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Solo sailboat blue water sharing idea.

If I want control of agility ability I'd opt full keel and full sail.
But I'm unsure of bracing square methods and light wind horsepower makes overcoming traction a slower voyage.
Slow I can deal with. Ain't new to sailing,* always learning.

At moment there are more than a handful of long keel and long keel with slight more depth, cut out and skeg rudder vessels on used market of 36-44 feet length that appeal with I; stay sail slopes and ketch rigs.
I don't know neither style rig; I have never owned a cruising rig and have only crewed cruising rigs during light wind performance.
Light wind performance doesn't bother me; we normally get into trouble when wind strength grows which is why I look before purchase.

Hydraulic purchase. Purr chase, let the monster roar. The long keel with high heel angle advantage of a long Lee sea water tension past rudder is a system of control allowing returns from and holds of broaches. I'd much rather lose speed and marina ease than traction and control in lumpy conditions but being a used market and majority of aft cabin vessels i browse having skeg rudders, learning limitation of vessel will suffice. We don't always make harbour Lee before front; just wanting something decent incase stuck in a blow.

Full sails, eg square sails; offer a lifting type thrust. As wind strength grows, they lift vessel towards upright whilst gaining more thrust. Because vessels heel during journey,* sails are already encouraged to thrust stronger.
Racers using fixed luff sails are opposite.* As wind strength grows, boat is forced to heel thus aids such as deep keels and buoyancy assist sloops and ketchs with extra thrust using vessels wrighting ability.
On the old square ships, they'd use a forestay headsail to encourage heel thus getting more thrust from their square sails.
With wind strength forestay headsail would be stowed and lifting sails would become leading edge of sail systems charge making plenty of thrust as wind increased, wind is strength 3 exponential. Safer because vessel was encouraged to stand up rather than heel over as much. Plenty up there catching wind other than sails transferring wind. Yards, masts, spars, netting, etc. They heel anyhow
During 1800s a vessel named 'Sphinx ' was seen as our first record of spinnaker usage.
Like headsails heel lifting sails above, someone discovered that using a variable luff leading edge sail, aid of buoyancy and ballast leverage could be complimented and vessels heeling would be reduced significantly.*
This reduction in heel (rotation) now holds mains luff at a more square angle to wind and thus like racers wanting more power, mains power was substantially increased. Many have blamed their spinnakers for their momentarily loss in past of vessel control yet many times it is confusion of main having developed alot more efficiency thus a lot more power. It can be a great blend resulting in a lot more stability, power development,* speed during times of need, etc.
However. Spinnaker is tricky sometimes and beyond my comfort of solo usage.
I don't understand stay sail sloops.* Wondering.. is that an ability to create a inductive leading edge between the two headsails? That'd be fast to stabilise if so.. practice will come.
Other thoughts include a short footed spinnaker luff lead flat sail with an adjustable tack luffed to spinnaker halyard. Minimal area; just wanting to encourage a break with wind entry.
I'm only learning too. My cruises would likely be to head offshore and hold tack a day and night, just tuning a single compass reading then come about and do again with market used vessel supplied sailing system and possibly a very powerless leading edge additional sail of relatively low price of purchase. Maybe a hammock with eyes to suit as a sail?.* Although design intention for heavier weather entry,* depends upon if mates crew. A 2 man sail IMO,* rest can be sailed by helm. Furling. Lazy Jacks, cockpit reef lines, should be okay.
If wrong, engine,* auto pilot into true,* lash.
Hopefully stay in a sheltered cockpit or pilot house though and set a ketch to fetch with a semi-automatic reefing system.

