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  1. Crew Wanted: FREE, month Sailing Adventure
  2. Crew Available: Masters degree teacher and chef sailor couple
  3. Crew Available: S.W. Florida Newbie couple looking for experience.
  4. Crew Available: European crew available for summer 2018
  5. Crew Available: Deliveries and assisted passages
  6. Crew Wanted: Need crew all or part..Norfolk, VA to Brooklin, ME in May
  7. Crew Available: Experienced individual seeks crew position
  8. Crew Available: October 1-14 available anywhere
  9. Crew Available: Crew Wanted/Available Checklist
  10. Crew Wanted: Couple desired for 30-60day Bahama Cat cruising
  11. Crew Available: Looking for a 'summer 2018' crewing position
  12. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted, San Andres, Colombia to Florida or Texas
  13. Crew Wanted: Volante III
  14. Crew Available: Mate available
  15. Crew Available: Ready To Go
  16. Crew Available: Experienced Couple For East Coast & Caribbean Deliveries
  17. Crew Available: USCG Licensed Master for Worldwide Yacht Delivery
  18. Crew Wanted: Tallahassee, FL to Abacos, Bahamas (4/1/18)
  19. Crew Wanted: Summer in the St. Lawerence
  20. Crew Wanted: san francisco to los angeles
  21. Crew Wanted: Charleston, SC to Jax FL
  22. Crew Wanted: Captain for MacGregor 65 from Honolulu to Okinawa
  23. Crew Wanted: Alaska to Kamchatka then Hokkaido
  24. Crew Wanted: Delivery skipper
  25. Crew Available: Couple looking for 3-4 day Chesapeake Bay cruise
  26. Crew Available: Cooktown or Cairns To Lizard Island
  27. Crew Available: Experienced couple for deliveries or longer employments
  28. Crew Wanted: crew wanted across florida
  29. Crew Wanted: daysailing
  30. Crew Available: Sea bag is packed
  31. Crew Wanted: Delivery Skipper Wanted - Victoria to S Fran
  32. Crew Available: Looking for a crewing position in 2018
  33. Crew Wanted: Unique Crew Opportunity 28 Mar - 20 APR 2018
  34. Crew Wanted: Great Lakes Cruising
  35. Crew Available: Experienced Couple For East Coast & Caribbean Deliveries
  36. Crew Available: Seward-South
  37. Crew Available: USCG Master- Completed 3rd Delivery of Year & Ready to go again
  38. Crew Available: South Pacific to or from New Zealand.
  39. Crew Wanted: Bahamas Crossing march 1
  40. Crew Wanted: Sydney to Bris
  41. Crew Available: Trasatlantic Crossing - U.S. to Europe
  42. Crew Wanted: Melbourne to Sydney - Captain needed in March 2018
  43. Crew Available: SE Asia going west
  44. Crew Wanted: Lauderdale to Tortola
  45. British Paramedic volunteer
  46. Crew Available: Professional Crew for Hire
  47. Crew Wanted: Australian Based Crew Required
  48. Crew Available: Looking for offshore experience Fl to VA or farther north.
  49. Crew Available: Available for Deliveries... if you need a Skipper.
  50. Crew Wanted: Florida to Guatemala: 97-foot gaff-rigged ketch
  51. Crew Wanted: Galveston to Yucatán
  52. Crew Available: Crew Available in Panama - to Cuba or Jamaica
  53. Crew Available: Experienced Crew Alicante, Spain
  54. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted
  55. Crew Wanted: Chilly adventure
  56. Crew Available: Sailing support offered - Philippines
  57. Crew Wanted: West Palm Beach to Abacos
  58. Crew Available: Crew Available East Coast of US or Canada
  59. Crew Available: Asia to wherever
  60. Crew Wanted: Sailing in Guadeloupe
  61. Crew Wanted: Panama Canal and Pacific Ocean to Marquesas crossing
  62. Crew Available: College-aged looking for experience
  63. Crew Wanted: San Andres, Colombia to Florida
  64. Crew Wanted: West Palm Beach to BVI
  65. Crew Wanted: Lauderdale to key west
  66. Crew Wanted: TRAWLER DELIVERY
  67. Crew Available: Anyone Caribbean bound?
  68. Crew Wanted: PAID POSITION for deckhand/seaman
  69. Crew Wanted: lagoon 400 delivery BVI to St. kitts
  70. Crew Wanted: Gulf of Mexico, Galveston to Isla Mujeres, MX
  71. Crew Available: Tampa Area daysail crew available
  72. Crew Available: Sailing adventure in Brasil
  73. Crew Available: USCG 100T Master Just Completed Delivery-Ready to go again
  74. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted for late-ish May passage Florida to Maine
  75. Crew Available: Captain plus (1) crew available for Deliveries
  76. Crew Available: YM Ocean Delivery Skipper, instructor or crew available in La Paz Mexico
  77. Crew Wanted: French Polynesia to New Zealand via Niue/Tonga
  78. Crew Available: Crew available
  79. Crew Available: Crew Available in Colombia
  80. Crew Wanted: 41 ft morgan center cockpit
  81. Crew Available: Reliable, Dependable, Focused
  82. Crew Wanted: Alaskan Trawler deckhand/stew 3/31 to about 9/25
  83. Crew Available: From Colombia to Caribbe or Panama
  84. Crew Wanted: Cartegena to Mexico via San Blas
  85. Crew Available: for sailing adventure in French Polynesia, Fiji, Tonga, Panama
  86. Crew Available: Experienced Crew looking for adventure in Mexico
  87. Crew Wanted: Crew/Partner
  88. Crew Available: Crew Available in Mexico
  89. Crew Available: Crew Available in Mexico
  90. Crew Wanted: Marathon to St.Pete
  91. Crew Wanted: Need marine Mechanic in Grand Cayman
  92. Crew Available: OUPC Captain avaliable
  93. Crew Wanted: Whitsundays
  94. Crew Available: Interested in sailing and all it entails.
  95. Crew Wanted: Skipper wanted: Fortaleza to Grenada
  96. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Panama Canal to La Paz Mexico on a 62ft sloop Early February.
