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Old 20-04-2019, 21:32   #46
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

Originally Posted by windpipe View Post
Free market, people... I do agree it is annoying to deal with low ball offers if you have a firm price in mind, but what can you do? As someone suggested: list the price as firm, if that is what it is. Then you have the right to cuss someone out if they lowball you. Otherwise, your boat is worth what someone will pay for it.

I do like the idea of stating that the price will not be altered after inspection, assuming you know you boat is in typical condition so far as how it was listed.
I don't think I would even look at a boat with that provision. It's fine to disclose up front every known issue with the boat and to say that if the inspection doesn't find anything else of significance then the price is firm. But to say that "the price is firm no matter what is found" is, to me, the same as saying "This is what I'm selling it for. What it might actually be worth is irrelevant." I can't imagine many people being willing to pay for a survey on a boat that they know the owner won't be budging on no matter what is found.
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

Well yes, the whole point of that clause is to reduce the number of prospective buyers.

A direct seller who knows that her high-demand boat is as advertised, and that the price is low could use it to eliminate the unrealistic-bargain hunters.

I agree not appropriate for those trying to get a high price, for that you need to widen the prospect funnel not narrow it.

And would be silly indeed if a broker's doing the work anyway, but then I think most good brokers would be reluctant to work that way anyway.
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

Originally Posted by Discovery 15797 View Post
Sellers of boats often times have very unrealistic expectations of the true value of their boat. First, there is the price they paid, the cost of upgrades over the years, and finally the sweat equity invested in the boat. Sellers have an emotional attachment to their boats, and thus have a biased view of the real market value.

It's true.

People tend to remember every penny they spent on their boat when it comes time to sell, and forget that the boat has likely depreciated and that the equipment has deteriorated since they bought it.

While we'd all love to sell boats we've used for what we paid for them, it's not likely to happen, even if we way underpaid when we bought it, and invested a lot in upkeep and upgrades. We also tend to have an emotional attachment to the boats we've loved and had experiences on.
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

I've been on both sides. I used to buy and sell auction boats to finance my own habit. Some I bought for my use and kept.
I hate screwing around so I'd list them for what they were worth or slightly under to sell in a reasonable amount of time rather than sit on them at my expense.
I've had my share of tire kickers and lowball dweebs who thought they were wheeler dealers. One guy wasted my time on a Sunday afternoon looking the boat up and down only to make an offer 50 percent of asking price, which was already under market. He didn't like how I let him know he should leave quickly.
I no longer do individual showings. I advertise it, let potential buyers know when they can view it, then do an open house at my hours, period.
That same jackbutt showed up two years later when I was selling another boat at one of the open houses, still hadn't purchased a boat, the other people there were confused when I told him to beat feet and not waste my time. I did explain the situation to them though.
I know their are unrealistic owners and unrealistic buyers. It's best to list s boat for a realistic price unless it costs you nothing to keep. At the same time, don't waste time with unrealistic buyers. I try to qualify them over the phone before even considering showing the boat, it saves a lot of wasted time.
List it fairly, let potential tire kickers know your serious.
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Old 22-04-2019, 12:41   #50

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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

Well said
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

Originally Posted by lifeofreilly57 View Post
...I advertise it, let potential buyers know when they can view it, then do an open house at my hours, period. ...
I wish more people would do this. As a buyer, it is also a pain to setup appointments, and so forth. Open houses is a nice approach. It would be great as a buyer to just lookup the open 'houses' in the area and see which ones have potential, and just try to get the whole thing done in one or 2 days. See 2-5 boats, and make an offer. Done.
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

one can dream
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

I hate the cliches about selling a boat...mostly from folks that have never done it. My worse experiences were from sellers falsely representing a boat that is very distant....very hard to exactly determine its condition by photos and decide if travel is worth it. So FIRST OFF I would much rather SEE the boat in person. Second I would much rather talk to the owner about the boat than a broker/salesperson who knows squat about the boat and refuses to allow contact with the owner. So the whole adventure for both the owner and buyer is indeed difficult and not very enjoyable....if it is, you are blessed.

