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  1. Crew Available: Central/Northern Virginia to Norfolk
  2. Crew Available: Looking for offshore experience.
  3. Crew Available: Hawaii - Available to crew, just looking for experience
  4. Crew Wanted: Annapolis, MD to West Palm Beach, FL and beyond- around July 5th.
  5. Crew Wanted: Captain from NYC to Duluth, MN
  6. Crew Available: Anyone need crew in Asia or Oceana?
  8. Crew Wanted: Weekend crew wanted
  9. Crew Wanted: West Palm Beach to Bahamas then FL Keys
  10. Crew Wanted: Looking for Crew – Nouméa to Australia
  11. Crew Wanted: Norfolk VA to Cape May NJ
  12. Crew Available: very experienced, sailboat delivery, anywhere
  13. Crew Wanted: Chicago day-cruise crew wanted
  14. Crew Wanted: sailing the greek islands
  15. Crew Wanted: August 2nd from Istanbul, Black Sea, Greece
  16. Crew Available: Cape Town Videographer looking for XP
  17. Crew Wanted: Delivery captain
  18. Crew Wanted: Seeking Competent Crew for either-both of two legs
  19. Crew Wanted: Volunteer crew wanted, Tahiti to Fiji , Deerfoot 62’ Sloop starting around June 17th
  20. Crew Wanted: Still looking for crew from Portland Oregon to Anacortes
  21. Crew Wanted: New to Kemah/Clear Lake, TX- Need a tour guide
  22. Crew Available: 2 crewmembers available in Egypt !
  23. Crew Wanted: Annapolis/Cape May to Long Island Sound
  24. Crew Wanted: //delivery
  25. Crew Available: Plymouth Sailing
  26. Crew Wanted: From the BVI to Miami, leaving 1st week July
  27. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted for BA HA
  28. Crew Available: Crewing, Portugal, Spain
  29. Crew Available: Sail/motor skipper in southern Europe for inexpensive deliveries or other assistance.
  30. Crew Available: Professional Crew available In Mexico
  31. Crew Wanted: Crew needed Ensenada - La Paz
  32. Crew Available: Crew ready to volunteer and help!
  33. Crew Available: Fort Pierce, Crew Available,,,Day sails, overnighters or voyages...Ready and willing.
  34. Crew Wanted: Looking for two more crew from Portland to Anacortes leaving 6/27 or 6/28
  35. Crew Wanted: Start of season shake down
  36. Crew Available: Chesapeake and near coastal MD, VA, DE weekends
  37. Crew Available: Western hemisphere or ???
  38. Crew Wanted: Delivery crew Abaco to Annapolis July 7th
  39. Crew Available: Crew available in Europe
  40. Crew Wanted: looking for a captain to help me.
  41. Crew Available: Two skippers for delivery or cruising
  42. Crew Available: Crew Portugal, Crew Spain
  43. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted from New York to Nova Scotia
  44. Crew Available: Delivery Captain with crew
  45. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper - Career Naval Officer
