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565+ Nautical E-Books

I have accumulated over 15GB, 565+ E-Books, pdf files, excel charts, word files on sailing, navigation, cruising guides, racing, course guides, rules and regs, sailing directions, magazines, design, port guides, maintenance, shipping, charts, weather, knots. You name it!

400+ are in English, 165+ are in Russian. I have listed most all the English titles ( I think ) , but not the Russian to comply with posting in English.

If there is significant interest...

I will put all on 4 or 5 CD's and post to you for $12.50 in USA and $17.50 overseas ( shipping included ), or trade for other books or paper charts in same. I am not looking to make profit per se, but share the wealth and cover my cost and time of making CD's and shipping.

Send a PM with mailing address and email contact if interested.
If it floats it's a boat, or perhaps it's f#cal matter!
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Boat: Colin Archer 36', steel
Posts: 358
Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

10 Wooden Boats You Can Build 1995 937822345.pdf
100 Boat Designs Reviewed 0713649356.pdf
12 Volt Doctors Practical Handbook 1983 Beyn 0911551077.pdf
23 Boats You Can Build 1950 Popular Mechanics.pdf
Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting 2007 Sherman 0071509097.pdf
Anchoring 2007 Nielsen 0071487719.pdf
Atlantic Pilot Atlas 4ed 2006 Clarke 0713675672.pdf
Basic Cruising 2ed 2002 Certification Series 1882502973.pdf
Basic Keelboat 1998 Certification Series 1882502213.pdf
Basic Ship Theory Vol. 1 & 2 2001 Rawson.pdf
Be Your Own Sailing Coach 2008 Emmett 0470319291.pdf
Bills of Lading 1998 Mills 095317828.pdf
Blue Book Of Sailing 2009 Cort 0071548007.pdf
Boat Cleaning and Detailing 2009 Sears 0071596947.pdf
Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook 2009 Gerr 0071643344.pdf
Boat-Building and Boating 1931 Beard.pdf
Boatbuilding Manual 2ed 1980 Steward 0877421306.pdf
Boatowner's Illustrated Electrical Handbook 2006 Wing 0071486933.pdf
Bridge Team Management 2ed 2004 Swift 1870077660.pdf
Build The New Instant Boats 1986 Payson 0877421870.pdf
Build Your Own Boat Popular Mechanics, March 1965.pdf
Caraibi (Italian) 2004 Patuelli 888729710x.pdf
Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea 2008 Güner-Özbek 3540758372.pdf
Catamarans The Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors 2008 Tarjan 0071596224.pdf
Celestial Navigation By H. O. 249 1974 Milligan 0870331914.pdf
Celestial Navigation for Deck Officers and for Yachmasters Ocean Part 1 Jaaback.pdf
Celestial Navigation for Deck Officers and for Yachmasters Ocean Part 2 Jaaback.pdf
Charlie's Charts North To Alaska 1986 Wood 096914122X.pdf
Charlie's Charts of Polynesia 0969141262.pdf
Charlie's Charts of the U.S. Pacific Coast 0969141254.pdf
Complete Anchoring Handbook 2008 Poiraud 0071510214.pdf
Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring 1986 Hinz 0870333488.pdf
Complete Idiot's Guide to Boating and Sailing 2ed 2002 Sargeant 0028643542.pdf
Complete Trailer Sailor 2009 Gilbert 0071593601.pdf
Complete Yachtmaster 5ed 2007 Cunliffe 0713676167.pdf
Corinthian Yachtsman 1881 Biddle.pdf
