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Old 03-06-2015, 07:58   #16
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

A Cruising yacht (irrespective of its size) will comfortably accommodate six for drinks, four for dinner, but really they only sleep two.

Guests who're aware of/can live with that basic concept have usually been cruising-yotties themselves and are fine for a week or even two, all other visitors come into the fresh-fish category: They'll be OK for two days and the occasional one might even manage three days, but beyond that they will start to go off; moor up near a hotel that they can check into and just take them day-sailing.
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

College Students will be in school most of the year, and busy studying and trying to enjoy the newly found social life secondary education introduces. Kids plan on coming home on the weekends, then never find the time (unless they need food, money or laundry services). If they're really enjoying the social aspects of college then they're either taking summer classes to catch up, or working during the summer. (maybe just working to cover the cost of secondary education).

Once out of college it will be job bound, then family. I seriously doubt you'll have all the kids there at the same time anyway. I have no doubt it will be far less than you anticipate.

Plus the luster wears off with friends and family. (The luster wears off with having friends and family too) We had more guests in our first year than we've had in the last 5 years.
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

Every friend we ever had is going to visit. Get going, the ones that show up are interested in sailing, having a good time, only the kids are consistent,

The wife says. and means this, "guests the first day, crew thereafter". Some guests turn out to be pretty good at watchstandinig.
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

Do Not over buy. The best boat is the largest you can 1) afford to buy 2) maintain, 3) need. We have 3 sons and 11 Grandkids, they are wayyy too busy t to visit. I have ONE head, engine, cabin and that is all my wife, dog and I need.
That extra space/cabin on my boat is work shop I use daily. For 2 people a 40 ft is perfect with one dedicated cabin with double bed and there inevitably will be the second cabin or better dinette that converts for the OCCASIONAL time you need to put someone up. Russ
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

As the saying goes: Cocktails for 6, Dinner for 4, and Sleeps 2.
Denali Rose
The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

Originally Posted by brookiesailor View Post
My kids are college bound, one this year, one next year and a straggler three years behind. We are still in the looking phase but I am wondering if we really have to have a third cabin or if we can get away with two. The boys swear they will spend every vacation with us and help. Sounds like every pet we have gotten that I have been left to deal with....

I found a boat I really like, but it is two cabin, a settee and a dining table that converts to a queen. That makes 9 people but three in the salon.

So I want to know in general do people usually get the volume of guests that they thought when they purchased the boat?

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Our daughter said the same thing about coming home when she went off to college. It lasted the first year. The second year she went skiing with friends for Christmas and had a boyfriend and a job by summer.

Don't count on your kids devoting every spare minute of their free time to you once they go off to college. They may be saying that to you now because they think that's what you want or need to hear. Just the fact that you said "they swear....." almost seems as if that's the response you were eliciting from them. But once they get comfortable in their new environment, start making friends, perhaps get into a romantic relationship, and have other opportunities start coming their way, they will start building a life of their own and as long as you aren't guilting them into feeling like they have to come home they will do what comes naturally and grow independent of you, just as it should be.

For shorter visits with guests, as a previous poster said, if they are people you like well enough that you would feel comfortable having aboard your boat you can probably make do with close quarters for a short while. (How often do people visit now? How long do they normally stay?) If you have enough guests to warrant 3 cabins for 2, or even 4, weeks out of the year that 3rd cabin is just a place to store junk the other 48-50 weeks.

We bought a boat for us. If our kids visit they can sleep on the settees for a week. We live in a house now where they actually each have their own room and they never visit for more than a week at a time, and usually never more often than every other year, and then only if we pay the airfare. So I have no reason to think they'll visit more often just because we're on a boat. Since we'll be retired they'll be visiting decidedly LESS often if we have to pay the airfare every time. If the settee or quarterberth is not good enough then they can get a hotel room in the area we are in and we'll take them daysailing.

You say this boat sleeps 9 people. You have 5. Unless you really believe that they will all be with you at the same time for long periods I can't imagine why it couldn't work.
Cruising the waterways and traveling the highways looking for fun and adventure wherever it might be found.
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

I trimmed my 54' for 4+1 people maximum. (Berths). perfect for long passages and full crew

My friend has 71', they are 3pxs

However a daily getaway could include many more people on cockpit (no berth counting)

Same for inviting at a cocktail in a Marina
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

Not as often as originally promised. Lots of friends and family said definitely but the reality is that only a couple do come every year - but never for longer than three weeks. Our twins are starting 'varsity and we doubt they'll not come as often as we would like as they shall likely be getting jobs in their holidays and also be visiting their own buddies. Agree with others - buy a boat for your wishes.
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

No, not usually. Hard to get people to take the time and spend the money. A few may, just live with what you have.
"I spent most of my money on Booze, Broads and Boats. The rest I wasted" - Elmore Leonard

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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

It's 3 airplanes to get to me from one comes unless I'm paying the airfare. When kids and grandkids come which is working out to about once every 3 years, they tend to come all at once. I rent a beach house for a few weeks.
The Pardey's are dead on. Outfit the boat for yourselves. If you need a garage for all your junk, you're living it wrong.
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

People aren't going to visit you on the boat any more than they visit you on land, maybe less
jobless, houseless, clueless, living on a boat and cruising around somewhere
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

About once a year we have a couple aboard with us, friends or family, for a cruise along a portion of the east US coast or Bahamas for maybe as long as a week. Other than that, maybe a single relative at times for an overnight at the dock. We keep two berths open for a spontaneous event, but they are usually vacant.

We keep a few lockers empty as well as the empty berths. Living in less than our available space is a reward similar to living on less than our available income. It allows for much freedom and flexibility!
Take care and joy, Aythya crew
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

My dad bought a sailboat when I was in my late teens. While I wanted to spend time sailing and I did, it was not as much as I would have liked simply because I was going to school and working my way through school so I have very little free time.

The wife and I are discussing this very topic because we are in the same boat, so to speak, except with a few more years to go than the OP. I just don't see the kids visiting us very much, or for very long, since they will have their own lives to live at the point. We want a forward state room for times we do have guests but mainly for extra storage.

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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

Originally Posted by jkindredpdx View Post
90% of the time, Its just me or my girlfriend and me spending the night. On the rare occasions that someone else stays over, I can store the life raft and some other aft cabin items up to the deck. The settee is always available and comfortable.
Thought I'd just add, I also have a mountain cabin only 60 minutes drive from the city... everyone wants to visit, nobody does.

Boat friends are boaties, Mountain friends are cabinies, city friends we meet in the city. Family usually tend to stay at either home a max of 2-3 days.. day sails/hikes are most common.
__________________ Jim K.
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Re: How often do people really come to visit?

The previous owners of my boat bought her in the UK and spent 3 or 4 years sailing her out to Thailand via the Red Sea with all sorts of rellies and chums....arrived in Thailand and 1/ everyone that wanted to do it had done it 2/ it was a long way from home and people didn't want to pay the they sold her....

Since then my pups have each done a couple of long passages , and both have been to Chile to go sailing.... but are now married with children and have other commitments , careers etc etc.

That said I live in the stateroom down the back... I can bed down two in the saloon... at at a pinch I can stick somebody ( move the 2 dinghies, the storm jibs, the genniker etc to make them a wombat hole) in the focsle but people have hypothermed up there and others have moved out and slept on deck with an outside air temp of 5*C...

I wouldn't buy a boat on the basis of catering for guests, chums and rellies.....
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