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Originally Posted by Talisker View Post

I am interested in the Maglite upgrade, as I have a couple of old 2AA Minis lying around somewhere, but what I have found is that the bulbs offered just won't fit. I have the bulbs with two copperwires at the base. Any suggestions?? Steve
I assume you bought the upgrade kit? Been awhile since I did it, but I seem to recall there was a whole new reflector and other parts to make it fit. Even then though, there may be (or have been) some quality issues with the upgrade. I had two minimags that I tried to upgrade. I bought one kit and it worked perfectly. When I got around to the second one it would never quite work consistantly or reliably. Seemed to be some subtle size imperfection that caused problems. I finally said "hell with it" for the second one and went back to the old bulbs. I think I still have the second upgrade out in my shop somewhere, I should go play with it again.
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Sorry for the delayed response. The MiniMag upgrade I used was by these folks: Flashlight LED-Replacement bulbs; Upgrade Your Favorite Flashlight with LED-Replacement bulbs…

They offer two conversions today (LED-Replacement; TerraLUX LED Replacement bulbs are suitable for your 2 AA Mini-Maglite®). The higher powered one at 140 lumens is very powerful but at $23 and no dimming it is not that attractive for general use. The 30 lumens alternative is about what I have and is useful around the cockpit at night without totally frying the night vision. But at $20 that is a pretty steep price to pay for modest lighting. Both kits include reflectors, which are needed to get optimal results out of these surface-mount LEDs. (The surface mount LEDs don't protrude up enough in the normal reflector to work correctly.)

Another option is this one: LED Upgrade II | Nite Ize It doesn't need a new reflector because the LED is elevated, and at 30 lumens and $10 I think it is a reasonable alternative for salvaging the old light. I think it is made by the same folks as the two above. For only a dollar more I would go with the combo pack that includes a tail cap switch: LED Upgrade Combo II | Nite Ize For $11 I would do it, but the $20+ units are too pricey for the end result; it would be better to just get a new Quark or Fenix light and have the extra quality and features.

BTW, I think the instructions are clear on it but the lights only work in one polarity and the only way to know is to plug them in; if they don't work then insert them 180 degrees differently.

I hope this helps.

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I was looking through Pacific Yachting magazine recently and the latest issue recommended the waterproof mi6 Torch (available thru Doctor LED, Dr. LED, is a designer and manufacturer of LED-based lighting solutions for green energy, renewable, landscape, marine, boat, RVs, cars, solar panel, interior, and outdoor applications.). No affiliation and I have not tried it out yet. Cheers,
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Not too bad for a retail light, but still short of the mark. Available on the internet for just over $85. Look at the Quark Turbo: Quark 123˛ Turbo 4Sevens.Com Available for nearly $20 less on sale at the moment, has 230 max lumens (compared to 130), 5 light levels instead of 2 (including 0.2 lumens Moonlight mode), plus strobe and beacon (dubious value). The sapphire-coated lens is scratch-resistant. Otherwise very similar. The mi6 has a crenelated bezel if you plan on using it as a weapon... The CR123a batteries give great performance but can be expensive unless bought online; it is worth investing in rechargeable batteries. There is a 2xAA version of the Quark Turbo with slightly less performance; using the more common batteries is an advantage.

If you want to go a bit crazy, have a look at this: Maelstrom G5 4Sevens.Com At the current sale price of $96 it is a snip. 350 lumens is blinding, but other light levels down to 0.2 lumens make it more practical. It has all of the "tactical" features so if you want to mount it on your assault rifle and buy the optional remote switch you will be ready for Armageddon... :-) And the included stainless steel crenelated bezel will make it a useful (?) handheld weapon as well... (Sorry, I have a bit of a laugh at "tactical" products but as a flashlight this is an amazing product.) If you were to buy one then get the "regular" tail cap - the tactical one is not too practical if you are putting the flashlight in the pocket.

I have looked around a bit and have yet to find high performance flashlights at better price/performance ratios than the Quark series; they are really tough to beat.

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I just bought a Lenser P7. Amazing 200lumen from 4 x AAA batteries. Blinding.

Led Lenser 8407 P7 Torch - Black: DIY & Tools

Not waterproof however

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Talisker, while you can fit a "subminiature" LED directly into a miniMagLite to replace the original two-wire bulb, these are rather small and dim. I've used an amber one for extended duration, since they are dim but take almost no power, using the maglite in the "candle" mode. (The top housing comes off and becomes a base to hold up the light, as a candle.) But you can't do that with a white LED, which requires higher voltage.

There are kits, unfortunately they often cost just as much of more than the minimag does, that replace the entire top end with an LED, electronics, and reflector to match. In the US, $10-20 for the kit, so I keep the old flashlight as it is, and just have new ones with LEDs. Cheaper than buying the kit and throwing out the old parts.
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I ended up with a Coast from Home Depot that is 130 lumens.

Truly amazing.
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I am not in any way associated with this company. I have a Coast LED Lenser, I don't see any other model number on it, and have been using it for 2 or maybe 3 years when doing surveys. I have put it through the ringer! It has fallen onto hard surfaces with no problems, it has been in oily and wet bilges, I even use it to tap on stringers, bulkheads, and sometines decks, and it just keeps on working! The battery life is great (uses 3 AAA batteries), when it starts getting noticeably dim, I change the batteries.
They are very good, pocket sized lights, that take a beating, and will blind you if you get it shined in your eyes.
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