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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Originally Posted by Jim Cate View Post
Not sure to whom that is addressed, but if it was me, do be assured that I am not a delivery skipper, and I am not concerned about any business losses. I'm a cruising sailor who has done a fair number of trans oceanic passages, and who is trying to show you a realistic view of your "offer of adventure".

As to your second point, IF you had the requisite experience, you would NOT likely be glad to deliver a yacht under the stipulated rules and requirements. Your experience would tell you how many pitfalls lurked in the job.

What pitfalls, might the Chesapeake sailor ask? Well, this "adventure" is proposed to fall in the end of the cyclone season, or perhaps in that period when winter storms start impinging on the route, all depending on how many delays arise between purchase and departure. These are serious considerations when planning such a passage

What delays?? Well, buying an elde rly yacht means that it is unlikely to be ready to go to sea on a serious voyage. You say that she will be seaworthy and well provisioned. How do you know this about a boat that has not been seen or surveyed as yet? Remedying the inevitable issues is not likely to be a short job. Do you expect this volunteer skipper to oversee the many jobs that need to be accomplished, all the while living away from home on his own nickle and having paid for his own transport to the boat? Real project managers get paid well for dealing with this sort of thing.

And then you expect the volunteer to help you make the purchase decision... and then a few lines down insist that you won't accept any liability responsibilities. And let us not forget the sailing lessons on arrival... a job that many would not view as particularly attractive. And no mention of insurance... do you think that an insurer will be happy with your volunteer skipper? Oh, but you you want a "licensed captain" who would be insurable. You do realize that the reason that folks go to the trouble and expense of acquiring and maintaining such a license is so they can make money sailing?

So, as I said before, good luck in your venture. Perhaps some suitable fellow will appear and all will go well. If no one jumps in, perhaps some of the above points are the reason.

What he said. Good advice combined with experience is always worth listening to.
I've learned so much from my mistakes I'm thinking of making a few more.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Wow just wow..... retired USMC here and if I made demands like that I would be laughed out of town. And you want it all for free? Let me rephrase that.... for who ever does this you will give them the pleasure of doing all the grunt work on their dime and have the pleasure of sailing your vessel over a thousand miles. Then they would have the pleasure of meeting you and teach you about your vessel? Oh wait there is more you would fly them home very cheaply. Wow just wow....... yes we can be cheap but that is crazy.... Sir I do wish you luck and I do hope you find whom you search for but as the saying goes you get what you pay for... sooooooooooo ( scratching me head at this one)
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Before you get all gung-ho and purchase a sailboat in Seattle or Vancouver, why don't you look at what's available / on the market in Hawaii? There have been a "few" sailboats that make the trip there, but never make it back to the mainland or points farther west.

Also, do you have a slip already lined up on the island where you'll be stationed? Slips are very expensive in Hawaii and the wait list can be years. And, the state is not as boater friendly as some. Anchoring out is impossible in some places or requires moving every 72 hours.

Better do some more homework, soldier.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

This made my day. Thanks for the laugh.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Let me add my 2 cents worth.
Even if the Boat was brand new from the Factory, I would want at least a few weeks shake down sailing before attempting a crossing to Hawaii.

As mentioned before, this is not the time, weather wise, to be making that crossing. Consider the dates of the Vic Maui race, and the Transpac for ideal times to make the passage to Hawaii.

As mentioned earlier, finding a slip anywhere in Hawaii is near impossible, unless you buy one. That can only be done if the slip and occupying vessel re owned by a corporation and you buy the corporation.

With the exception of Lahaina Road-stead anchoring is pretty much non existent.
And you wont find an empty slot there.

Also mentioned previously is the fact that there are some Great boat deals in Hawaii by Sailors who abandoned the dream after sailing from the West Coast to Hawaii. Check it out. They are in slips too.

I was born and raised in Hawaii, spent 40 years plying those waters, some of them as a licensed USCG Captain. I can assure you that besides the water being wet, nothing in that marine environment is comparable to Cheapskate Bay where you are now.

Best of luck to you. You will love Sailing Hawaii where 98% of the Sailing is open ocean Sailing, ....when you are off shore from the Islands and in the channels.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

The answers were not glib, they were simply emphatic. You have highly unrealistic expectations regarding virtually every aspect of this enterprise. Jim summed them up eloquently. In short, a tight schedule combined with an as yet unknown boat, poor choice of sailing season, and an inability to pay a fair wage is a recipe for disaster or at the very least, serious disappointment.

Selling the trip as a "fun adventure" as a counterpoint to your unwillingness to pay professional rates, but requiring a licensed and insured captain, is at it's core disingenuous. You're cheap and ignorant.

Save yourself (and others) a lot of trouble and buy a boat in Hawaii.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

I'm retired Army and a sailor, hailing from Annapolis. I hauled my boat around for 28 years on the Army's dime. The weight of the boat is subtracted from your total household-goods allotment though. When I was a LTC, my weight allotment was 10,000 lbs. As my boats got bigger, I had to have yard sales and give away stuff to jettison some household-goods weight.

Don't pay any attention to these other sailors, albeit some had good advise. You were merely sending a plan up the flag pole to see if anything waved. As you know, sailors can be a very opinionated bunch but generally great folks. Good luck brother.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

I have the required experience, but have only done the WA- HI - Vancouver Is - Seattle trip once, have flexibility, and a lifetime of mechanical / boat repair work. If you get a deal put together, let me know and I'll see if I can help you out.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Sir, here is a list of most of the sailboats for sale in Hawaii.