  46. Crew Wanted: Pensacola to key west to virgin islands
  47. Crew Wanted: TRANSATLANTIC Summer 2019
  48. Crew Available: American Gent Seeks Sail out of Hong Kong
  49. Crew Available: Sailing lady available for the Baja Ha
  50. Crew Available: Sailor, Portugal, Spain
  51. Crew Available: FL Treasure coast
  52. Crew Available: Rio Dulce based delivery captain
  53. Crew Available: Crew, crew, Spain, Portugal
  54. Crew Wanted: Looking for crew from Portland Oregon to Anacortes
  55. Crew Available: Professional Crew In Mexico
  56. Crew Available: Spain, Portugal crew
  57. Crew Wanted: Abacos to Ft Pierce
  58. Crew Available: Delivery skipper availabe...
  59. Crew Wanted: Competent Sailor Near Houston - Passage from Matagorda to Kemah
  60. Crew Wanted: Groton, CT to Fort Pierce FL in July
  61. Crew Wanted: Desolation sound
  62. Crew Available: Retired Firefighter Looking to Crew
  63. Crew Wanted: Florida to Long Island, NY on Lagoon 420
  64. Crew Wanted: Captain needed Cartegena- Ft lauderdale
  65. Crew Wanted: DelMarVa loop – 30 June 2019
  66. Crew Wanted: Seeking an extra hand to help sail my 35’ sailboat from La Paz to Guaymas, Mexico
  67. Crew Wanted: Morehead City NC to Norfolk VA area
  68. Crew Available: New guy round the docks
  69. Crew Available: Offshore experience wanted
  70. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted
  71. Crew Wanted: Help on a 27ft Cabin Cruiser on the Great Loop
  72. Crew Available: From Spain
  73. Crew Available: Sweet gal looking to boat sit anywhere in Florida
  74. Crew Wanted: The Broughtons Aug/Sept 2019
  75. Crew Available: Professional Crew In Mexico
  76. Crew Available: Captain, looking for a delivery. Sailboats only.
  77. Crew Available: Dalhousie Yacht Club
  78. Crew Available: Seoul Yacht Race crew
  79. Crew Available: Take me from Azores to Europe (and beyond)
  80. Crew Wanted: Malta to Cyprus circa 18/5
  81. Crew Available: Professional Crew In Mexico
  82. Crew Available: Bermuda,,,Sailboat Crew Available Now.
  83. Crew Available: Captain_MED_Deliverys_Sailing_Instructor
  84. Crew Wanted: Crew Position(s) available, Key West To Rio Dulce
  85. Crew Wanted: Captain needed Bahamas/DR
  87. Crew Wanted: Scotland to Amsterdam(short notice)
  88. Crew Wanted: Fort Pierce, FL to Deltaville, VA - Short Notice
  89. Crew Available: Spain; Canaries to..
  90. Crew Wanted: Southampton to Cadiz (Spain)
  91. Crew Available: !!!Crew Available in Panama!!!
  92. Crew Available: South Africa to Fiji
  93. Crew Available: Techie/deckhand available in La Paz
  94. Crew Wanted: YachtMaster or Captain to bring a boat from Southampton to Cádiz
  95. Crew Available: Spain; Canaries to..
  96. Crew Available: FLA / Caribbean delivery crew ready NOW
  97. Crew Wanted: Thailand to Malaysia
  98. Crew Wanted: Las Palmas to Caribbean
  99. Crew Available: Spain; Canaries to..
  100. Crew Wanted: Deck hand needed from Uruguay to Miami
  101. Crew Available: First Time Sailors, Looking for Excursion
  102. Crew Available: Experience Yacht Captain (3000gt licence)
  103. Crew Available: Experienced deckhand in Ft. Lauderdale
  104. Crew Available: Spain; Canaries to..
  105. Crew Wanted: CA to HI - anyone up for an adventure?
  106. Crew Available: Spain, Canaries to..
  107. Crew Wanted: Eastern seaboard, FL-VA
  108. Crew Wanted: Captain Short Haul
  109. Crew Available: Spain; Canaries to..
  110. Crew Available: Looking for Bahamas Sailfirst half of July 2019
  111. Crew Wanted: uk to france/spain (mid may)
  112. Crew Available: Spain; Canaries to..
  113. Crew Available: Passage from Norway to Scotland in June
