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Old 06-01-2014, 09:22   #31
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

I agree that CCs are a bit more difficult to board and take slightly more forethought when moving to/from deck to/from cockpit. This would be a prime consideration for a dockominium, no doubt, but in my mind it translates to more security when underway in rougher sailing conditions. Well worth the added degree of difficulty for the safety it provides. When transporting my current boat from purchase area to home I witnessed my watchmate's salvation delivered by the unique crew-keeping design of this boat. He is a very experienced delivery Capt. and sailing club Commadore, and he expressed immediately that had that incident occurred on either of his aft cockpit boats he very likely would not have survived it. Of course I must admit that had we not been without a harness tether, which was entirely our fault and oversight, the construction or type of cockpit involved wouldn't have mattered quite so much. I now have a harness for use anytime I go on deck alone or in rough seas.
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

Originally Posted by goboatingnow View Post
The one thing I don't like about CCs is the climb out of them to the side decks. I really like ted hoods designs that had a " doorway" to get out. But it must compromise the walk-thru below. ( I hate low walk thrus. I'm 6'5"

I do have to admit that it's a little different getting to the deck from a CC, your climbing down instead of up, which doesn't seem to feel as natural a movement, but once I got used to it I became much more comfortable with it.
It's like moving from any boat your familiar with to an unfamiliar boat, it's the same with going from one aft cockpit to another, I was so comfortable with my own boat that I found I was always bumping into something or smacking my head on the boom when moving around the cockpit on an unfamiliar boat.
I haven't had a lot of time on the new CC but am already looking at relocating a few things around the cockpit to make it more easily accessible and usable.
Not any different from any boat I've owned in that respect.
There are better and worse ergonomic designs for CC models, some of the older ones I've been on weren't too friendly, they seem to have improved with time.
One point I do agree with is the height of the companionway ladder, it's definitely a longer climb up, and down. Of course I won't complain since the previous owner was single handing that boat up until he sold it at 86 yo, and then only because his wife wanted to go to a trawler!
As for the number of CC models sold? I'm not a market analyst, but from what I can tell by talking to the builders at the boat shows it seems to be steady but not a huge segment of the market, almost exclusively sold to live aboard cruisers. In the model I bought ( Made in 1987) the hull came in both aft and center cockpit versions with a couple of different rig setups, there were a bunch of the aft cockpit versions sold but only a small number of CC models.
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

The way I figure it almost all the new CC boats are the higher quality/higher priced models so if you want to own a CC and you don, t have the budget you are forced to buy a good used one Seems to me even though the market is smaller for CC the people that want one won't take anything else so if you have a really nice one you may be in a better position to sell than you would be with an aft C pit. Thoughts?
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Old 08-01-2014, 07:39   #34

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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

I don't know about the economics of owning one, nor do I have an opinion on the issue. We just like the layout of a CC. Aft cockpits are also very nice, I really like the Jeanneau 54ds which has an awesome cockpit, but for liveaboard, my wife and I prefer the galley layout and stern master cabin of a CC. It's not a matter of one style being better or worse, or more advantageous economically, it really comes down to personal preference.

Hunter offers a 45cc.
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Old 08-01-2014, 07:45   #35
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

I agree with most of the proponents of the CC. I am on my second CC boat. The first was a Nelson Mereck designed Morgan 44. That boat had a fantastic layout that worked well as a cruiser and liveaboard. The prices are still reasonable on these boats, even though there were not made in the numbers that the other production aft cockpit boats were. My current boat is a Hylas 46. We love the layout of this boat. Huge aft master with tons of head room. I believe the biggest down side of a CC boat is the lack of good ventilation in aft master stateroom when at anchor. The cockpit and enclosure block the air from forward. We are not the only ones that occasionally move up to the forward berth while on the hook on a warm night. Of course most of the CC boats are of the size that they usually have a genset and A/C for those really sticky nights .
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

Thats a really good point on CC boats, ventilation in the aft stateroom. We made sure that the dodger could either fold down or had a large zippered opening so you could add a breeze booster on the rear hatch, that really works.
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Re: Center Cockpits, Still popular.?

