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Does anyone have any "first hand" knowledge of bringing a cruising boat to Cambodia?

Does anyone have any contacts that might offer info?

I have looked at Noonsite and Jimmy doesnt even list it among the countries of SE Asia.

Cambodia actually has a wonderful coastline squeezed between Thailand and Vietnam with many beautiful out islands and interesting port towns - just in case you were wondering why on earth anyone would take their boat to Cambo.

However on my previous trip there in 1999 I was not thinking of bringing in a boat so I didn't even look at the possibility. In any case so many changes have taken place that info from '99 would be useless today.

Alan Perry
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It's not really much different then Thailand as far as the people. As for the Government, that wasn't my position to deal with. Not a whole lot of technology. Still fishing and farming.

Contacts, try the Embassy.

Yours aye!
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What little information I have is older than yours; talk to your country's embassy there for current information. Ask if any boats had a cruising permit in recent memory, and contact information for those boats. You might be able to get in touch.

One thing to keep in mind is that it's on the Gulf of Thailand, which does not have a particularly favourable reputation amongst cruisers.

There are existing maritime territory disputes with Viet Nam, especially dealing with certain islands in the easter portion of the claimed territory. The maritime border with Viet Nam is not considered settled, with Cambodia claiming Viet Nam is in violation of a 1962 ICJ ruling, amongst others.

(There are territorial disputes with Thailand as well, but these do not appear to be affecting maritime borders. Yet.)

Tourism is the number one industry, economically. This doesn't mean much in a country where foreign aid accounts for nearly 2% of the GDP. I find zero facilities for yachts. The only listed port is Phnom Penh, which is not accessible from the Gulf of Thailand but rather up the river from the South China Sea - through Viet Nam.

From a strictly cursory point of view, other than the rather high incidence of tropical cyclones on approaches to Cambodia, the actual coastline is relatively free of their effects in the past 20 years. (World-wide cumulative tracks 1985-2005 <- warning, really really big graphic available there.) Of course the region is heavily impacted by the monsoons. An equally brief glance at Ocean Passages for the World shows this region is the most complex and least understandable bit; it would take some time to work through the best routes (in part due to translating historic names to modern ones.)


On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog anchored in a coral atoll.
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I live in Thailand and checked into this a few years ago. You DO need a cruising permit from the govt. of Cambodia. If you're in the area though, why don't you pop up to Koh Chang in Thailand. Beautiful little island, and there's a German guy that rents out cheap dockage on the south side. I can get you more info if you're interested.

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sneuman, Thanks. I assume I will be coming from Thailand. It appears that I might be on a bit of a tight schedule trying to get to Cambodia for the dry season. I havn't really looked at weather stuff yet as first things first - Ive got to get the boat into the country on a permanent basis. I am flying there in Feb to meet with some folks who might be able to sort this out for me.

Since you live in Thailand have you ever heard of or know anyone who has been to Cambodia on their own boat?

Amgine: thanks for all the details and info. One thing I never do is consult our embassy. I have found that most of the time they view you as just one more potential problem and pretty much will say anything to discourage you. That is especially true if you want to do something out of the ordinary "tourist" run. And even that they really don't want to deal with.

A note of interest though: there are sport fishing boats working out of Sihanoukville and recreational dive boats too. (just found out about this) So I know there is a way to do this since they are there. Also I have seen pictures of and heard of Cambodians with yachts.

thanks for the input
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No question, it can be done, but like I said, Cambodia requires a cruising permit. Having said that, I believe the nature of that permit is a bit shady. I have heard of a guy here in Thailand who applied for and got the permit (a letter, really) from the Cambodian embassy here in Bangkok. Try contacting Dieter Duesterdiek at - he's the guy at Koh Chang, which is close to Cambodian waters. He hosts cruisers at his marina/bungalows and might know more.
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We were in Cambodia in January. Very poor, but plenty of Land Rovers and Lexus running around (indicated to me that there was much corruption).

The Cambodians are generally friendly but I would still consider it a "smash and grab" economy.

You might want to consider docking the boat in Thailand or Vietnam and doing the tourist thing and taking a bus or cheap flight to Siem Rep, Cambodia to see Ankor Wat and related temples and maybe tour the Mekong (very interesting).

My friend in Bangkok is a doctor who travels frequently to Cambodia on business. He said that Phnom Penh has improved in the last couple of years but is still pretty rough.
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I've sailed around Koh Chang and the few islands south of there that are Thai. Really nice.

Although you could get the cruising permit and go there with your own boat I'd be very tempted to leave the boat at Koh Chang or another thai marina and travel by other means.

I've been to Cambodia a couple of times (not by boat). It's definately worth a visit if you are in the area - but to take your boat in.... maybe not worth it.... I'd be very reluctant to leave the boat to go inland and visit stuff - so then what's the point? - Thai beaches look much the same as cambodian beaches.
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Re: Cambodia

Good news from Cambodia

Oceania, Cambodia’s first marina at Sihanoukville

July 12, 2013
Oceania, Cambodia’s first marina at Sihanoukville

First marina in Cambodia opens soon

Mon 1 Jul 2013 Dick Durham

Pol Pot would not have approved, but the dark days of the Khmer Rouge are well and truly in the past as Cambodia announces the opening of its first marina.

The first section opens in October and has berthing for 20 boats in City Sihanoukville - named after the late flamboyant leader who survived the tyranny of Year Zero and manipulation by the Americans during the Viet Nam war and beforehand.

Marina Oceania is part of a seaside resort with many attractions, beaches, restaurants and casinos. It's located among 53 islands, many of which are uninhabited.

Both the capital Phnom Penh and the ancient temples of Angkor Wat are readily accessible.

Andrey Mantula, the Harbour Master, said: 'The country is developing and wants to forget its terrible past.
'There was no infrastructure for yachtsmen. Now all that has changed and we have built protective breakwaters in the port.'

For more information see Marina Oceania in Cambodia, Marina Sihanoukville or email
First marina in Cambodia to open soon | Yachting Monthly

Sihanoukville to be the site of first marina
03 July 2013 By Rann Reuy
Search, Phnom Penh Post

By Erica Cooper
— July 9, 2013 at 8:48 pm
Cambodia Begins to Welcome Yachtsmen – Yachts International
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Re: Cambodia

The guy who is opening this new marina can be found here on the forum:

ALso, have you tried a search? There are LOADS of threads on the forum - and don't forget, cruisers come and cruisers go, so there may be some great pointers from folks who have passed through...
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Re: Cambodia

Hello, thank you for these posts, I am also interested to cruise and live between Thailand and Cambodia. Anybody is living there ? Thanks again.
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Re: Cambodia

That makes 1.22222222222 posts a year in this thread since 2006

Oh bugger, I just made it 1.33333333333.

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