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Re: Tearing me apart

I basically got evicted (kind of in an convoluted manner almost at my consent) from the perfect beach house stones throw from the surf where I had dug myself in for over 20 years. After all that time the neighborhood had gotten stale (if not nasty) and nothing seemed new except the wannabes moving in trying to take the place over even more forcefully than their ice freak competition.

It was the boat or a tent. I went the boat and have not looked back.
Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. - Voltaire
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Re: Tearing me apart

I am with Chalie.

Rent the schloss. Get a good agent and a good tenant--then raise the sails.

Someday you will have to swallow the anchor. It is good to have somewhere nice to go to when it happens.

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Re: Tearing Me Apart

Dear All
I appreciate your comments and advice.
It make me feel much better with my decision.
Maybe because in my younger days i did travel Australia, but all of it was because of job search. After when i got my Penny (my dog). i purchased my first home and finally settled down (till now). I wish i cud rent my home, but it will not be sufficient to pay rest of the mortgage. I have already made profit on the value of the house. Even if i want to work and keep the house i would not be able pay it off.
Maybe it is hard for me and my motions are tearing me because it is (was) my place, and now i will be on the move again.
My sailing experience is limited at this time, but i am taking lessons from yacht masters here in Melbourne. I am not planning to hit the seas straight away. Maybe in some months ahead i will be confident and experienced to start making small costal sailing.
Once again i really appreciate all of your advices and comments.

Regards - John

PS. My user name Minga Aboriginal frase and means - Ant -
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Re: Tearing Me Apart


No answers of advice, but just to let you know, you are not alone in these fears. Trying to work through it all now. I have a Wife, whom I love dearly, involved. Messy AND scary.

Good luck.
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Re: Tearing Me Apart

How about renting a bungalow near the water, something you feel good about being there. Continue sailing and maybe get a boat or a smaller boat than your dream cruiser. Take your "best friend" sailing and staying aboard and see how you both like it. Maybe a boat works well, maybe a bungalow works better... only one way to find out, but you dont have to jump head over heels into the boat thing right away.... ease into it...
"I spent most of my money on Booze, Broads and Boats. The rest I wasted" - Elmore Leonard

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Re: Tearing me apart

Originally Posted by Swanee View Post
Hi John,

You asked for anyone in a similar situation to yourself to respond. Here it is.

Well I had been a reader of Cruising Skipper (now defunct I believe) and other cruising magazines for many years. I had read so many stories of people selling up, buying a yacht and going cruising. It was also my dream to eventually sell up and head out on the ocean. I had long loved surfing, snorkelling, fishing and everything to do with the ocean, and my dream was to live aboard and travel. I had owned power boats, but had never even been on a sailing yacht.

In 2001 my father passed away, he was in his 80's so I considered longevity was inherant in my genes, then 2 months later my older brother, then aged 54 dropped dead from a blood clot. This quickly made me take stock and decide if ever I was to be a live aboard cruising sailor, I needed to get out and learn to sail. I bought my first sailing yacht, a Catalina 250. She was the perfect yacht for me to learn. Over the next 4 or 5 years I learnt to become a reasonable bay sailor, but having never raced I still felt I have missed out on a lot of experience. I should mention that my wife never shared my enthusiasm for sailing, especially after a couple of bad storms, and eventually, not having the same dreams caused a divide between us and we separated and divorced. A few years later my employment ceased due to the effects of a drought in Melbourne, Australia where I lived. I was 57 and with no foreseeable opportunities for work, as the industry I was employed in certainly wasnt hiring. I sold my house, as I still had a mortgage which I now couldnt afford, and set myself to move to Asia where the cost of living is much cheaper and also to eventually search for a suitable yacht.

I travelled most of the time through China (also worked teaching English), spent a lot of time in HK and the Philippines, While I was in HK I met a British lawyer who had been living in HK for the past 12 years. He had a Tayana 55' which he invited me to sail with him and his family from Boracay in the Philippines to Singapore. From June to September 2008 I had the most amazing experience sailing Palawan, Philippines, Borneo, Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia before finally arriving in Singapore.
My search for my own yacht continued after that. I came to Phuket and Pattaya in Thailand and also to Langkawi, Malaysia in my search. Finally I found the yacht I am now living aboard in Langkawi. She is a small Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 331. I spent time antifouling and doing minor repairs before sailing off to Phuket in Thailand. I spent 3 months there before returning to Langkawi which is where I am now. I will stay here until the sailing season begins again, when I will then head north again and explore Phang Gna Bay before rounding Phuket again to visit the Similan Islands.

I would love to have a house to go back to, but at least I know I have lived my dream. It was never my intention to sail alone, and sailing solo does bring about some difficulties that would be much easier if I had someone else on board. I am still more than 3 years short of receiving a pension, and at the moment my money isnt going to last that long, so I will be needing to sell up my yacht before things get too desperate. But I am ok with that as I know if I died tomorrow, or had a stroke or something that disabled me, I did live my dream.

My father spent the last 2 years of his life lying prostrate in a hospital bed unable to move. I swore that if something similar ever happened to me, I would hate to be lying there with those regrets.
I love it when people wake up from their dreams and start living and it sounds like you did it...Good luc with the rest of your life..DVC
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Re: Tearing Me Apart

Take a walk--return a year later and see how you feel.
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