Cruising Alaska 6ed 2005 Ludmer 1588435105.pdf
Cruising Guide to Belize and Mexico's Caribbean Coast 1991 Rauscher 0918752116.pdf
Cruising Guide to French Polynesia 1983 Boehme.pdf
Cruising Guide to Tahiti 1985 Davock 0918752043.pdf
Cruising Guide to the Kingdom of Tonga in the Vavau Island Group 1996 Moorings 0944428177.pdf
Cruising New Caledonia and Vanuatu 1981 Lucas 0725510676.pdf
Cruising Papua New Guinea 1980 Lucas 0725507861.pdf
Cruising The Mediterranean 2ed 2006 Ludmer 1588435865.pdf
Cruising the Mexican Riviera and Baja 2005 Ludmer 1588435113.pdf
Cruising The Solomons 1981 Lucas.pdf
Cruising the Southern and Western Caribbean 2003 Ludmer 1588435113.pdf
Cruising Womans Advisor 2007 McGraw 0071594434.pdf
Dictionary of Disasters at Sea 1994 Hocking 1843423812.pdf
Dictionary of Water and Waste Management 2ed 2005 Smith 1843391031.pdf
Diesel Engine Care and Repair 2007 Calder 0071508864.pdf
Diesels Afloat 2007 Manley 0470061763.pdf
DNV Guide to Port State Control Version 1.0 1999.pdf
Draught Survey 1994 Dibble 0952116413.pdf
Electronic Navigation Systems 3ed 2001 Tetley 0750651385.pdf
Elements of Boat Strength for Builders Designers and Owners 1999 Gerr 0070231591.pdf
Emergency Navigation 2ed 2008 Burch 0071643389.pdf
Fairplay Book of Shipping Abbreviations 2ed Kapoor 1993 0905045181.pdf
Fast Track to Sailing 2009 Colgate 0071615204.pdf
Fiberglass Boat Repairs Illustrated 2010 Marshall 0071549936.pdf
Fix It and Sail 2006 Gilbert 0071458093.pdf
Float Your Boat! 2009 Denny 0801890093.pdf
Fly-tying Bible 2003 Gathercole 0764155504.pdf
GMDSS Handbook 3ed 2001 IMO 9280150987.pdf
GPS for Mariners 2003 Sweet 007142573X.pdf
Guide to Powerboats 2ed 2008 Sorensen 0071594744.pdf
Guide to Ship Repair Estimates 2000 Butler 0750648341.pdf
Guide to the Collision Avoidance Rules 5ed 1999 Cockcroft 0750626909.pdf
Handbook of Sailing 2005 Bond 0679740635.pdf
Handbook of the Nautical Rules of the Road.pdf
Handling Storms at Sea 2009 Roth 0071643450.pdf
How to Design a Boat 2ed Teale.pdf
How To Read A Nautical Charts 2008 Calder 0071592888.pdf
Hydrodynamic Modeling of Sailing Yachts.pdf
IACS Bulk Carriers Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structure.pdf
ICS OCIMF Peril at Sea and Salvage 5ed 1998 1856090957.pdf
Illustrated Seamanship 2007 Dedekam 0470512203.pdf
IMO IMDG Code Amendment 29-98 9280114654.pdf
IMO International Code for Fire Safety Systems 2007 9280114812.pdf
IMO Load Lines 3ed 2005 9280141945.pdf
IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases.pdf
Imray Atlantic Islands 4ed 2004 Hammick 0852887612.pdf
Imray Baleari (Italian) 2001 Brandon 8887297053.pdf
Imray Cuba 1999 Calder 0852884133.pdf
Imray Espagne Portugal (French) 2001 Robinson.pdf
Imray Indian Ocean Cruising Guide 1999 Heikell 0852882955.pdf
Imray Mediterranean Spain Costas del Azahar Dorada and Brava 4ed 2002 0852886217.pdf
Imray Mediterranean Spain Costas del Sol and Blanca 5ed 2005 0852888392.pdf
Imray Red Sea And Indian Ocean Cruising Guide 1985 Lucas 0852880960.pdf
Imray ×les Scilly (French) 2001 Brandon.pdf
Instant Handbook of Boat Handling, Navigation and Seamanship 2008 0071596268.pdf
International Medical Guide for Ships 2ed 1988 WHO 9241542314.pdf
