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Will get back to you on this in 12 months

This might as well be a gun thread as the opinions are bound to get as polarized . I generally don't participate in these 'Hunter yes or no' debates as they seem to bring out the worst in people, but since the OP seems minded to give Hunter a fair chance, I thought I would chip in.

Having owned my Hunter 45CC since 2008, I can only tell you that both myself and my wife absolutely love it.

We are about to kick off on a 12 month cruise from Newport, RI to the carribean and back. I'll resurect this thread when I get back and let you know if I'm still in love.

I've crawled over every inch of the boat running wires and generally making it a little more 'blue water' and I can tell you that I haven't discovered a single nasty yet.

Sure it's not an IP or a Halberg Rassy where time served carpenters have sweated for days over a single piece of internal cabinetry, but frankly I bought the boat to use, not to admire the beauty of the teak fiddles.

The lamination looks sound and plenty thick on the hull with kevlar re-inforcement at the bow. The keel is a huge hunk of solid lead. All the hardware comes from Lewmar and Selden (relatively new to the US, but in Europe considered to be probably THE best spars, but pricey).

I have no problems running cables despite the 'glued in' grid, there are plenty conduits with spare space.

Performance is average to good for a heavy, beamy cruising yacht with a ton of extra creature comforts. That's fine with me, I'd rather have ice for the G&T than beat someone around the cans.

As for downwind, I do agree it's kinda annoying when the main presses against the spreaders, but I have a cunning plan involving Spinakers to solve that.

Only negative so far (on this particular design) is the lack of storage, as most every locker already has something installed in it (2 x A/C units / inverter / Bose system ...)

If it weren't for the B&R rig, I wouldn't be able to use my favourite yard as I couldn't otherwise get on the travelift without dropping the mast, which I'm not prepared to do each lift out.

If it weren't for the furling main, there's no way I could enjoy such a large boat with only two of us crewing.

If it weren't for the walk round Queen bed , I wouldn't be doing this at all as the wife wouldn't have a) sanctioned the purchase and b) agreed to come with me. [ yes, yes, yes .... I know it will be hell in a seaway, but I'll live with that for the rather more days I will spend comfortably at anchor]

The price was right and I got what I consider to be one hell of a boat for the money.

I am prepared to concede that the 45CC is one of the newer Hunter designs from Glen Henderson (like the 49/50) and I have little experience with the smaller or older designs. I do have a snaking suspicion that Hunter went all out to prove the naysayers wrong on these designs.

So in the end you pays your money and you takes your choice, but so far mine's holding up good. So far I agree with the OP - what's not to like ?

Duncan & Joan
Newport, RI
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Hey Don,
Last time down the coast from the north, we were running a hundred or so miles out and I came uppon a new H42.. sailed together for awhile and both of us headed into port at the same place..
After tying up, odd thing happened, as he and his wife were on our boat looking at all the goodies and my wife and i were on theres doing the same thing..
He was ooooing and aaaaing over the oversized winches and rigging I have and I was trying to figure out where those lines lead aft disappeared under the deck on his hunter...
Its really a sweet boat, looks sharp and by all reports from him, It sailed great, and I for one will tell you, In cruiser mode, He sailed off my beam for better than a day, something I dont see very often............
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Different boats for different folks. I would not be concerned with what the cruising purists might think. What matters is if the boat fits your needs, not theirs.

I say go for it as long as you understand its sailing characteristics, its suitability for your needs, its quality and have spent at least a few days aboard one.

Life begins where land ends.
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Originally Posted by David M View Post
I would not be concerned with what the cruising purists might think.
We, of course, are cruising purists.

We were in Tonga on this Hunter 47 having breakfast with the owners (who invites you for breakfast?) so I am gettin stuck into my eggs and hash browns and Nicolle nudges me...

"I feel a rumbling"
"Sssshhh! What do you mean?"
"Sommits vibratin' Ssshhhh..."

"I canna hear nuttin'. Ya think we're gunna sink?

"Its a Hunter its gunna sink and we're gunna die. I'm outta the comapanionway first cos I heard it first!"
"Sssshhhh! Wheres the life jackets do ya think?"
"I dunno. Does a Hunter have life jackets?"

Owner: "Why are you purists whispering???"
Nicolle "Nothing. I hear rumblin and we gunna sink and DIE!!"

Owner "Ummm its the airconditioner. You want me to turn it off?"

Nicolle "Oh. No, its lovely and cool..."

Yep, we're purists!

Notes on a Circumnavigation.

Somalia Pirates and our Convoy
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We have a Hunter 19 swing keel and a Hunter 33 Cherubini. The 19 we use in the inland bayou because it can handle 2 feet of water. We bought the 33 because it has a lot of cabin headroom (I am 6'4"), it was a good deal, and the PO had pampered the boat. It also has 16,000 BTU of air conditioning and sails like a dream.

We have some friend who had a Swan custom built and sail it in the Med. They wrinkle their noses a bit at the mention of a Hunter. That works for them. We don't give a **** what the neighbors think and will probably not venture past Jamaica in this vessel.
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Originally Posted by Don Lucas View Post
PROVE IT with a link etc to something to back it up.
I am not entirely convinced that a link to somewhere on the internet PROVES anything.........