  114. Crew Wanted: Bella Sirena Pacific Seacraft 40 Ensenada Mexico
  115. Crew Available: Canaries to..
  116. Crew Wanted: Martinique to Bonaire/Curacao - May 19
  117. Crew Available: Looking to meet new people and be part of a crew
  118. Crew Wanted: Cape Coral to Isla mujeras June 1
  119. Crew Wanted: Humacao, PR to Ft Lauderdale
  120. Crew Available: John Lawrence crew position request
  121. Crew Wanted: Hong KongTo Subic Bay
  122. Crew Available: Antigua to Bermuda race
  123. Crew Wanted: 2019 ARC on Lagoon 42
  124. Crew Wanted: Panama to Marquesas July 2019
  125. Crew Available: david Spanish fluent
  126. Crew Wanted: Looking for captain for boat relocation - Soutwest Florida
  127. Crew Available: COLOMBIA TO EUROPE, GOING EAST!
  128. Crew Wanted: Thailand to Sumatra .
  129. Crew Wanted: Key West to Long Island, Departing mid-May.
  130. Crew Wanted: From St. Martin to Bermudas, Azores and A Coruna
  131. Crew Wanted: Martinique/St. Lucia to Bonaire/Curacao - May 19
  132. Crew Wanted: bahamas 2020
  133. Crew Wanted: panama canal
  134. Crew Available: Crew Available in South America
  135. Crew Available: From Canary Islands to...
  136. Crew Available: 4 legged available soon Sabang, Phuket, Langkawi
  137. Crew Available: From Brazil to Caribbean
  138. Crew Wanted: Gran Canaria to Gibraltar
  139. Crew Wanted: Bahamas in June
  140. Crew Available: Panama canal
  141. Crew Wanted: Volunteer crew wanted, La Paz Mexico to Tahiti on a 62’ Sloop starting mid May.
  142. Crew Wanted: Grenadines cruise then to Trinidad. ASAP
  143. Crew Wanted: Barcelona to Perpignan duration 1 week 14th April Catamaran
  144. Crew Wanted: open cpn on tablet won't read charts
  145. Crew Wanted: Next winter sailing
  146. Crew Available: Experienced Crew-Delivery or kite Cruise
  147. Crew Available: Florida Captain, Deliveries and Lessons
  148. Crew Available: Crew Available anywhere you need me
  149. Crew Wanted: NEW ENGLAND SAILING
  150. Crew Wanted: Competent Seaman wanted for Cincinnati to Russia sail
  151. Crew Available: Qualified Skipper/Crew Available for Pacific Northwest
  152. Crew Wanted: Female Captain Wanted
  153. Crew Available: Crew Available in South America
  154. Crew Wanted: Charter: Tortola, BVI, May 4 - 11
  155. Crew Wanted: Trinidad to Cartagena via Aruba
  156. Crew Available: From Melbourne to Tokyo
  157. Crew Available: Delivery skipper available..
  158. Crew Wanted: Abacos to Long Island Sound
  159. Crew Wanted: Texas 200 on West Wight Potter 19
  160. Crew Available: Port Canaveral Area (Open to Travel)
  161. Crew Available: Salty Dog located in Port Canaveral Area but willing to travel
  162. Crew Wanted: Sailor to teach
  163. Crew Wanted: Georgetown, Exumas to Roatan / Rio Dulce
  164. Crew Wanted: Abaco in June
  165. Crew Available: very experienced sailor looking to crew
  166. Crew Available: Couple looking for an ARC 2019 crossing
  167. Crew Available: Soon to be 100 Ton Master needs 90 current days sea time...
  168. Crew Wanted: Help wanted in Florida to Mexico passage
  169. Crew Wanted: Wa to Vancouver Island
  170. Crew Available: Vancouver Sailing
  171. Crew Wanted: Cape Town to Florida on 52' Grainger Cat
  172. Crew Available: Any folkboat owners in the Vancouver/Nanaimo area?
  173. Crew Wanted: Sailing the Baltic 2019
  174. Crew Wanted: Charleston, SC to Walkers Cay Bahamas
  175. Crew Wanted: The Abacos in March.
  176. Crew Wanted: crew wanted for transatlantic passage end of may
  177. Crew Wanted: Captain & crew for charter in Sea of Cortez
  178. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Marathon Key to Jacksonville FL late March to early April