Intracoastal Waterway Norfolk to Miami 2010 Moeller 0071743051.pdf
Introduction to Marine Engineering 2003 Taylor 0750625309.pdf
IYT 01-06 Introduction to Boating & International Crew 2005.pdf
IYT 07-12 International Watchkeeper & Flotilla Skipper 2005.pdf
IYT 14-17 International Bareboat Skipper 2005.pdf
Law of Marine Insurance 1996 Hodges 1859412270.pdf
Legends and Superstitions of the Sea and the Sailors 1885 Bassett.pdf
Liability of Classification Societies 2007 Lagoni 3540729150.pdf
Lloyd's List Ports of the World 2006.pdf
Lloyd's Maritime Atlas 2005 1843113821.pdf
Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security 2009 1420054804.pdf
Management of Merchant Ship Stability, Trim and Strength Clark 1870077598.pdf
Manual for Ship Safety Service Training.pdf
Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing 4ed 1884 Kemp.pdf
Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing and Architecture 11ed 1913 Kemp.pdf
Marine and Coastal Law 1994 Nixon 0275937631.pdf
Marine Auxiliary Machinery 7ed 2002 McGeorge 0750643986.pdf
Marine Diesel Engines 1987 Calder 0877422370.pdf
Marine Propellers and Propulsion 2ed 2007 Carlton 0750681506.pdf
Marine Radio Operators Handbook 2002 AMC 0644294183.pdf
Marine Rudders and Control Surfaces 2007 Molland 0750669443.pdf
Mariner's Guide to Marine Insurance 1999 Anderson 1870077539.pdf
Mariner's Weather Handbook 1999 Dashew.pdf
Mariners Guide to Marine Communications 2001 Waugh 187007758X.pdf
Maritime Archaeology and Social Relations 2006 Dellino-Musgrave 0387336001.pdf
Maritime Engineering Reference Book 2008 Molland 0750689878.pdf
Maritime Traders in the Ancient Greek World 2003 Reeds 0511065280.pdf
Maritime Transportation Safaty Management and Risk Analysis 2005 Kristiansen 0750659998.pdf
Maritime Work Law Fundamentals 2008 3540727514.pdf
MARPOL 73-78.pdf
Maximum Sail Power 2003 Hancock 0972202609.pdf
Meteorology For Seafarers 2ed 1997 Frampton 0851746365.pdf
Migrant Cruising Notes Fiji 1993 Cregeen.pdf
Migrant Cruising Notes Micronesia Cregeen.pdf
Migrant Cruising Notes New Caledonia Cregeen.pdf
Mine's Bigger 2007 Kaplan 0061461644.pdf
NOAA Nautical Chart User's Manual 1997.pdf
Norie's Nautical Tables 1991 (partial).pdf
OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines 2ed 1997 1856090884.pdf
Pacific Lady 2008 Adams 0803211384.pdf
Parallel Indexing Techniques 2000 Smith 0948646551.pdf
Pencil, Paper and Stars 2008 Buchan 0470516522.pdf
Physics of Sailing 2010 Kimball 1420073768.pdf
Piracy East Africa Somalia Situation, Practical Measures to Avoid, Deter or Delay Piracy Attacks (2009) 42p R20090515b.pdf
Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems 2ed 2007 Sherman 0470516133.pdf
Practical Boat Mechanics 2009 Evridge 0071593243.pdf
Practical Navigation for the Modern Boat Owner 2008 Manley 0470516133.pdf
Practical Seamanship Essential Skills for the Modern Sailor 2001 Dashew.pdf
Principles of Yacht Design 2ed 2000 Larsson Eliasson 0713651814.pdf
Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008.pdf
Radar and ARPA Manual 2ed 2005 0750664347.pdf
Radar Observer's Handbook 9ed 1998 0851746667.pdf
RYA Advanced Sailing Handbook (G12) 1906435585.pdf
RYA Competent Crew 2002 0901501875.pdf
