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  1. Mooring in Spain.
  2. Irish cert of identity
  3. Re-Registration of 52' Ferretti
  4. Do NOT let your cruising permit expire in the Bahamas
  5. US territories
  6. Failed to clear in
  7. clearing in/out for a short stay
  8. Where do foiling craft land?
  9. Really frustrated
  10. Paradise closed?
  11. Two professionals in the fog: held to a high standard??
  12. Borrowing Stuff Without Permission
  13. USCG Temporary Certificate Of Documentation
  14. Florida Registration of a Used Dinghy
  15. Why don't Cruisers Fly their National Flags?
  16. Cannabis and International Travel
  17. Bahamas cruising
  18. US Admiralty Law and the "collateral source" rule.
  19. Registering a Vessel as British in the US
  20. Sailing under the Belgian flag, a thing of the past!
  21. Cruising Mexico from US
  22. "Digital searches" in New Zealand
  23. The prudent mariner's approach to customs and immigration for guests and crew
  24. Anyone using CPB ROAM app to clear customs
  25. Displaying boat name
  26. Buying a boat EU VAT "not paid"
  27. Do the potty police have science on their side?
  28. Spain - Gibraltar - Spain
  29. Singlehanded sailing, take away one
  30. how long to get reinstatement papers from uscg
  31. Birth Certificate
  32. Sales Tax Purchase Location Question
  33. Which rule takes precedence
  34. State and local rules in conflict with colregs
  35. Local anchoring restrictions on the Mississippi
  36. Areas where a greywater tank is required
  37. USCG master - worth having? benefits?
  38. Moving newly acquired boat
  39. Dutch light yacht registration - scam or legit?
  40. U. S. Inland Rules Violation
  41. Rule 5 -- Is Single-Handing Illegal?
  42. Clearing Out and Next Port
  43. Florida Bridge Opening Schedules
  44. Help with Establishing Boat Ownership!!
  45. Question about COLREGS rule 9
  46. Customs - Duty Importing Boat to US
  47. Hawaii Check In
  48. New fees for BVI
  49. How many Policy Holders on Marine Insurance Policy?
  50. VAT issues for Asia Pacific region
  51. Be Careful with U.S. Customs -- A Cautionary Tale--Part 2
  52. Welland Canal 2018
  53. Caricom islands - eAPIS requirements
  54. California sales tax
  55. Bahamas Marinas
  56. Checkin Procedures/Visa Gulf of Oman region
  57. Bareboat charter with volunteer pool
  58. Detroit River Traverse July 2018 US/Canada
  59. Registration for a UK boat - when?
  60. Who's behind the little changes in NOAA
  61. Importing yacht into the UK post Brexit
  62. Coast Guard procedures
  63. Declaring VAT on Equipment upon leaving Europe for later re-entry. European registere
  64. Civil Asset Forfeiture -- Kazazi Case Update
  65. Help me pick State of Registration
  66. preferred channel marker and direction
  67. Trouble with paying crew?
  68. Insurance Claim or No?
  69. Cruising Permits, Great Loop for Canadians
  70. new US Customs reporting app
  71. Be Careful with U.S. Customs -- A Cautionary Tale
  72. Indonesia, Bali. Tips on buying a boat
  73. Portable international MMSI for U.S. handheld DSC VHF
  74. Red Tape and offshore cruising NZ
  75. Trump looking to simplify regulations
  76. Ports of entry and insurance for Ireland and the UK
  77. Unwarranted search
  78. Turks & Caicos stiffing it to yachters
  79. Private sale - legal action
  80. Meeting Crew in the Bahamas
  81. Charter regulation changes in Greece
  82. COLREGS and Sushi
  83. Block Island (RI) possible anchoring restrictions.
  84. reentry to US from Bahamas cruise
  85. US Ensign Theory
  86. Need help on 1974 C&C 35 HIN format
  87. St. Lawrence Transit
  88. Keeping a boat out of state
  89. A non US citizen with Delaware registration flys what flag?
  90. CANPASS is Going Away
  91. New Purchase Registration
  92. Hey There! Traveling with pets to Colombia & Panama!
  93. Deletion from documentation questions
  94. Home build registration
  95. Registering a Dinghy necessary?
  96. Bahamas Cruising Permit Renewal???
  97. Returning with LBO guest aboard
  98. Yacht in Transit, Panama imports.
  99. Would you register a boat you bought abroad as a Canadian vessel
  100. Entering USVI with European passport
  101. Is the suez canal safe to sail,and new immigrants everyday to the EU
  102. Nav lights/day shapes when using drogue or sea anchor
  103. Mexican TIP issues
  104. Courtesy flag in Carribean
  105. Import from China to Mexico?
  106. Do I need to re-Christen my newly purchased boat?
  107. MF / HF Radio mandatory for UK flagged boats going offshore?
  108. Log keeping
  109. Extra Exterior Lights
  110. Registering newly purchased sailboat
  111. Sail Right, Drive Left?
  112. US Vessel entering the US with UK national
  113. VHF Radio Call Sign Help
  114. How do deal with fisherman blocking channels?
  115. Registering a New boat
  116. anti-fouling legislation in france
  117. Citizenship and documentation. Recent changes.
  118. visas ,Zarpe ??
