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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

Industrial age history shows that many technological advances only came about through the force of government intervention. There is much technology that can be driven by public interest (iPhones, fast cars, light bulbs) but there is also much that can only be driven through regulation (clean manufacturing, waste detoxification, low-flow toilets)

Whether or not global warming is a threat, or whether or not it is manmade is a side-issue. "Crapping where you live" is simply a bad idea - even dogs know that.
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

Originally Posted by David_Old_Jersey View Post
All through history the mass of public opinion has been swayed by folks preying on the fear / prediction of doom - and with a cure to sell. Strangely enough always involving money moving in their direction.

MMGW just woo without the god(s), very handily it has arrived in an age where the god(s) have lost their mojo .
Goodness. Its the perfect post!

Neatly expressed, David.

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

Originally Posted by Sabbatical II View Post
Just wondering what effects you are experiencing of global warming in your area.

On the East coast of Australia (NSW) we are having a strange summer for the second year in a row. Maybe the water is a bit warmer but the result seems to be cooler temperatures, more unsettled weather patterns and much more rain. Today we have just been forecast 40 days of rain ahead for the month of March. The last time that much rain was forecast, those who managed to get aboard a boat were the only ones to survive.

How widespread is this?
Greg 40 day's of rain for the 'Month of March' has the warming expanded the amount of days in a month?

"Political correctness is a creeping sickness that knows no boundaries"
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

There are many legitimate sources on studies that indicated global warming, as well as a constant stream of improved knowledge.

Climate affects all of us, especially cruisers.

This thread is being side tracked and derailed into the usual political and conspiracy theory arena. Please discuss the science and the effect, but please cite peer reviewed studies.

The thread will be closed if the sniping, name calling, aspersion casting and political opinions continue. One can differ respectfully, and currently the 'be nice' rule is not being applied.

Numerous posts have been removed to clean up the thread.

If your attitude resembles the south end of a bull heading north, it's time to turn around.
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

back to the OP, it looking more and more plausible that the rapidly heating and melting arctic may be having an effect further south.....

Extreme Weather Linked to Giant Waves in Atmosphere | Climate Change | LiveScience

There was another recent study somewhere about the jet stream changing due to the lower temperature differential between the arctic and tropics. Masses of variables involved of course, nothing like the polarized black and white place internet forums tend to think the universe is.
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

It is true that the overall global temperatures are rising. But they tend to do that in a cycle over 800k year cycles anyway. Man made CO2 production accounts for about 2.6 percent of the global yearly CO2 production. The rise in Co2 is a complex issue and is not necessary due only to man made sources.

While the destruction of the amazon basin rain forest and other deforestations can be factored as a contributing factor. There are many other sources of greenhouse gas production.

One such is the methane plumes in the arctic ocean and arctic tundra. Whats really cool about the arctic methane plumes discovered over the last five years or so, Is that this source was not considered in the original greenhouse gas studies. Its also perhaps why the arctic ice is melting at a faster pace.

The sad truth, is that the time to do something to prevent greenhouse gas increases was about 50 years ago. Personally, I think the world has already passed the tipping point and increased warming is a certainty no matter what man does.
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

Sixteen Concerned Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming -
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

You guys have to wait the effects some more becouse 'the fridge' is melting first. Up here the change is significant. Winter is two months shorter and mild weather (+ grades C) comes many times during mid winter months when it used to happen only once a decade or less.. We are facing ice free ocean in summer months quite soon, got to hurry up my building project. Said my curious neighbours to finish it when the ice melts from the Arctic, now it seems to happen too soon...
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

Originally Posted by Mike OReilly View Post
Show me the published study...

I remember the event well. As I recall, they did not publish their findings in a scientific journal where it would have received a critical review first. They went directly to the popular media. As soon as the claims were considered by researchers -- when the effects could not be reproduced -- it was shown to be a fraud.
Not quite correct. Go to coldfusion on Wikipedia and read the fall-out and effect section. BTW, this section is watered down when compared to the press releases at the time.
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

Originally Posted by LakeSuperior View Post
Take a look at the cold fusion debacle. A number of premier laboratories (GTRI for example) were able to reproduce the results of Pons et al and reported such in the world media ...
And GTRI discovered their error, and so reported, within weeks (or days) of their debacle.
Gord May
"If you didn't have the time or money to do it right in the first place, when will you get the time/$ to fix it?"