RYA Day Skipper 1992 0901501790.pdf
RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Notes 2005 1905104130.pdf
RYA Flag Etiquette and Visual Signals (C4) 2001 0901501813.pdf
RYA Instructors Handbook (G27) 2004 1905104116.pdf
RYA Introduction to Radar (G34) 2005 1905104109.pdf
RYA Manual of Seamanship (G36) 2007 Cunliffe 1905104073.pdf
RYA Navigation Exercises (G7) 2ed 2008 Slade 0071643450.pdf
RYA Navigation Handbook (G6) Barlett 2008 0901501936.pdf
RYA Sea Survival Handbook (G43) 2008 1905104314.pdf
RYA The Yachtsman's Lawyer (G9) 1998 0901501431.pdf
RYA VHF Radio incl GMDSS (G22) 2ed 2008 1906435202.pdf
RYA VHF Radio SRC Assessments (G26) 2ed 2008 1906435325.pdf
RYA Weather Handbook Northern Hemisphere (G1) 2ed 2007 1905104170.pdf
RYA-MCA Coastal Skipper-Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased 2008 Answers.pdf
Sailboat Refinishing 1996 Casey 0071508996.pdf
Sailing 2007 Evans 0756626266.pdf
Sailing Alone Around the World 1895 Slocum.pdf
Sailing for Dummies 2ed 2006 Isler 0471791431.pdf
Sailing the Farm 1981 Neumeyer 0898150515.pdf
Sailors Book of Small Cruising Sailboats 2010 Henkel 0071736947.pdf
Sailor's Start-Up A Beginner's Guide to Sailing 2ed 2001 Werner 1884654010.pdf
Seafaring Dictionary 2009 Blackmore 0786442669.pdf
Seamanship Examiner For STCW Certification Examinations 2005 House 075066701X.pdf
Seamanship Secrets 2009 Jamieson 0071605793.pdf
Seamanship Techniques 3ed 2004 House 0750663154.pdf
Seascapes 2007 082483027X.pdf
Seaworthiness The Forgotten Factor Marchaj.pdf
Self-Steering Under Sail 1998 F”rthmann 0713648928.pdf
Ship Captain's Medical Guide.pdf
Ship Handling 2007 House 0750685306.pdf
Ship Stability for Masters and Mates 6ed 2006 Barrass 0750667842.pdf
Shipbroking and Chartering Practice 4ed 1995 Gorton 1850449716.pdf
Shipping and Logistics Management 2010 Lun 1848829978.pdf
Short Guide to Celestial Navigation 2001 Umland.pdf
Short Guide to Celestial Navigation 2003 Umland.pdf
SOPEP Requirements.pdf
Square Rigged Ships 2009 Villiers 1906367091.pdf
Stapleton's Powerboat Bible 2005 0071594744.pdf
State Responsibility for Interferences with the Freedom of Navigation in Public International Law 2002 Wendel.pdf
Street's Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean Venezuela.pdf
Street's Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean Volume III Martinique to Trinidad.pdf
Street's Transatlantic Crossing Guide 1989 0393033295.pdf
Surviving The Storm 1999 Dashew.pdf
The Nautical Institute on Command 2ed 2000.pdf
The Sailor's Word Book 0851779727.pdf
The Unforgiving Coast 2002 Grover 0870715410.pdf
This Old Boat 2009 Casey 0071593885.pdf
Treatise on the Construction 1883 Biddle.pdf
Unitor Safety Catalogue 2009.pdf
Unitor Welding Handbook 10ed.pdf
US Navy Course - Quartermaster NAVEDTRA 14338.pdf
US Navy Course - Seaman NAVEDTRA 14067.pdf
Virgin Islands 1994 Scott.pdf
WHO International Medical Guide For Ships 3ed 2007 9240682313.pdf
Yacht Design According to Perry 2008 0071596526.pdf
Yacht Hand, Competent Crew and Yacht Skipper 2000 Jaaback.pdf
Yachts and Yachting 1887 Cozzens.pdf
Yachts Boats and Canoes 1887 Stansfeld-Hicks.pdf
Yachtsman's Guide to Haapai 1992 Cregeen.pdf
YCC Sailing Course for Beginners.pdf

