'm not sinking my Transalp in 30' of water! I did think of fitting the bike with a tractor innertube or tubes as a pfd, but geeze what a hassel.

So common sence tells you to scout out the area before going to all the trouble of off loading. How much time is it going to take to find a good spot and then, is that where you want to leave the boat?

Guess I'm saying you're more limited where you can off or on load than you may initially think. I even considered building a landing craft, about 30', that would be great for geeting ashore or on a ramp, then you have a boat with more limitations.

My bike is 8' long, less a hair if I turn the front wheel. Give it the width of the bars, about 32", on a cat you'd have space, the monos I've looked at won't have 8' of clear space.

If you have two healthy people who can carry the bike, lift it up and down, you'd have many issues taken care of, at one time I could hump 350 pounds, not now!

So, that is what has given me seconds thoughts, has noting to do with salty air, the bike can be washed off, it has not alot to do with mounting it on deck and securing it, most loading issues can be overcome, it's more to do with the opportunity of using it in remote areas or in really busy marinas, time scouting and having to reload if you made a bad choice in setting the bike ashore.

It's still a consideration, but not as much as it was initially.

Now, for just getting around to the store, laundry and shopping trips, a fold up minibike that you can toss on your back has some real possibilities! But a street legal trail bike could be a real pain.

BTW, there is a "We drive you home service" for drunks here, they use those fold up minibikes, ride it to you, put it in the trunk or backseat in a bag, take you home and take off. Handy little things!
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

Hi! all.
I see that this thread is 7 months old and just found the site. I also have a question about putting a bike aboard, but on a houseboat.
I plan on doing some inland cruising in a few months on at 36 foot Gibson. The front deck is big enough to take my touring motorcycle through the gate via a reinforced plywood ramp.
My only difficulty now is the weight of the thing.
With me on it, were talking 850 pounds or so to land it. I plan on putting down a plywood strip to cinch down on, but not sure how this is going to change the center of gravity and how she'll sit in the water.
I'll just be going 200-300 miles at a stretch, but if I need to get back home in a hurry (or for side trips) I'll be ready.
I suppose with trim it'll ride alright underway, but ??
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

Originally Posted by Wavewacker View Post
BTW, there is a "We drive you home service" for drunks here, they use those fold up minibikes, ride it to you, put it in the trunk or backseat in a bag, take you home and take off. Handy little things!
What about doing both?! (Transalp and minibike - a Diblasi?).....keep the Transalp ashore and just "commute" to it as and when (minibike strapped to the Transalp carrier / seat). Probably work out cheaper (and less aggro) than modifying a boat.

Or skip the minibike and commute by bus / taxi / bicycle / scrounged lifts (car or bike!) - whatever works in the locale. Odds are won't be moving everyday and even when doing so distances likely in the 10's of miles and not the 100's of. Obviously shoreside security a potential issue for the Transalp - but perhaps not everywhere?
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

Here is a scooter in the fwd hull. had to let the air out of front tire.
Ariki 47 Build Report (and forward compartment scooter storage). - YouTube
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

Hey David, that's what I would do if I were staying in one area!

Ooly, good plan on a HB. I have considered a HB as they are best suited for the task, but the fuel efficiency doesn't cut it for me and they can have issues in the gulf and ICW, but otherwise very nice.

My 1600 cruiser is 750 pounds dry. I've used a 10' ramp, 1 1/2" angle running the length with 3/4 ply, about 24'' wide and 2x4s accross on the bottom 2' apart, it's heavy and the longer run is good for getting the bike in the truck and out at home. I don't carry it anywhere.

On your boat I'd suggest using ATV aluminum ramps modified to hook together. c channel maybe. With a cruiser, you might want to carry some ply strips to lay in any muddy area to hit the hard, I could see my bike sinking in river mud at a bank!

I would consider bolting down a tire rack, c channel for the tires to fit in. Scab on some tabs that are higher then the wheel and put a lag bolt through the two tabs with the shank of the bolt over the wheel and put a couple nuts on. If the hole in the tabs are barely above the wheel, it won't go anywhere. Tie off the bars so it won't lean and pry the rack from the deck, ratchet straps. Least that was my plan...

I suggest you get some sand bags of equal weight, line them up and stack them about the hieght of your carbs, most all of the weight of a cruiser is below the carbs. Secure them best you can and see how it effects the boat from different configurations. Guessing, I'd think going across the boat, engine/tranny centered as far back from the bow would be best.

I doubt you'd notice the load if you watch other stored items, seems to me it's much like having two big beer drinkers or four scotchettes riding in deck chairs. You can go to "sail calculator 3.0" and see how much weight = reduction in draft in inches for a given sailboat, not sure if the is one for HBs, but you can get an idea. Or, figure out the displacement, but I doubt you'd measure it at 750 lbs in the water.Might notice pulling a couple skiers! LOL

I've tried to consider a rack built, supported from the sides over an aft cabin, using a ramp and boom/davit, I'm not sure about structural integrity aft. Draft may be an issue as well off the back.

But at 36' you won't tip the boat over in normal conditions and usual chop I'm sure. Oh, I was also going to have a harpolan (sp) cover made for the bike with velcro closures keeping spray off as well as the sun. Clean often and you should have no problem, IMO.
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

It wont go on a Gemini, I have a 1100XX Blackbird and a ZR7 750 Kwaka, and I have looked at all the options, Just gave it away as a lost cause,
and a postie bike is just not my thing,

But unless you are in a marina, its very difficult to get the bike on and off the boat,
Protecting it while onboard is very easy, Just cover it in a plastic cover, and tie it down securely.
Bikes dont rust and fall to peices when they live beside the Ocean in houses,
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

Here is pretty straight forward way of loading and unloading a bike unto a sailboat

Getting a motorcycle aboard a sailboat
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

To me, this is the best and fasted way of loading a motorcycle on a boat.
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow - what a ride!"
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Re: Motorcycle on Board, How Hard Can it Be?

If you want to take a full size motorcycle, rethink the kind of boat you have.
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