But, if that's your thing:-

Hunter sailed like a dog

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Originally Posted by Don Lucas View Post
OK, show it to me please.
I'm assuming you'd not want to know details of boats available over this side of the pond, and equally assume there are many US built yachts we do not see much of but could also meet your needs.

But if you go check the same site your Hunter was on you'll find yachts like this

1989 Beneteau Oceanis 430 Owners Sail Boat For Sale -


both of which arwe alternates for longer term cruising.

Enjoy your research

Don't take life too seriously. No ones going to make it out alive......Go see our blog at
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I'd like something bigger than a 30ft Hunter, but for 48K (= $70K) for a 7 year old boat you could do a lot worse than this

Hunter / Legend Boats for sale UK, Hunter / Legend Used boat sales, Hunter / Legend Sailing Yachts For Sale Hunter Legend 306 Bilge Keels - Apollo Duck

I've looked at lots and lots of boats and this seems as good as any I've seen and better than a lot of them.
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OK I guess I will jump in the deep end. Wife learned to sail on a older 35. While on the bay in 10kt wind I was below getting a cool one. I noticed the hull pumping really bad. Like 1/2-3/4 inch. Seemed a bit much. Then I noticed the bulkhead moving. It was poorly tabbed and had broken free. I looked around and noticed gate valves on the through hulls. The boat was OK for it's PROPER use. That of protected water light air fun. But for off shore? No way in heaven.
Secondly, a good friend (off shore oil field captain of a 180ft boat) was cruising down island with another couple on a Hunter (I believe Passport 40 or 43 or whatever). By the time they got to Trinidad he said the Passport was in bad shape. The owner was really POed at the quality. Mike helped him fix it enough to get home. I know Mike well and this was his first hand experience. Again this was a older boat. Perhaps the newer ones are improved, but I am not a fan. Of course I am partial to heavy boats. Ken
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I hope I did not come across as knocking any manufacturer. Including Hunter.
In my view the more people we can attract into sailing the better. Bavaria who equally take a lot of criticism.

IMHO each manufacturer has improved our sailing world by widening the numbers who have got out on the water - which I think is great.

I certainly believe a lot of families only got out sailing when the lady of the family saw a Hunter. A lot more families could not have afforded to buy new at anything more than Bavarian style pricing. For these results both manufacturers get my vote.

But when someone asks of the site 'what am I missing' then IMHO it would be rude not to reply suggesting alternate boats for the role described.

If after the research is done the OP sticks with the original decision then that's great. If they can improve the decision using the site then that's even better.

Good luck
Don't take life too seriously. No ones going to make it out alive......Go see our blog at
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it starts to get hard,fast(need crew mostly),comfort probibly not as fast(the wife will love it)no devorce;that will save u heeps.Iwon my fair share of silver over the years but now cruise(and still do a little tuesday nite club racing)in one of those tupperware boats.I wish i had done it ages ago;very little mainenance,sails pretty good,very comftable ,we use the boat more now and i love watshing those races spending money every season on new sails etc.Just remember theres two of u buying the boat...................reef early,stay dry,dringk rum
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I find it interesting how some still bash the sailing of the Hunters and refer you to another production boat that have just as many nay sayers about. Now I would never chose a boat that is going to sail like a piece of crap. And I doubt my next boat will sail anywhere as well as my current Hunt designed Cal-39. As far as sailing performance goes my real decision is between a good sailing cruiser like I have, or a tank design that is more toward the comfort end of the sailing style

But I did a poll a while back about what is perferred in a long term cruiser; sailing performance or living space and the living space won.
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Well, they're built to a price point. It would be interesting if you could take one of the better Hunter designs and have it custom built by a premium builder (e.g. French & Webb). You could also add some of the little touches that Hunter neglects, such as handholds in the cabin.

I really like the way some of the Hunters use interior space and I like the traveller out of the way up on that arch. But they are cheaply built and I would never venture very far offshore on one. Also, even if there is not some life threatening failure, cheaply built products tend to have more little things break.

Also they depreciate like hell so I would never buy a new one. Late model used is the way to go on a boat like this.

It's not much of an argument to say that Hunters are good because they get more people into sailing. That's like saying that Kias get more people into driving.
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I have a 24-foot Hunter. They cut some corners building it, sure. I've fixed all of those cut corners inexpensively and easily. Is that frustrating? Sure, but overall the boat is PERFECT for the sailing I am able to do, right now. And my marina buddies undertand that, too. They are all in lust with my little Hunter and admit it, even the guys with the "bigger, better" boats. When it's time to head to the Big Blue, I'll make different choices, I think, but "Hunters" are a fine choice under the right circumstances.
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Just checked the entry for this years BaHa, HaHa..........out of the 109 boats listed thus far, Catalina, Beneteau, and Hunter are the top entries..
23 boats of these brand boats, regestered to do multi day cruising.. thats almost 25% of the boats.. 6 of them are Hunters...
Most of the crap you'll hear about hunters being bad is comming from those that are setting comfortable in their armchair and dont know what cruising is except for what they read in someones book....
Never heard of one sinking, or breaking apart for that matter......
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