I didnt know if size or money was driving you boat choice so here is a geed mix of both.
25' to 45'.

Good Luck

(Sail) Boats For Sale Hawaii HI
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Here's my take on the issue, from someone that used to do cheap deliveries.

Originally Posted by stoicsailor View Post
Proposed Criteria (Beyond Captain's license/advanced sailing certifications and references):

If I understand, you want someone that is a licensed captain? If correct then you are asking for someone that invested time and
money for their certification to to work free or cheap. Nothing is impossible but this one is not very likely to happen. You will much better odds of finding someone if you look for someone with the requisite skills and experience,
without license.

1. Crew (or family) capable of making recommendations on any necessary upgrades, if not purchase itself. Potentially willing to look at the boat before I sign the purchase order, however I am using a qualified surveyor.

Not unreasonable.

2. Affordable: Prefer a couple, or colleagues who seek an adventure vs. expensive, "Yacht delivery," with experience crossing the Pacific or equivalent. Should be exciting for all.

Not unreasonable depending on one's definition of affordable.

3. Character or sailing references. Assume personal liability of trip, however yacht will be insured and surveyed.

Reasonable request. You will be turning over an expensive boat to a stranger. References essential.

3. Will pay up to three economy tickets back from Hawaii to USA plus provisions and supplies while aboard.

This would be the minimum mandatory for any crew.

May pay for time spent during "make ready" in Seattle if not too excessive.

This is where I have a very big problem. You would expect the captain and/or crew to help prep the boat without compensation or some "if not too excessive". If you find anyone that would agree to this then I would be pretty sure that would not be someone you wanted to deliver your boat. I've prepped a lot of boats for offshore passages and it can be a lot of work (even with a boat in excellent condition) and definitely requires knowledge and experience of what's needed to make a boat safe and seaworthy for offshore. Even if I were to take on a trip like this for the fun and adventure I would not, under any circumstances, do boat maintenance,
repair and trip on my dime. Absolute, bare minimum, ALL expenses paid except alcohol.

5. Willing to instruct owner on Yacht, when he arrives in Hawaii if coincide with my arrival.

Again a very reasonable request but again, paying all living expenses for the time spent.

6. Flexible. If I find what I want, and you concur it is a good vessel for delivery, you can launch as soon as possible, dependent upon best nautical planning and weather.

As others have noted, this is NOT the best time to take a boat to Hawaii. This would be another red flag to me. A captain that jumped right into that timetable with no questions or concerns might not be the one you want on your boat.

7. Not hold me liable, as sailors assume their own risk. Sailors need not be from the USA, but must depart from same.

Reasonable assuming no negligence or deception on your part like concealing a serious problem with the boat or something similar. You do know that even if someone signs a waiver and agrees to indemnify you from any liabilities that the agreement will be null and void if a law suit happens and negligence is an issue.

8. Please be credible. Don't decide to make my crossing your first, OK?

Maybe the most critical request of all.
The water is always bluer on the other side of the ocean.
Sometimes it's necessary to state the obvious for the benefit of the oblivious.
Rust is the poor man's Loctite.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Wow! You all done bashing him for reaching out??
LTC - From what I gathered you are looking for a couple or a couple of sailors up for the adventure, you probably talked down payment trying to keep cost down.
My advise:
If you are buying this from a broker, most brokers have a local network of marine business's and are willing to line stuff up and oversee, for a fee of coarse. Make sure he's a sailor, if not, find a broker who is and Co-broker the deal.
You may get lucky and find someone, or couple that has the experience and is willing to do it for little or no pay. If you are willing to pay, this will open up more doors. I would suggest posting at the local racing clubs, I've found some great hands and friends, and the racers know everyone on the dock and may know the couple you are looking for. That said, a professional may be the right choice to protect your investment. Every pro has a different protocol on how to proceed, again ask the racers. As far as insurance, you want someone who has documented crossings and offshore experience. If you end up buying out of Seattle - Corinthian Yacht Club would be where I would start. Vancouver Yacht club in B.C. If you have a slip lined up and are willing to let them stay for a period to enjoy the island, that may help. I would consider offering payment, I'm sure you will get a higher quality of responses. I wish you the best of luck. Oh, and depending on weather patterns you may want to plan on waiting till January/February.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

I lived a horror story delivering a boat from Hawaii to Everett under similar circumstances. My advice to the OP is to hire a pro and pay the going rate. My advice to potential "adventurers" thinking about doing this trip is to quit thinking about it. I'll be happy to elaborate if anyone is interested, but I can tell you this much: the boat sank, and it took a lot of time, money and lawyers to sort out the aftermath. I'm lucky to be alive.
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

38 years of deliveries here. Remember you get what you pay for. Have fun with Captain Ron!
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It is only boating
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Captain Ron was capable and saved the day and it definitely looked fun!
jobless, houseless, clueless, living on a boat and cruising around somewhere
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Re: Army Officer wants sailboat delivered from Seattle to Honolulu ASAP

Perhaps you should take your adventure land wise. Hawaii has plenty of adventures up canyons and the such.

Buy a Jeep.

A boat will become a burden there.

Best of Luck,
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