It seems like fate and hard work has it......the right boat at the right time at the right price situation just patience is necessary...and a positive attitude. So fate is also known as good luck.

Once I drove from Virginia to New Hampshire to see a bad boat that was mispresented....did not buy....stayed with wife's parents somewhat nearby in Mass. Learned MUST SEE lesson.

Last boat I sold last fall. Sort of wanted to sell it but yet not....still working on it after 2 years (1983 model) and hoping for grand future adventure cruises. I responded to a post on the particular boat owners forum that was asking who wants to sell their boat? I said "not interested" but have one that is super equipped and my hobby. Well, a guy read it and came to my area to see two of my model and asked to see mine first. Well, he came back and said he wanted to buy mine for $$$, much more than I knew it would bring if I offered it up for sale, plus no broker involved. So I asked my wife....she proclaimed several things that were the clincher:
1. does not want to sleep on a boat again
2. does not like it when the seas get rough
3. does not want do anymore cruising
4. does not want to do anymore rigging for a hurricane

So it was a done deal. When we agreed with him and took his deposit, made the contract, etc,,,,I got weepy upset and had a glass of bourbon to settle down. Now it is history....sold No. 9 since 1982 and now have No. 10, returned to a daysailor, a Flying Scot...had one for 4 yrs once. Of course, the story is more involved than that. So was that fate, good was AMAZING. The cliché I do like is: " I Cannot Not Sail". So I will always be sailing in some on other's' boats, serving on the committee boat, going on daysails with friends, newbies, neighbors, beginners, etc., and possibly a Caribbean charter.

Good luck and chat with me anytime about sailboats in any subject.
(Ps my last was a 1983 Pacific Seacraft Orion 27ft trucked from Mexico westside to Florida)
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

Originally Posted by Spindrift NH View Post
This CD 30 just arrived at my marina. A little over your budget but a nice looking boat.

I have no affiliation with the boat or owners, it was here in the fall and now back. A very pretty boat.
Wow, that is one sweet-looking 30-year-old boat. Thanks for posting the link!
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

I think it would be hard to find a new production model, more robustly designed and built in that size, as ready to be fitted out for long term passage-making.
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

I have purchased 4 used and quite old sailboats over the last 40 years (and sold 3 of them). Venture 22, '69 Irwin 27, '70 C&C 35, '71 Morgan 35. In all cases the transactions were within 10% of asking price (buying and selling). In each case that I sold, I maintained the boats fairly well, but did not buy big ticket items. I got most of my original purchase price back each time, even after 10+ years of ownership. The key is to keep them working, fix/replace problems that come up, make sure they are up to current standards (romex wiring in a boat - what were they thinking back then!).
Anyway, if you know your boat inside and out because you do the work yourself, it's easy to see if a broker knows what he/she is talking about. Surveys are great if the value is high or your comfort level is low. My last buy was a gamble - 7K for '71 Morgan 35 that I knew was a project. It apparently had 3 owners that could not get it launched. I dipped her in Lake Erie the following spring and have enjoyed her for years. Some boats were built very well (late 60s and early 70s. I think mid 70s to early 80S were problem years). The older boats just need to be kept up.

I am currently looking for our last boat to live aboard half of the year. We are going to do some extended cruising. Another "plastic classic" is in order. Maybe a 1972 model - to keep the streak alive. The Morgan will either remain our home based boat or it will go to another "plastic classic" lover.
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Re: Buying and selling a sailboat

Buyers can be weird. The last boat we sold, was a Catalina 42. We put it on sailboat listings. We were immediately emailed by a couple who said they were flying in from Canada, the next day, were definitely buying our boat, and wanted us to hold it for them for one day. I said, sure, come on down.

The next day, they arrived in their rental car from the airport. They were in their seventies, and could barely climb aboard. They said it was the first sailboat they had ever been on, and had no idea how hard it would be to get around on, thanked me, and left.
Founding member of the controversial Calypso rock band, Guns & Anchors!
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