Squares are dominant with wind obedience and thus thrive when Gale is alive provided sheet and brace hands have strength and knowledge to complimentthe wind strength.
Junk rigs are square rigs that share heads with feet. Battens are yards in that view.
Upper yards angled to reduce luff and allow slightly better point. Reef able from a cockpit via a stack. Reefing down, main first, then gallant, then royal, then final reef just allowing a reduced luff skyward sail. I really like that idea for survival because if I or we can't avoid a storm; dance. Avoidance of energy is impossible and simply building of vessel energy to reduce the difference is watt access we have to use.* Such junk system looks like an easy to tune square sail system that will easily true reach during storm with stability and can be altered,* reduced, increased, etc all from a pilot house or cockpit.
Down side includes weight. She'll rock a bit when without sail up and on thrust. But in windy conditions,* thrust won't be an issue, amount of thrust is a one handed line to haul or to reef.
Like a square rig, a forestay could be attached and a light weather headsail involvement to force heel and improve point. Or not. Just cruising and they self tack plus they softly gibe when coming about.
Ain't bothered about quality.* I have years to enjoy learning a fixed luff system and momentum to let a shipwright bury extra mast steps and unstayed masts later on will be my quality insurance if (probable) going that way.
I just thought I'd like that. You guys cruise too.
Using a spinnaker in past allowed us less point but a flat heel, less effort, plane speed (vertical tapered Hydraulic leading edge at about 10 degree rotation) compared to reduced sail area of whites, increased point on compass read but decreased point on reality due to a beating.

If interested in how system works. I don't know. Yet enjoyed trying to figure such out by simply practising flowing the Lee side of my sail. Thousands of nautical miles cruising with the same compliment of 3 man crew over many years and additional racing prior and post cruising.* Cruising we didn't touch the spinnaker for years just enjoying white sails until confidence with 1 basic to dance. Always flow Lee. This included spinnaker when we used such later but maybe.. we didn't flow dead eye. Can you imagine how talented you'd be if you could main leach flow from spinnaker at dead eye rather than being pushed along by the wind which doesn't offer independence from winds choice of direction. Control is thrust enabling why we go sailing really.
I like an old man stranger from YouTube video regarding Cape Horn. Within a week or 2 of being out there you know watt does watt or you are use less.

Advantages also include sail tear. Because each box is seen by wind as a separate sail, if sail rips, rip doesn't extend.. just keep sailing.
Doesn't flog, less wear.
Very low maintenance,* easy remote repairs, less lines.
Does okay compared to a Bermuda rig. But with honesty and hypothesis; if test I read was done in lighter weather the Bermuda rig would have run circles around the junk rig. Heavier weather opposite.
Other thoughts I consider is heavy weather tuning that I have never read nor heard about. We mightn't need point advantage in heavy winds because of increased strength of lift from sails and maybe lashing upper yards to remove skyward sail basically reefing junk backwards would open her higher luff up thus improving heel when heavy. I'd want crew because someone would need to vacate cockpit for excursion or have a difficult line trace. Nah.. excursion better just a bit wetter.
Possibly a diagonal reef on the upper full square sail; Royal: Thus a full luff and reduced leach for long passage downwind running.* Yes a sail area loss but can you imagine the throttle response improvement on angles near dead eye and hence a comfortable helm control.
All about being string and lazy sometimes.

I might be wrong. Yet a day out with wind when ready to get wet will fix that. Might point better closed leach and run better open? I'll be 6 -10 years thanks. Just a retirement home and may aswell wear rigging out first.

Anyhow.* I'm labelling our idea skyward royal fan control.

Love lovers of Lee flow.

Ever watched Gilligans Island??
Me thinks Me take the kids on a 3 day cruise. 12 hrs to furseal island; a natural Cove homing thousands of furseals and pups. At entrance,* a large bull walrus stands point on each peninsula.* Area is many large sharks. Then SW for remainer of 3 days.. turn. A always running system.* Heading North during light, East during dark, we will find home eventually.* A sextant to measure now and thens.
No doubt we will get caught out some day. But she's a plane long keeler built to run strong. Most often slow and nice and boring.
A seabed volcano just erupted. Do you think that will form land? LoL
Just a week cruising idea that I'd enjoy and hope others do too with their choice of venue. Oil rig was rejected, Southern Ocean South of Australia. Whales sing, sharks cruise, dolphins pod and we love clean wind.

Then the arguments with the kids.
Are we going cruising?
We gotta see slip master Jillian and sand paper hull, paint and lube.
Ohh, I'm busy. Blaa blaa blaa. When we cruising again. LOL

Just getting there slowly.* All well. Love U2
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