In subdirs:
Blue Water Sailing\Blue Water Sailing 2010.04.pdf
Boat Exclusive\Boat Exclusive 2010.01-02.pdf
Boating\Boating 2010.03.pdf
Boating\Boating 2010.05.pdf
Boating World\Boating World 2010 Fall-Winter.pdf
Classic Boat\Classic Boat 2010.04.pdf
Classic Boat\Classic Boat 2010.06.pdf
Classic Boat\Classic Boat 2010.07.pdf
Classic Boat\Classic Boat 2010.09.pdf
Classic Boat\Classic Boat 2010.10.pdf
Classic Boat\Classic Boat 2010.11.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 1995-2007
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2008.01 Spring.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2008.02 Summer.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2008.03 Fall.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2008.04 Winter.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2009.01 Spring.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2009.02 Summer.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2009.03 Fall.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2009.04 Winter.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2010.01 Spring.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 2010.02 Summer.pdf
DIY Boat Owner\DIY Boat Owner 1995-2007
Guide To Port Entry Edition 2009-2010\GTPE CD 2009-10.iso
IMO Symbols V2.0 2001
Knots\Ashley Book of Knots 1993 057109659x.pdf
Knots\Complete Book of Fishing Knots 1999 Budworth 1558219072.pdf
Knots\Complete Guide to Knots and Knots Tying 2001 Budworth 0754804224.pdf
Knots\Handbook of Knots and Splices 1995 Gibson 1566197716.pdf
Knots\Handbook of Seaman's Ropework 1971 Svensson 0229986544.pdf
Knots\Klutz Book of Knots 1985 Cassidy.pdf
Knots\Knots 1993 Owen 15613812256.pdf
Knots\Morrow Guide to Knots 2005 Bigon 0688012264.pdf
Ocean Navigator\Ocean Navigator 172 2008.09.pdf
Ocean Navigator\Ocean Navigator 173 2008.10.pdf
Ocean Navigator\Ocean Navigator 174 2008.11-12.pdf
Ocean Navigator\Ocean Navigator 175 2009.01-02.pdf
Ocean Navigator\Ocean Navigator 176 2009.03-04.pdf
Ocean Navigator\Ocean Navigator 177 Ocean Voyager 2009.pdf
Ocean Navigator\Ocean Navigator 178 2009.05-06.pdf
Ocean Navigator\Ocean Navigator 179 2009.07-08.pdf
Practical Boat Owner\Practical Boat Owner 2010.06.pdf
Professional Boatbuilder\Professional Boatbuilder 117 2009.02-03.pdf
Professional Boatbuilder\Professional Boatbuilder 118 2009.04-05.pdf
Professional Boatbuilder\Professional Boatbuilder 119 2009.06-07.pdf
Professional Boatbuilder\Professional Boatbuilder 120 2009.08-09.pdf
Professional Boatbuilder\Professional Boatbuilder 121 2009.10-11.pdf
Professional Boatbuilder\Professional Boatbuilder 122 2009.12-01.pdf
Professional Boatbuilder\Professional Boatbuilder 123 2010.02-03.pdf
Professional Boatbuilder\Professional Boatbuilder 124 2010.04-05.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2005.11-12.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.01-02.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.03.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.04.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.05.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.06.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.07-08.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.09.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.10.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2006.11-12.pdf
Sailing World\Sailing World 2007.01-02.pdf
Sea\Sea 2010.10.pdf
SOLAS 2004
UK\2010 week 44 Current Editions of Sailing Directions.pdf
UK\Chart 5011 Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty paper Charts.pdf
UK\Notice To Mariners 2000 to 2005
UK\NP 1 Africa Pilot Vol I 14ed 2006
UK\NP 2 Africa Pilot Vol II 14ed 2004
UK\NP 3 Africa Pilot Vol III 14ed 2006
UK\NP 5 South America Pilot Vol I 15ed 2005
UK\NP 7 South America Pilot Vol III 8ed 2003
UK\NP 7a South America Pilot Vol IV 3ed 2004
UK\NP 13 Australia Pilot Vol I 1ed 2005
UK\NP 14 Australia Pilot Vol II 9ed 2004
UK\NP 15 Australia Pilot Vol III 10ed 2005
UK\NP 18 Baltic Pilot Vol I 13ed 2004
UK\NP 19 Baltic Pilot Vol II 13ed 2005
UK\NP 22 Bay of Biscay Pilot 9ed 2004
