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Old 16-03-2012, 19:55   #1
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Just Bought a Tayana 37 ! Now What ?

It is actually real now, and we are really excited, but this boat needs a lot of work to getting how we want it. Between all new instrumentation, sails that need work, a furling main that needs to come off the mast, new bimini...etc. etc. There is no hot water heater or heating stove on the boat either. What to do first? Help! And thanks to everyone for the wonderful advice, and help so far.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

Cruising gear,

In that order.

Then just leave somewhere in-between
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

Cruising gear,

Great answer by callmecrazy.
Make a wish list, of everything, then keep yours eyes and ears open, there are deals everywhere if you are not in a big hurry. Watch craigs list, this forum, go to the flee markets tell your friends about your needs, list your needs on this forum. Time wise; spend it on making it seaworthy first, if you plan to travel, but don't forget about comfort, as you will love the boat more if you are at least comfortable while transforming it. Have fun.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

Great boat! Love it . Big congrats.

You'll get lots of practical advice (already received some great suggestions in fact). My little words of wisdom are to take your time. Don't get overwhelmed with the project list, and don't feel you have to to do it all right away.

Boat projects are like Zeno's Paradox. You never get to the end. So enjoy the journey, and go at a comfortable pace.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

What year Tayana? What does the survey show? You start with critical stuff chain plates, rigging,thru hulls hoses pumps electric etc....Everythng you listed was superficial to safe saliling. Cool boat hope all that really good stuff is okay.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

Sail it.
cruising is entirely about showing up--in boat shoes.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

Originally Posted by callmecrazy View Post
Cruising gear,

In that order.

Then just leave somewhere in-between
Great advice so far and congratulations on your new Tayana!! One of the best cruisers out there!!

However, and really not to pour cold water on your elation, I think there is something WAY more important to look at when you first take possession of a new boat. (a new boat to you), and that is safety. I've been in sailing since 1974 and had more than a few boats...and here's what I suggest right off the bat. It's not the fun stuff at all....but it's the important stuff that will ultimately bring safety to you and your family. As an example here's stuff I found on my newly purchased 1983 Freedom 32. (gettin' too old to sail the bigger stuff solo...)

A couple of months ago I bought a 1983 Freedom 32 that was a wonderful deal price wise. It passed survey with the typical 'everything is okay' but you need to update your fire extinguishers and flares type thing. So I took possession and then and only then does the process of learning what you really bought set in. I immediately started doing a complete and detailed inspection of the boat myself. Here's a list of just a FEW things I found that could have ended up very badly if I had ignored them, or if I had let my marine surveyor lull me into a sense of safety.

1.) The Propane solenoid was wired with no fuse or circuit breaker. The hot wire went directly to the solenoid from the main 12 volt buss and they used a panel switch in the return ground lead to activate the solenoid. ...nice, twenty feet of hot single jacket wire with no fuse/breaker protection.

2.) The gear shift cable clevis connector on the engine's transmission shift arm was held on by two or three threads, and when I went to replace the shifter Morse cable the clevis fell off in my hand. (also the throttle cable had two G clamps on it because of throttle creep and the previous owners didn't know there was a friction adjuster bolt inside the Edson pedestal) Replaced that cable too because it was ruined by the G clamps...

3) A 12 volt positive buss bar with NO fuse or circuit breakers and ALL and all the crimps were done with a knife type crimper that crushes the crimps to make a connection. (replaced the bad crimps doing them with a gas-tight die crimping tool)

4.) And the most fun one... the ground lead on the solar panel regulator battery output pulled out of it's crimp connector as I was running my new flux-gate compass wire, and came in direct contact with the positive lead right next to it! With a bright flash of flaming arc it welded itself instantly to the positive lead and then the cables began smoking. NO fuse. NO circuit breaker...and I had to hurry like mad to pull the welded lead off the positive terminal.... If that had happened with nobody aboard that could have been a really nice fire right there.

5) The wheel steering cables on the Edson pedistal were SO loose on the rudder quadrant that I could pull them off the quadrant by hand! NO kidding. Upon trying to tighten them I discovered they were too long and I could not take up all the slack. So... a couple of bulldog clamps on the cable ends and all is well now.

