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Re: 2012 Boat Ownership Costs

Originally Posted by Teknav View Post
That is why, it is much much cheaper to lease/charter a luxurious boat anytime to anywhere without the cost of ownership. Boats, airplanes and horses are money holes; but you already knew that.
I know this in my head, but it will never sink to my heart.
I've often pondered where lies the tipping point where ownership becomes more economical...
I just did some super quick maths and figure that tipping point is somewhere around 85 days of usage.
(and if you're cost sharing with other friends/family/whatever aboard, this obviously increases your charter days immensely).
For a working man (or woman), 85 days is more that most would use. For a non-working person, the economics of ownership is more likely to work, and obviously for a live aboard, its... obvious.

However, you don't buy a boat for the economics

Attitude is EVERYTHING!
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Re: 2012 Boat Ownership Costs

Originally Posted by JK n Smitty View Post
I agree with the sails but not the engine. If you take care of the engine it should last the life of the boat.
I wouldn't argue with you on that, but I would say that I have yet to meet any boat owner who takes care of their engine well enough for it to last the life of the boat. I've heard of such people, I've just never met one.

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Old 09-12-2012, 07:25   #33
Are you serious?
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Re: 2012 Boat Ownership Costs

Originally Posted by Dockhead View Post
Well done, Don!

You are not only an excellent boat manager, it looks like your boat is exceptionally reliable!! Sometimes it seems to me I spend that much in a month . . .

That's really efficient boating!

Hey can I use this in some "discussion" about boats later
jobless, houseless, clueless, living on a boat and cruising around somewhere
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Originally Posted by daddle View Post

I spend most of my money on boats, women and liquor. The rest I just waste.
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Re: 2012 Boat Ownership Costs


I couldn't down load the excell spread sheet, but 17k a year!?

And $6500 for a haul out? Had no idea, is that common for a 40'er?

10% of the purchase price must apply at some age/price level, it can't be right.....a 30' $7,500 boat would be $750 in maintenance? The reason the old boat was so cheap, from what I see, is from deferred maintenance and allowing it to fall apart.

As one post mentioned, newbies get your finances together....I'm trying to do that, to see what expenses will pop up generally.

Seems the better equiped the boat or more stuff on it, the higher the costs of maintenance and replacements will be. I doubt I'll have a watermaker. Your vinal seta covers shouldn't wear out as fast as the fake leather swayed stuff. I guess too if you have everything done for you it will cost you. I will have a brush, mask and fins, expecting to clean my own bottom.

So, how in the world have we had these threads about cruising on $1,000, $1,500 a month?

And, another question, a liveaboard gets wear and tear everyday, just walking over the sole and flushing the head gets more use than the weekender boat guy or a month cruise a year, seems there would be a big difference for expenses ?

While I have only had small boats, under 27', covered in the back yard that cost less than a couple hundred bucks a year, not counting fuel. Taxes, insurance, anti-freeze and cleaning/polish stuff.

I'd think too a wood boat would cost more than fiberglass, unpainted aluminum might be less than glass boats.

Sail or motor....most sailboats have motors if cruising, diesel or OB, expenses can't be the same I'd think. I know sails aren't cheap nor do they last if used. I would want to budget or have my sinking fund as us bean counters would call it for expected future issues.

Is it cheaper to buy some good used sails and wear them out or go for new, sell used and replace with new....or buy new and wear them out?

Sorry for so many questions, didn't mean to get off course, but I can't see a broadly stated rule of thumb for boats in general like 10%.
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Re: 2012 Boat Ownership Costs

Originally Posted by Bash View Post
I'm dubious about that 10% figure, even figuring in marina costs. I pay $10,800 per year in slip fees, but still come in far under the 10% in annual upkeep.
Depreciation of sails? All the pretty exterior paint? Engine depreciation? New canvas?

It's also for an active cruising boat. Sunshine, drunken parties, rough passages, liveaboard wear and tear, all those little scratches, the dinghy, wearing out autopilots, anchors and chain rusting away, weathered running rigging, etc...

The 10% does not include marina costs because an actively cruising boat is probably not in a marina much. Most cruising boats are not replacing equipment at a rate that compensates for the depreciation. They are
deferring maintenence whether it affects the eventual sales price or not.
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Re: 2012 Boat Ownership Costs

I also believe it is very hard to generalize what maintenance will cost on a boat. Much depends on what you are starting with, how much you do in upkeep to keep the major refits or repairs from occurring and how many systems you have that need upkeep. Also whether or not you do the maintenance and repairs yourself or hire them done.

It does stand to reason though that the bigger and more complicated your boat's systems are, the more that will have to be done and the more things may end up costing.

The best thing we did was list all of our maintenance items and then note maintenance and life
cycles and take a best guess as to when replacement might be needed. That way we can budget to set aside funds to replace some things each year.
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Re: 2012 Boat Ownership Costs

What would be great is if we had a historical record of expenses for boats, much like Edmonds reviews. Make, length, region, etc.

I'll bet expenses for a 40' XYZ will be greater in Hawaii than Georgia too.
We have a few liveabords here in Mo. on Stockton Lake who go out regularly and sail, I'd bet thier expenses are a lot less for the same boat in Chicago, just as to boat repairs and parts, not mooring fees which are obviously not comparable.

Boats, like cars are depreciating assets losing value over time, but not always. The old Jag XK120 we had in the 60s has appreciated 1000%. If I buy a 1987 30' Albin for $25k, if I keep it up and care for it, maybe improve it, I might get make money on it in 5 years.

Use certainly effects`the depletion and functional obsolesence of an asset, but it may not depreciate in value but I know that's rare for boats as I have never sold one for a profit...LOL Guess I always bought the wrong kind of boat!

Guess I can call around to marinas out east and see what a haulout runs for a 40'er, hope I don't drop over.

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