UK\NP 24 Black Sea 1ed 2003
UK\NP 25 British Columbia Pilot Vol I 12ed 2004
UK\NP 26 British Columbia Pilot Vol II 9ed 2005
UK\NP 27 Channel Pilot 6ed 2005
UK\NP 28 Dover Strait Pilot 7ed 2006
UK\NP 30 China Pilot Vol I 6ed 2004
UK\NP 31 China Sea Pilot Vol II 7ed 2004
UK\NP 32 China Sea Pilot Vol III 5ed 2004
UK\NP 33 Phillippine Islands Pilot 2ed 2004
UK\NP 35 Indonesia Pilot Vol III 3ed 2004
UK\NP 36 Indonesia Pilot Vol I 5ed 2005
UK\NP 37 West Coast of England and Wales Pilot 16ed 2005
UK\NP 38 West Coast of India Pilot 14ed 2004
UK\NP 39 South India Ocean Pilot 11ed 2004
UK\NP 40 Irish Coast Pilot 16ed 2003
UK\NP 43 South and East Coast of Korea, East Coast of Siberia and Sea of Okhotsk Pilot 7ed 2005
UK\NP 44 Malacca Strait and West Coast of Sumatera Pilot 8ed 2006
UK\NP 45 Mediterranean Pilot Vol I 12ed 2005
UK\NP 46 Mediterranean Pilot Vol II 11ed 2004
UK\NP 47 Mediterranean Pilot Vol III 12ed 2005
UK\NP 48 Mediterranean Pilot Vol IV 13ed 2006
UK\NP 49 Mediterranean Pilot Vol V 9ed 2005
UK\NP 51 New Zealand Pilot 16ed 2004
UK\NP 54 North Sea (west) Pilot 6ed 2003
UK\NP 55 North Sea (east) Pilot 5ed 2005
UK\NP 56 Norway Pilot Vol I 13ed 2005
UK\NP 59 Nova Scotia and Bay of Fundy Pilot 13ed 2005
UK\NP 63 Persian Gulf Pilot 13ed 2005
UK\NP 64 Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot 14ed 2004
UK\NP 65 St Lawrence Pilot 14ed 2003
UK\NP 66 West Coast of Scotland Pilot 15ed 2004
UK\NP 67 West Coast of Spain and Portugal Pilot 9ed 2005
UK\NP 68 East Coast of the United States Pilot Vol I 11ed 2004
UK\NP 69 East Coast of the United States Pilot Vol II 10ed 2005
UK\NP 69A East Coast of Central America and Gulf of Mexico Pilot 4ed 2006
UK\NP 70 West Indies Pilot Vol I 3ed 2003
UK\NP 71 West Indies Pilot Vol II 15ed 2005
UK\NP 100 The Mariner's Handbook 8ed 2004
UK\NP 136 Ocean Passages for the World
UK\NP 294 How To Keep Your Admiralty Charts Up-To-Date 3ed 2005
UK\NP 735 IALA Maritime Buoyage System 6ed 2006
USA\NOAA Nautical Chart User's Manual 1997.pdf
USA\Pub. 9 American Practical Navigator 2000 Bowditch.pdf
USA\PUB. 9 American Practical Navigator Bicentennial Edition - Bowditch 2002
USA\Pub. 102 International Code of Signals 2003.pdf
USA\Pub. 106 Atlas of Pilot Charts North Atlantic Ocean (including Gulf of Mexico) 2002.pdf
USA\Pub. 107 Atlas of Pilot Charts South Pacific Ocean 2ed 1998.pdf
USA\Pub. 109 Atlas of Pilot Charts Indian Ocean 4ed 2001.pdf
USA\Pub. 110 List of Lights Greenland, the East Coasts of North and South America (excluding continental USA except the East Coast of Florida) and the West Indies.pdf
USA\Pub. 111 List of Lights West Coasts of North & South America, Australia and Tasmania 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 112 List of Lights Western Pacific and Indian Oceans Including Persian Gulf and Red Sea 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 113 List of Lights West Coasts of Europe and Africa, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 114 List of Lights British Isles, English Channel, and North Sea 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 116 List of Lights Baltic Sea with Kattegat Belts and Sound, Gulf of Bothnia 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 117 Radio Navigational Aids 2002.pdf
USA\Pub. 120 Pacific Ocean and SE Asia 7ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 123 Southwest Coast of Africa 10ed 2007.pdf
USA\Pub. 124 East Coast of South America 10ed 2007.pdf
USA\Pub. 125 West Coast of South America 9ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 126 Pacific Islands 8ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 127 East Coast of Australia and New Zealand 10ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 1310 Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual 7ed 2001.pdf
USA\Pub. 132 Eastern Mediterranean 12ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 140 North Atlantic, Baltic Sea, North Sea and Mediterranean Sea 7ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 141 Scotland 10ed 2007.pdf