  179. Crew Available: From Canary Islands to...
  180. Crew Wanted: delivery skipper wanted BVI-Gibraltar
  181. Crew Wanted: Crew for Bahamas (Exumas) Trip in April
  182. Crew Available: Can join from St. Thomas to most points
  183. Crew Available: able bodied crew member
  184. Crew Wanted: Need little help in Mazatlan
  185. Crew Wanted: Maryland to San Juan Pearson 30
  186. Crew Wanted: Seeking Delivery Skipper - Southern Florida
  187. Crew Available: Skipper/Competent crew available
  188. Crew Wanted: Sailing from Miami to New York
  189. Crew Available: Couple for ARC 2019
  190. Crew Available: Experienced Crew Member looking for boat starting in Bahamas beginning of April
  191. Crew Available: Do you want your Yacht moved by a Professional?
  192. Crew Available: Crew Available Pacific Coast
  193. Crew Available: Experienced and Ready for some sailing adventures.
  194. Crew Available: From Brazil to Europe
  195. Crew Wanted: crew wanted for transatlantic passage
  196. Crew Wanted: Do you want to learn to sail?
  197. Crew Available: Panama canal
  198. Crew Available: Looking for Boat sailing through Med during May to July
  199. Crew Wanted: Aruba to Europe-crew wanted
  200. Crew Available: Available everywhere
  201. Crew Available: Koh Phangan - SE Asia Crew
  202. Crew Wanted: Great Loop
  203. Crew Available: My time and Skipper experience offered to yacht owners.
  204. Crew Available: available as crew in the US northeast, willing to travel
  205. Crew Wanted: Overnight out of Panama City, Panama
  206. Crew Wanted: Crew for Abacos trip in April
  207. Crew Available: Some experience. N-Atlantic? Carib? Wherever?
  208. Crew Wanted: Sailing Philippines Coron, El Nido and Palawan
  209. Crew Wanted: 2019 Sun Odyssey 429 / Palma De Mallorca May 18-25
  210. Crew Wanted: North America's largest solar boat needs a captain
  211. Crew Available: Delivery or cruising crew ready to work
  212. Crew Available: Crew Available in South America
  213. Crew Available: Dependable crew ready right now
  214. Crew Available: March 16-23 Mature Woman Seeks Coastal Cruise
  215. Crew Wanted: Seeking employment
  216. Crew Wanted: Lagoon 450 from Martinique to USVI to Bahamas to NY
  217. Crew Wanted: Sailing to Belize/Guatemala
  218. Crew Available: Anyone need crew in Asia or Oceana?
  219. Crew Wanted: Hi, All crew wanted.
  220. Crew Available: Delivery skipper available..
  221. Crew Wanted: Pasadena Maryland Wednesday Night
  222. Crew Available: Crew available anywhere you are
  223. Crew Available: Beginner volunteer looking to learn to sail
  224. Crew Wanted: Lots of Wannabes any real sailors out there??
  225. Crew Available: Cook/Clean/AnchorWasher
  226. Crew Available: Captain with 8 years experience seeking boat from South America
  228. Crew Available: Looking for a boat to sail from Cyprus to Israel or Egypt
  229. Crew Available: PPJ / trans Pacific : experienced (27,000nm) volunteer crew
  230. Crew Available: 2 for Puerto lindo San Blas
  231. Crew Available: 2 Crew for Panama Canal.
  232. Crew Wanted: East Coast Australia to Lombok and Bali
  233. Crew Wanted: More mechanic/base manager... Paid
  234. Crew Available: So You Want To Be Crew
  235. Crew Available: Couple helping for a 10-12 Saus trip
  236. Crew Available: Can join on short notice
  237. Crew Wanted: Short notice marine surveyor Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
  238. Crew Available: Looking for Opportunities to Learn, Late March or After
  239. Crew Available: Anytime from 1 March to 12 May 2019
  240. Crew Wanted: Crew for Bahamas and Points South
  241. Crew Available: Brazil to Portugal
  242. Crew Wanted: Passage Virgin Islands to Chesapeake Bay
  243. Crew Wanted: To Sail or To Sell...'tis the Objective
  244. Crew Available: Soon to be cruiser seeking practical experience
  245. Crew Available: **Crew Available in Florida!**
  246. Crew Wanted: Get ready and sail the Caribbean
  247. Crew Available: Crew available
  248. Crew Wanted: Wanted mature woman
  249. Crew Available: Looking for some experience
  250. Crew Wanted: Spring trip thru Bahamas and Caribbean