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Re: Dinghy Theft in PNW

Hey Chris,
The knots were the same. I don't think that supports any theory. It still could support my screwing up, an intended prank, an aborted theft.
Cheers, Bill.
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Re: Dinghy Theft in PNW

Wifey B: Just a couple of observations from a bratty type female a bit younger than most here....hehe

First, as to the perfectionist, OCD, bend. It can be a blessing and a curse. My hubby naturally has a bit of it as his mother insisted on perfectionism. So he set impossible standards for himself. Watch it with your daughter, please. And don't be surprised if one day she does something that would have been a bit out there even for your son. He'll cover for her...I mean chill a bit and make sure she learns to do the same. Maybe she needs to do something sometimes she's really bad at, maybe you too.

We actually took a course in Marlinspike Seamanship. My hubby thought if three was good then why not six, until the instructor explained why not. But we also learned even the best tying can falter at some point as too many variables to ever cover them all. Now I personally think it just came loose. Not to sound like math geek hubby but even if odds were 99.5% in your favor, still there's a chance against. And if you want to drive yourself insane then just do two completely redundant systems, attaching at different points and different materials. Really rocket your odds up but for what, other than driving oneself crazy. Sh.t happens you know.

As to other theories, love how you support your kids but please don't believe they "never would" or sometime when they "do" you won't handle it like you want to. And toss out one, what if your daughter wouldn't give some young dude the time of day. Maybe he just showed her. So prank is possible but highly unlikely.

As to theft. Not likely. They don't stay together and end up on shore together with nothing missing.

I laugh cause people think of their neighborhoods as safe or unsafe. Like friends think gated community, gated property, security system makes them safer than others. Heck, if I'm a pro thief they're the ones I'm going after. They must have some good stuff. Not the poor unsecured in a neighborhood the cops ignore. I want jewels not costume jewelry, high denomination bills, not pocket change. Just saying logic doesn't answer all the time. Perfect knots don't always hold.

We had a neighbor on the lake, his boat in his boat slip at his dock and he's freaking that "somebody stole it". We found it just like yours was found. Oh and it floated upstream due to winds overnight. He said impossible, someone had to take it. Not likely. It was surrounded by many boats actually worth far more. Most embarrassing though when we found it, we pulled up to it, our freaking lower unit wouldn't go back down and had to be towed back by him. Omg we never heard the last of that. Almost made us regret finding his boat for him. hehe.

I know you're a good dude. But you might actually revel in the thought that maybe you screwed up and the world is still just fine. In some way that thought could actually free you a bit and make you happier.

As to your "perfect" daughter, applaud her but also please encourage her to be more imperfect. Not as far out and naughty as me, but ask my hubby if his life didn't improve when I messed him up a bit...hehe. Seriously, perfection is a real hard standard to live up to. Look how much the thought you might have screwed up here actually bothered you.

All is well that ends well. In fact, I have an alternate story for the situation.

First got to give names. Kayaks are Frick and Frack. Dinghy is Dingbat. So Frick says, please dingbat, take us for a ride. Frack says, we have a present if you do. Dingbat resists but wonders what the present is. Finally gives in and says, "just a little ride". Frick and Frack beat against Dingbat's lines till suddenly they're freed. Feels so great just to float around free from the oppression of monster boat. Suddenly Frack realizes they can't even see Monster Boat anymore, says take us back. Dingbat remembers her engine isn't working right now. Frack tries to start it, Frick starts to panic. Dingbat says, let's just pull up here and relax. We're loved. Those humanoids will come find us. And they do. Frick Frack and Dingbat rescued. Back hooked to Monster Boat, but suddenly Frick and Frack don't mind being hooked to Monster boat so much. A whole new perspective. All live happily ever after....hehe

Ok, we've been cruising from Sitka toward Port Angeles for 48 hours so I'm bored and had time to write this silliness.
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Re: Dinghy Theft in PNW

Were there any tentacle prints at the scene of the crime?

Naughty Octopus Unties Knot - Animal Planet: Animal Oddities

Come to the dark side. We have donuts.
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Re: Dinghy Theft in PNW

One of the criteria in "Ashley's Book of Knots" for a secure knot is the ability to survive the gentle tugging test. This involves subjecting a knot to a lengthy subtle pulling and loosening action. Not difficult to see the reasoning behind that test.
In the early 80's I was cruising the Virgin Islands and met up with Hal and Margaret Roth for a few days. One of our conversations revolved around the merits of towing or stowing the dingy while underway. Absolutely never tow was Hal's comment. A day or two later they were underway from Virgin Gorda, for a quick provisioning run to somewhere , towing an accompanying couples dinghy. I would love to have been a fly on the bimini when I saw the dinghy come adrift , then a few hundred yards later saw Whisper circle back to retrieve it. "Mutter ,mutter"
cheers, Greg
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Re: Dinghy Theft in PNW

Great story, Greg.

How's the boat coming?

Who scorns the calm has forgotten the storm.
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