USA\Pub. 142 Ireland and the West Coast of England 11ed 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 143 West Coast of Europe & Northwest Africa 10ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 145 Nova Scotia and the St. Lawrence 13ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 146 Newfoundland, Labrador and Hudson Bay 10ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 147 Caribbean Volume I 12ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 148 Caribbean Volume II 10ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 150 World Port Index 17ed 2000.pdf
USA\Pub. 151 Distances Between Ports 11ed 2001.pdf
USA\Pub. 153 West Coasts of Mexico & Central America 11ed 2007.pdf
USA\Pub. 154 North Pacific British Columbia 10ed 2007.pdf
USA\Pub. 155 East Coast of Russia 9ed 2007.pdf
USA\Pub. 157 Coasts of Korea & China 12ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 158 Japan Volume I 11ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 159 Japan Volume II 11ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 160 South Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean 8ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 161 South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand 11ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 162 Philippine Islands 9ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 163 Borneo, Jawa, Sulawesi, and Nusa Tenggara 10ed 2007.pdf
USA\Pub. 164 New Guinea 9ed 2004.pdf
USA\Pub. 171 East Africa and the South Indian Ocean 9ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 172 Red Sea and the Persian Gulf 14ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 173 India and the Bay of Bengal 9ed 2007.pdf
USA\Pub. 174 Strait of Malacca and Sumatera 10ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 175 North, West, and South coasts of Australia 9ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 180 Arctic Ocean 7ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 181 Greenland and Iceland 9ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 182 North & West Coast of Norway 8ed 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 183 North Coast of Russia 8ed 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 191 English Channel 14ed 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 192 North Sea 13ed 2010.pdf
USA\Pub. 193 Skaggerat & Kattegat 11ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 194 South Baltic Sea 13ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 195 Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia 10ed 2008.pdf
USA\Pub. 200 Antarctica Ocean 8ed 2009.pdf
USA\Pub. 229 Vol.1 Sight Reduction Tables Latitudes 0§ To 15§.pdf
USA\Pub. 229 Vol.2 Sight Reduction Tables Latitudes 15§ To 30§.pdf
USA\Pub. 229 Vol.3 Sight Reduction Tables Latitudes 30§ To 45§.pdf
USA\Pub. 229 Vol.4 Sight Reduction Tables Latitudes 45§ To 60§.pdf
USA\Pub. 229 Vol.5 Sight Reduction Tables Latitudes 60§ To 75§.pdf
USA\Pub. 229 Vol.6 Sight Reduction Tables Latitudes 75§ To 90§.pdf
USA\US Chart No.1 Symbols and Abbreviations 10ed 1997.pdf
USA\US Coast Guard Boat Crew Seamanship Manual.pdf
USA\US Coast Pilot 1 32ed 2001.pdf
USA\US Coast Pilot 2 31ed 2001.pdf
USA\US Coast Pilot 3 35ed 2002.pdf
USA\USCG Light List Vol.1 Atlantic Coast (Maine to New Jersey) 2010.pdf
USA\USCG Light List Vol.2 Atlantic Coast (New Jersey to Little River, SC) 2010.pdf
USA\USCG Light List Vol.3 Atlantic Coast (Little River, SC to Ecofina River, FL) 2010.pdf
USA\USCG Light List Vol.4 Gulf of Mexico (Ecofina, FL to Rio Grande, TX) 2010.pdf
USA\USCG Light List Vol.5 Mississippi River 2010.pdf
USA\USCG Light List Vol.6 Pacific Coast and Pacific Islands 2010.pdf
USA\USCG Light List Vol.7 Great Lakes (United States & Canada) 2010.pdf
Yachting\Yachting 2009.03.pdf
Yachting Monthly\Yachting Monthly 2010.06.pdf
Yachting Monthly\Yachting Monthly 2010.07.pdf
Yachting Monthly\Yachting Monthly 2010.08.pdf
Yachting Monthly\Yachting Monthly 2010.09.pdf
Yachting Monthly\Yachting Monthly 2010.10.pdf
Yachting Monthly\Yachting Monthly 2010.11.pdf
If it floats it's a boat, or perhaps it's f#cal matter!
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