  119. LiFePo4 to Mexico?
  120. US Citizen buying a US flagged boat abroad?
  121. Registering a boat in the US
  122. European third-party insurance
  123. Bangstick considered firearm
  124. BVI Agent Recommendation
  125. “Locking” the holding tank
  126. Broken Y-valve. Any risk in a boarding?
  127. BREXIT and British flagged boats in the EU
  128. Do I really need a license that is valid for the countries I visit?
  129. EU boat reregistered outside EU can it stay in the EU tax free?
  130. rules for c&d canal?
  131. Shipping boat parts into Canada - Fees, Customs, etc.
  132. Vessel Rating System
  133. Canadian but bought in Panama Registering, tonnage measurer etc
  134. Immigration just to get fuel?
  135. Transferring BVI MMSI #
  136. Canadian Registration
  137. Heading to Mexico in March.
  138. Alternative to australian private yacht rego
  139. Clearing out of Cabo, Mexico
  140. US Zarpe?
  141. Canadians heading south on the ICW
  142. Fumigation Service for Galapagos
  143. Hurricane aftermath
  144. Should I sail naked?
  145. How do you gather information about a new port you've never been to?
  146. Petition for tax for the boat in Croatia
  147. Insurance requirements for cruising Japan & America
  148. Scandinavian flags (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) - any complications?
  149. Excessive USCG Processing times
  150. Agent required to purchase duty-free fuel?
  151. Anchoring restrictions in New South Wales
  152. Mexican TIP
  153. Temporary Markings for boat name
  154. 9 Mile Discharge for Gulf of Mexico
  155. Satphones Locked up by Cuban Customs?
  156. Sailboat collisions - Can responsibility be shared?
  157. CBP on hold on the phone trying to clear
  158. Rules of the road on the Chesepeake Bay
  159. COLREGS - vessel under oars
  160. Everything you ever wanted to know about 'the rools'
  161. Thread for Basic COLREGS Questions
  162. Temporary Import Permit for Chile
  163. Do I Need to " Check In " to the Country Where I Bought My Boat?
  164. Legal question registery
  165. hull nr. on Chance 44
  166. Legal liability of unpaid skipper
  167. Help - Mexican insurance
  168. Renewing A US Cruising permit
  169. Has import GST been paid on boat -Australia
  170. St. Augustine, FL is no longer a customs port.
  171. Shipping Boats and Trailers
  172. checking into bahamas twice
  173. speed limit in woods hole?
  174. Work permit in BVI
  175. Enforcement of COLREGS in Different Countries?
  176. Which Flag ?
  177. A question about Insurance for Bay of Biscay
  178. CE Certification
  179. Seattle to Hawaii with a Brit
  180. Regulations
  181. Visa Questions in the Carribean - St Martin
  182. Fiji C2C Email Failure
  183. Importing a NZ built yacht back to NZ
  184. Cook Islands Customs Advice
  185. Is Sales Tax Due in Puerto Rico on a USCG doc. vessel?
  186. Paperwork Required for the Bahamas?
  187. Cuba bound...clearance and other questions.
  188. Crossing US/Canada border afloat
  189. Holding tanks in Croatia
  190. Cell phone Service in Canada
  191. Scattering ashes at sea
  192. best place to stop in Panama
  193. Hawaii Marina and Check In
  194. T.I.P - bought a boat in Mexico
  195. Cost of checking in / departing Australia
  196. Dual citizen complications
  197. New HIN numbers in Washington St.
  198. Mooring regulations in panama city fl
  199. The boat is not mine, which documents should i have?
  200. Required to present ID in boardings?
  201. Documented boaters beware!
  202. What size ensign?
  203. Sailing with expunged felony?
  204. Dinghy Registration
  205. USCG Documentation Site - How to change address?
  206. fly into CUBA, sail out of CUBA
  207. US Visa Requirements
  208. Buying a boat and registering it as Malaysian
  209. EU boat in the EU with US crew ?
  210. USCG Documented VS State Registered
  211. Who is in Charge if Legally Boarded?
  212. Thailand immigration - how to explain I am arriving by air to collect boat?
  213. Error in my Mexican TIP
  214. Refit in Mexico?
  215. US Immigration coming from Cuba...
  216. Dutch Registration
  217. Italian Citizen with boat in US
  218. Need Advice for German Citizen entering the U.S.
  219. Metric system dumbs us down.
  220. Jamaica clear in with cat
  221. AIS in Indonesia
  222. Buying a boat outside the US and bringing it home
  223. Selling sailboat privately in US
  224. Exiting Bahamas with newly acquired boat
  225. Give Way Vessel?
  226. Courtesy flag size?
  227. Extreme Racing
  228. Who is the authority of 'the sea'?
  229. Lights on a pier question
  230. Boats croatia CE certificate? do they get one?
  231. Chartering in Italy
  232. Tourist Cards for Cuba?
  233. Clearing customs with temporary running papers
  234. MMSI # for BVI flagged boat
  235. US citizen owns BVI flagged sailboat....
  236. Question on a Captain's responsibility in accident
  237. Need Advice on Checking into St. Martin from BVI
  238. Flying with an auto-inflate PFD?
  239. Flying with an auto-inflate PFD?
  240. Entering the USA
  241. Re-documenting with missing POs in the "chain of ownership"
  242. Lake Sylvia Anchoring
  243. Beware - Misleading CG Renewal site
  244. Sailing from Canada to the US.
  245. Vicroads ID number display
  246. Riverfees, route and additional costs, Europe
  247. Marina Palmira, La Paz, Are they theifs?
  248. VAT requirements for a South African boat, currently under Austrian flag
  249. Question Regarding Aruba
  250. More problems with Australian Customs