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A couple of drinks ?

The Ideal Amount of Alcohol to Drink

While the ideal amount of alcohol to drink doesn't apply to everyone, most people will benefit from one or two drinks most nights, according to an exhaustive new analysis by the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. Frequency is the key. Five or six drinks on a Saturday night provide no health benefits.

The Associated Press calls alcohol the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the medical world: Drinking too much causes serious problems, while drinking a little may help many people's health. It's figuring out the right amount that is so tricky. "We are not encouraging anybody to start drinking," Lorraine Gunzerath of the NIH's National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol, told AP.

The report's conclusions are aimed at people who already drink:

* How much alcohol you can safely consume must be customized by your age, gender, and overall medical history. See your doctor for that.

* Population-wide advice: Two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women. This amount is linked to lower mortality and is unlikely to cause harm.

* Men shouldn't exceed four drinks on any day, and women should never have more than three. Bingeing is always bad!

* For people who are over 40, consuming one to four drinks daily significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, the nation's leading killer; however, more isn't better. Consume five or more drinks daily and your risk of heart disease soars.

* Frequency is key. Consuming smaller amounts of alcohol several times a week, which is one or two drinks daily or every other day, is most heart-protective. Low and regular exposure to alcohol raises levels of the body's "good" HDL cholesterol, which thins blood.

* The alcohol-breast cancer link is still controversial with differing results from scientific studies. Bottom line: There's a tiny risk.

* One to two drinks a day several times a week seems to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes by helping the body use insulin to process blood sugar better.

* If you're pregnant, don't drink.

The study findings were published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

Gord May
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I agree a few drinks a day is good for you, Not to contradict you but a few days ago this subject was on a local am talk show and all of your stats are correct, But thats here in the U.S. In europe their healthy average as percribed by the medical community is double ours. Why is that I wonder? But in every case it is different depending on tolerance of course. I like to enjoy a few martinies every night and an occasional beer on top and, like I always point out to my girlfriend, I havent been sick in years. My phyicals always turn out great and I am always the last to bed and first up in the morning. Just my thoughts

Also I remember back in my offshore days we used to make our own alcohol on the ship, but now I cant remember how we did it. I do remember it was fruit and water and suger and yeast in a five gallon bucket we kept down in the bilge. Dose any-bodie know the recipie for bilge wine?


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In europe their healthy average as percribed by the medical community is double ours.
Yup, thats about right:
I am from Europe and do about 8 to 10 beers per day...Starting at 1600 hours sharp.

Don't get sick, but some slurred speech and unwillingnes to get out of bed and jog at 0600 seems to be quite common....

It does get expensive however, donations to CSY Man's beer fund is highly appreciated, call 1-800-BIG-BELLY......
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Plus, it's a proven fact that Alcohol improves your intellect. You see, the brain operates at the speed of the slowest brain cells. Alcohol kills brain cells and the first to die are usually the weakest/slowest. So by killing the slower ones off, increases the power of your intellect. Scientificaly proven?? you ask. Yep, ask anyone who has a little much to drink, and every single one of them will say they are bloody Eienstiens

For God so loved the world..........He didn't send a committee.
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B double O zee e

Now you tell me. I was out on the golf course yesterday in 100 f weather allowing a little white ball to infere with my drinking. It is a good idea to drink the same amount of water as beer when it is that warm and you are doing something. Otherwise stay in the shade an skip the water. BC Mike C
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Dosent beer have water in it already

Few who come to the island leave them; They grow grey where they alighted; The palm shades and the trade wind fans them till they die
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