As a writer this looks a lot like copyright infringement. The mods might want to review this one.
Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

No different than selling a second hand book, yes? Happens on here all the time!
If it floats it's a boat, or perhaps it's f#cal matter!
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

...except if he is selling multiple copies of the cd's, in which case he is in effect, reprinting the book and selling it for his own profit which would in effect be copyright theft....

this thread should be deleted imo. Big difference in selling a physical book and redistributing an ebook.
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

I haven't sold any. If the site wants post removed I have no problem with it. Certainly making no profit from it, in fact will probably be more effort and cost to me than worth.
If it floats it's a boat, or perhaps it's f#cal matter!
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

The difference is you are reproducing them. Open any of the books and read the copy right. Sorry if you are truly trying to help others it is a good thought but in the end it is illegal. The profit part is not important if you reproducing them and distributing them it is still illegal. Even if your motives are good which I am inclined to believe you could get the owners of CF in trouble. Not trying to be a jerk here but like I say as a writer it hits home.
Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

Point taken.
If it floats it's a boat, or perhaps it's f#cal matter!
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

Thanks for understanding. Go through your offerings and see what may not contain copyrights. Then make a collection of that material for distribution. I do appreciate you are trying to help others.
Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

Get the books directly from, and give the money to me! .
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Re: 565+ Nautical E-Books

Originally Posted by sailvayu View Post
The difference is you are reproducing them. Open any of the books and read the copy right. Sorry if you are truly trying to help others it is a good thought but in the end it is illegal. The profit part is not important if you reproducing them and distributing them it is still illegal. Even if your motives are good which I am inclined to believe you could get the owners of CF in trouble. Not trying to be a jerk here but like I say as a writer it hits home.
As a writer myself, I'd be tickled pink to see pirated copies of my books floating around. I really don't believe that the pirate market is going to impact my books sales in a meaningful way so in the end I get the same money and reach a wider audience: so much the better.

And beyond that, the only thing cruisers swap more than sea stories is digital files. USB sticks float around constantly, boats in a region bound for another region help each other out with electric content (movies, books, charts, music, etc).
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