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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

10 Myths of Climate Change

MYTH 1. Scientists can’t agree. The jury is still out.

Fact: An overwhelming majority of scientists agree that human activity is largely responsible for recent warming. There is consensus among scientists that the climate is being changed by human activity, in the same way as there is consensus on the existence of gravity or that the Earth is round.

MYTH 2. It’s just part of natural change.

Fact: The climate has changed throughout the Earth’s history but this isn’t the same as saying that global warming in today’s era is natural. In fact, past changes help scientists to understand the sensitivity of the global climate to forces such as the Sun, volcanoes and greenhouse gases.

MYTH 3. The globe has stopped warming.

Fact: Temperature records clearly show the world has continued to warm over the past century.

MYTH 4. It’s the sun.

Fact: The Sun obviously has a big influence on the Earth but changes in the Sun’s activity cannot explain the rise in global temperatures in recent decades. If anything, the Sun’s output has diminished in recent decades yet the world is still warming.

MYTH 5. Scientists have exaggerated claims that the world’s glaciers are disappearing.

Fact: The IPCC’s 2007 assessment report holds up extremely well under the most rigorous, independent scrutiny. It’s important to keep things in perspective: Among hundreds of pages of projected regional impacts, only three “significant errors” have been confirmed, all of which were honest mistakes and none of which affect the IPCC’s overarching advice.

MYTH 6. Volcanoes emit more carbon dioxide than humans possibly could.

Fact: Volcanoes emit less than 1% of the CO2 humans put into the atmosphere in a year. This percentage is growing smaller as emissions from human activities continue to rise.

MYTH 7. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; it’s natural and essential for life.

Fact: ‘Natural’ does not always equal ‘safe’. Rapidly increasing high concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases generated by human activity are jeopardising human health and wellbeing, as are most pollutants.

MYTH 8. Far back in time, global warming episodes had nothing to do with carbon dioxide levels.

Fact: Carbon role of CO2 in the planet’s history is reasonably well understood. While changes in CO2 levels are certainly not the only force at work on the climate, past climate change cannot be explained without an understanding of the greenhouse properties of CO2.

MYTH 9. Australia has always had droughts, heat waves and extreme bushfire weather. There is no link to climate change.

Fact: Droughts, heat waves and bushfires are far from unusual in Australia but many scientists say there is a human signature in recent extreme events, making Australia’s already highly variable climate even more hostile.

MYTH 10. Global Warming is good for us!

Fact: While we can all hope for the best, left unchecked, climate change will undoubtedly make life a lot harder for a great many people, especially the world’s poor who can least afford to adapt.

Scholarly articles for climate change myths

… -use and land-cover change: moving beyond the myths - Lambin - Cited by 1130
Soil carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change - Lal - Cited by 727
… conservative movement's impact on US climate change - McCright - Cited by 385

(just let me know when to stop)
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

500 Scientists with Documented Doubts - about the Heartland Institute?

Hudson Institute is well-known "denier" think tank, funded by major corporations

The Gospel According to John (Former Global Warming Supporter Now Shows Data that Refutes It NOTE: he has never "supported" global warming)
Why go fast, when you can go slow.
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

Originally Posted by GordMay View Post
And GTRI discovered their error, and so reported, within weeks (or days) of their debacle.
They all found their error and reported or just kept their heads down. It was a circus.

It is instructive however in that the enormous pressure to keep the funding flowing in science tends to distort the scientific method at times. I personally believe that the global warming bandwagon is suffering this effect on a much larger scale. Recent findings tend toward bearing this belief out.
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Re: Effects of Global Warming ??

Originally Posted by LakeSuperior View Post
It is instructive however in that the enormous pressure to keep the funding flowing in science tends to distort the scientific method at times.
Oh yes, much easier to believe that climate-scientists are rolling in funding, and that the fossil-fuel industries aren't funding all the denial PR.

Why, just look at all the climate scientists and their expensive cars and their plush lobbying companies and their jewel-encrusted... science-tools. Look, there's a limo-full of climate scientists having lunch at Sardi's, at our expense no doubt. Hey, look! climate-scientists fighting over a Prada bag on Rodeo Drive. And all their Swiss science bank accounts.
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