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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

Use a hot air gun with a sheet of aluminium foil over some heavy cardboard from a carton under the seal to protect the hull. A soldering iron is a waste of time--and you need quite a bit of heat to soften Loctite enough to release. Lotsa luck.

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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

If you get a cheap propane torch, you can get a hose meant for barbecue grills, connect it to that torch and one of your propane tanks. I dislike the little propane tanks as they leak, and where do you store them, plus they rust overnight.
I use this hose to connect my grill to a 10 lb aluminum tank so it doesn’t use the little ones, same hose will connect to a torch of course.

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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

Hi All, No need in even trying to remove it, short of a good quality IE "Snap-On" or equivalent, socket allen wrench, on a small impact wrench. I would almost bet it will come out. With stacking allen set screws, you never need Locktite lf torqued properly, my opinion. The bottom one can't come loose and the top sort of friction locks on the bottom socket hole. Personally, with building six boats, two airplanes and refitting 100's of boats over 60 years, in an area of the coupling / seals, etc. I would use anti seize on assembly. The one thing I can say, tenacity prevails........ Look at all those periods, I could be president. Capt. Vince Rakstis, Ret. MS St.Petersburg, Fl.
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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

I agree with most of the previous posts, you got to have a good allen head socket, like snap on, then it is shock from a hammer or hand held impact, but most important is heat, heat is your friend, get a propane or map gas torch and don't be afraid to heat the piss out of it, nothing to hurt, use a piece of sheet metal and or wet towels to protect nearby fiberglass, heat it then wack it and it should come out.
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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

Originally Posted by samoorelex View Post
I'm looking for suggestions on how to unfreeze the allen head screws in my PSS shaft seal.
The seal leaks when the prop turns > 1000 RPM's way more than it should.

Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to unstick these guys?

I need to loosen these allen screws so I can compress the seal.
I had the system redone last June as per the 6 yr maintenance when we were on the hard.
I'm a long way from the yard or I would be back there.
I'm in a marina but I can't get any work done because of COVID.
We would really like to get moving north in a couple of weeks and this is a mess.

Here is what I have tried so far:
Allen wrenchs - broke one, bent one (not the sturdiest)
Heat (put soldering iron on the allen screw) trying to melt any loctite
Lubricant (50/50) mix of ATF and Acetone - PB Blaster as well
Taping allen wrench with hammer

As I understand it, there is a second allen screw under this one. The top one serves as a lock -doing a fine job if I might add.

I have one suggestion - get a dremel tool and a diamond bit. Drill out the screw not touching the threads. I'm not sure I'm skilled enough to not ruin the threads.
We are still in the water.

I'm interested in any and all suggestions.
It's possible just to run with the leak but I hate pouring copius amounts of seawater in the bilge.

Looking for an epiphany.
Sabre 402
Ive not read any replies.
Heat with a propane torch. Solder gun heat just runs away , it’s not hot enough quickly enough.
After heating, quench the set screw with ice applied directly. (Dry ice is even better with proper gloves)
Then swiftly apply wrench.
This procedure must be set up with no lost time between steps. Think it out before hand how you will proceed and accomplish the task with every tool required clean and ready for task .
Proper tools Proper protection.
Simple physics, expansion and contraction.
I worked on heatshrinking steel plating for bulbous bows on Sealant ships, this process has never failed me . But theres a first time for everything .
I suggest you have a mate who would be suited for the job and on the same page as you in the task .
Good luck
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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

If you end up having to use a drill, try a left hand drill, as it is likely to catch and screw the offending grub screw out.
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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

For heat nothing beats a cutting torch. You only need 5 seconds or so of heat and the frozen screws will come out like melting butter. very easy to do just don't overheat them and melting the screws. I use this method anytime I have a frozen fastener.
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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

And when you have the shaft screw out - DON'T just put it back. The shaft screw (the one on the shaft, not the locking one one on top of it) is designed to be used once. We had an engine guy just put one back, we had leaks, more leaks, and dangerous leaks until we read-up on the problem and it's never happened again. If the locking screw has not been used against the shaft, I believe you can swap the two around. Otherwise, always put in new screws...

Now, if you are just loosening a half turn to reset the diaphragm compression, it may be ok to just tighten the screw again. But they're aren't expensive, and failing can be catastrophic - the reused screw we had meant it loosened such that it needed one person fulltime on handpump, electric pump, and running to a marina to fix!
Rob & Eraine
MY Blu Emu -
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Re: Frozen pss shaft screws - any ideas on how to remove?

Hi All,
Good news from the bilge.
Yesterday I completed the removal of the set screws in the PSS.
I want to thank you all for the good suggestions.
I tried about all them. The one I had the most hope for was the TORX. I bent a couple of them before I gave up.

If you have to go there, here is what worked for me.
I called PYI and spoke to Fred Hutchinson there. He seemed knowledgeable about the issue and gave me some recommendations.
He said it would come out by using a LH 1/8" bit.
Neither did.
So I went out and got a bigger bit LH 3/16" bit and a good quality flat tap.
I broke the cheap tap "IRWIN" quickly, it was made of some type of cast metal.
I also used a caliper to check the depth of my drilled hole against the distance to the shaft.
I got most of the screw material out with the 3/16 bit. Once I got close to the bottom (1/16) I used a grinder to flatten the end on the bit.
That to help get the material close to the edge off without drilling into the shaft.
I used lots of q-tips to extract material.
I also used a vacuum cleaner with a hollow coffee stirrer to vacuum and blow material out as well.
I estimate it took me a good 10+ hrs to remove these little buggers. Each night I put 50/50 ATF/acetone on the screws to let them soak.
I moved the ring about 3-4mm back on the tube and fired up the engine.
At 2500 RPM there is only an intermittent drip.
I tef-gelled the screws this time - NO more Loctite.
Sam Moore
Muse 10 - S402/'97

Sam Moore
Muse 10
Sabre 402
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