Originally Posted by dianaofburlingt View Post
My favorite is the Hallberg-Rassey 37-- very seaworthy, sturdy, sensibly laid-out, and good-looking to boot.
At the southampton boat show this year I was asking the Hallberg-Rassy rep why they were choosing to show the aft cockpit 372 rather than the 37. Apparently it was simply that the aft cockpit was selling far better. In fact I don't see the 37 listed on the their web site any more. Clearly at that size at least, it's not what most buyers today are after.

I have mixed feelings about my Centre Cockpit (12.3m boat). I don't have a problem with any of the normally cited disadvantages. It's big enough to take as many people as I would ever want on board and someone 1m90 tall (6'3" or 4.16 cubits for those working with archaic measurements) can lay down in it (albeit without toes extended). It doesn't feel "higher" than many aft cockpits (certainly the side decks are above the seating) and being towards the centre of the boat I find the motion more comfortable, particularly in a following sea, than an aft cockpit. I like the main traveller being out of everyone's way behind the cockpit, although this has caused me some confusion in finding a good place to install a bimini. The major disadvantage is not being able to see the pontoon from the helm and it being far more difficult to berth single handed than in an aft cockpit where you can more easily lean out to drop a loop over a cleat. It's also inconvenient if you have anything trailing over the back which you need to monitor, like a trailed log or fishing line. I do like the aesthetics of it and do like the accommodation arrangement it facilitates below decks.

I am, of course, very far removed from the average punter...
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

Has anybody here been pooped on board of a center cockpit boat? How badly did the cockpit flood?

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Old 08-01-2014, 11:24   #39
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

And how many people in an aft cockpit of the size indicated have been pooped?
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

G'day, Mate. Our center cockpit, Mason 53 has served us extremely well over the last 15 years enjoying the benefits detailed in the earlier posts and successfully managing the deficiencies also noted. Most center cockpit owners will have to reef a bit earlier than aft cockpit owners due to the higher aspect main.

Our cockpit provided a safe zone for our desired number of crew up to 4 and we can provide a nice socializing space for 6 people during Happy Hour.

If anyone would like to explore owning a well kept Mason 53 centercockpit, fully imported to New Zealand, while reamining U.S. flagged, feel free to contact me. All the best. Cheers.
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

I went sailing with Celestialsailor on his CC Rasmus 35 HR and I truly was a bit surprised to see how efficiently their design worked. I'd sailed a Cal 2-46 and a Celestial 46 and didn't care for their designs because of their freeboard and visibility and especially the climb out of the cockpit to the foredeck on the Cal. The HR seems to really know how to make a CC appeal to someone who prefers an aft cockpit but like Martin says it's like living aboard a boat the size of a Catalina 30 that has a garage.

All in all I like the HR designs as a CC but don't like most the others unless they are really large boats which I'm not a fan of.
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

There is a very unusual Hinckley CC at our marina. It has an aft cockpit!

There is a "back door" out of the aft cabin and a small aft cockpit out there. Kind of a private cockpit for standing on the back of the caboose.
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

Amel does it for me...all the design features of a centre cockpit without a high aspect main, comfortable and roomy inside, all on one level apart from a slight step up in the aft cabin, hard dodger, generally very dry, easy to handle...perfect.
See you out there ....... Alan S.V. Elyse
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Old 14-01-2014, 18:30   #44
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Re: Center Cockpits, Still popular.?

Originally Posted by Nicholson58 View Post
Our CC is a 1984 Camper & Nicholson 58 Ketch. The CC becomes very practical as the length increases.
Really nice boats you and your cousin have; reminds me much of the Bowman 57 series. I have always been drawn to much smaller examples, however-- coming from a design family I like to take on intellectual exercises like making a really good-looking, seaworthy and practical edition; and to my mind the HR38 comes closest on all counts.
J Cherubini II
H25 Diana (Hunter 25 Mk 1), Burlington NJ
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Re: Center Cockpits - Still Popular ?

I was not a fan of CC boats until my wife convinced me that we should take a look.
Short version of the story...we bought a Hylas 54 and absolutely love the CC. We spend most of our time with guests hanging out on the back deck. We go to the cockpit to get out of the sun for a bit. The visibility is better from the center of the boat. The only issue is docking. While I'm at the wheel and the wife is on the bow, I'm no longer able to reach the stern cleat with the dock line. Centerline berths also aren't that comfortable at heel while sailing but we use pillows under the mattress to solve that. Can't say enough great things about our Hylas.
I Sail therefore I Am
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center cockpit, cockpit

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