6) The rudder shaft packing gland had seawater weeping out of it. Why? Because someone thought that the rudder flax could be laid into the rudder stuffing box with a half inch of GAP between the ends of the flax packing!
I replaced the flax packing with TWO rows of flax intentionally a half inch too long, and the ends cut at a 45 degree scarf so as the flax wears the scarf takes up the difference. NO leak now...

7) I found a proper Groco seacock thru-hull with a hose that disappeared into 'who knows where', and when traced down that hose I found it had a stainless bolt shoved in the end of it with a hose clamp around it. AND, the seacock was in the open position! At least one would think they could have safety wired (monel wire) the seacock in the closed position....geez....

I repeat; NONE of these things were found by the surveyor because they just can't take the time to delve that deeply into the inner workings of the systems.

So... in a nutshell, when you ask what's next? I'd say put the fun stuff of for a couple of days and really dig down into the boat. Go through EVERYTHING that controls the boat and runs systems with a fine toothed comb; shift/throttle cables/connections, fuel filters, water pump impellers, ALL engine hoses and clamps, head joker valves, vented loops, thru hulls and hoses, through hull/seacock valves, worn hoses, (above AND below waterline...propane hoses too---look for chafe), panel wiring, circuit breakers and/or fuses on the BIG battery cables and main power feeds, the windlass wiring, engine panel wiring, and anything that can sink your boat, or burn it to the waterline. (do NOT be afraid to really give ALL your important crimp connections a good tug to make sure they are tight. If they are not you need to know about that NOW)

After you've done all that stuff you can get to the fun stuff because you'll know you can sleep at night, but for now you can learn a lot of stuff about what you just bought with a couple of days of serious on your knees, head in the bilges inspection.

Hope this gives some help....
Beneteau 473
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

Good post Wireless1, I'm starting year three of my two year refit. I'm over 1/2 done ! I just keep finding things..... You know, the little things I thought were OK. Like the bulkhead that looked so solid.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

I think callmecrazy and Bash covered it.
Mundis Ex Igne Factus Est
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

My 1st instinct is to clean Everything, and in the process you will find many items that are not shipshape, write all down in your log and begin wondering if you paid too much.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

One thing we all forgot to mention - SPEND MONEY!!!!
Good luck & have fun!
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

The very first thing I did when I bought my boat was to clean it, top to bottom, extremely thoroughly, inside and out. I cleaned every inch of her, into corners, crevices...everywhere. It took me 3 days to do the whole boat.

But, I got rid of "other people's dirt", touched every inch of her, and made a nice list of everything I found while cleaning her up.

Then, I started on the "To Do" list.....start with safety/sailing items to make her seaworthy and reliable, maybe target passing a CG Inspection as a goal. Doesn't mean anything really, just a bar to set if you're clueless. Then comfort items: Head, Galley, lights, cushions, fans....Then do the "sweet" a TV, BluRay....etc.
1982 Catalina 25, #2897; SR/FK/Traditional; Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

Wireless 1, Find a better surveyor next time. That many missed things is almost criminal. Someone with less knowledge than you could have bought that boat and lost it or been killed in a fire. Finding a truly good surveyor is difficult. Sweetiepie, hopefully you can track down all of the little, and big things before they go wrong and make yourself a wonderful Cruising boat. Best of Luck._____Grant.
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

Originally Posted by Bash View Post
Sail it.
+1 some people never go anywhere
sv Libertalia
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Re: Just Bought a Tayana 37! Now what?

WOW !! you mean A Lic. Surveyer missed, missing fuse's?? Thats just plain BAD ! if that guy was a REAL Surveyer he should be reported to the Co he works for or to the Lic outfit that Licences him as a surveyer !! he's just plain dangerous!!and a theif, he stold your money, I mean he took your money and did nothing to earn it ! to me thats theft!! Just ranting I guess cus guys like this can hurt or kill folks !
Bob and Connie
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tayana 37

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