  97. Crew Wanted: Jax,Fl to Rochester,NY via CDN Maritimes
  99. Crew Wanted: Chef/Hospitality Coordinator wanted on Aquarium Research Vessel
  100. Crew Wanted: Professional boat delivery
  101. Crew Available: Looking to Crew from Belize or Guatemala to US
  102. Crew Wanted: Job Opening Mystic Seaport Professional Captain Required
  103. Crew Wanted: Great Lakes to New York
  104. Crew Available: in the Caribbean available now
  105. Crew Wanted: North Sea passage to Shetland- Scotland- june 2018
  106. Crew Wanted: crew/ scuba divers
  107. Crew Available: Experienced 37yo male in Australia
  108. Crew Available: Corpus Christi to Galveston
  109. Crew Available: Couple Available to Crew
  110. Crew Wanted: Crew Member Wanted Georgetown Bahamas Mid Feb
  111. Crew Available: 24yr fit male proficient sailor (San Francisco)
  112. Crew Available: Autumn 2018
  113. Crew Wanted: Last minute Fort Lauderdale to Spanish Wells Bahamas
  114. Crew Wanted: Abacos to Norfolk VA, end may
  115. Crew Wanted: Crew Available: Caribbean, East Coast
  116. Crew Wanted: Long Beach to Ventura
  117. Crew Available: Local Sailing
  118. Crew Available: CREW AVAILABLE IN MEXICO
  119. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper Avaiable..
  120. Crew Available: Young couple taking a break from rtw motorcycle trip
  121. Crew Wanted: Captain Needed For New SF Bay Charter Business
  122. Crew Wanted: Aruba to St Maarten and Eastern Caribbean for Swan 47i
  123. Crew Available: looking to crew in the caribbean
  124. Crew Available: Yacht Deliveries - Best Price, 100% Success Rate
  125. Crew Available: USCG Master Available for Deliveries
  126. Crew Wanted: Corfu to Bodrum, towards the end of January
  127. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper for Red Sea and Gulf of Aden passages from and to Europe
  128. Crew Wanted: So cal to Hawaii March 2018
  129. Crew Available: Experienced Couple For East Coast & Caribbean Deliveries
  130. Crew Available: Planning ahead... Marquesas in May
  131. Crew Available: Two college aged guys in Fort Lauderdale
  132. Crew Wanted: First Mate on Chesapeake Charter Boat
  133. Crew Wanted: Relief Captian On Chesapeake Charter Boat
  134. Crew Available: Captain Looking for a Sailing Catamaran or Yacht
  135. Crew Available: Captain Looking for a Catamaran
  136. Crew Wanted: Sailing Philippines Cebu and Palawan
  137. Crew Wanted: Weekends Fishing on the Chesapeake
  138. Crew Wanted: Subic Bay to Singapoure
  139. Crew Available: Looking for experience, new sailor
  140. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing
  141. Crew Wanted: Ensenada To La Paz And Further South
  142. Crew Available: Ready to sail! (West coast US)
  143. Crew Available: Fit, hard working college sailor looking for offshore experience.
  144. Crew Available: US west cost to Central America
  145. Crew Wanted: Looking for Solo-Travelers to join Group Charter in the Caribbean February/March 2018
  146. Crew Wanted: South Caroina to FL then Bahamas
  147. Crew Available: Portugal Sailing
  148. Crew Available: Experienced Crew for Atlantic and/or Caribbean
  149. Crew Wanted: Cape Town > Fremantle (14 jan 2018)
  150. Crew Available: Finishing Atlantic crossing in Trinidad, Looking for next adventure
  151. Crew Wanted: Crew (couple) wanted from Guadeloupe to Tahiti
  152. Crew Wanted: Need crew for Holland to Portugal for end of December / early January
  153. Crew Wanted: Need captain
  154. Crew Wanted: Bahamas to Azores
  155. Crew Available: Tremain
  156. Crew Available: Tampa Delivery Crew/Captain
  157. Crew Available: Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand
  158. Crew Wanted: Join our charter
  159. Crew Wanted: St Martin to West Palm Beach
  160. Crew Wanted: Cape Town to St. Lucia Crew wanted April 1st
  161. Crew Wanted: January Sail from Annapolis to Hampton, VA
  162. Crew Available: Crew Available in Mexico
  163. Crew Available: Ready on short notice
  164. Crew Available: I am ready!
  165. Crew Available: Couple of coastal experienced sailors available on the Leeward Isalnds
  166. Crew Available: FLORIDA OPORTUNITY SAIL
  167. Crew Wanted: Panama to New Zealand June 2018
  168. Crew Available: Delivery skipper available..
  169. Crew Wanted: Looking for a Caribbean sailing chance
  170. Crew Wanted: SAILOR NEEDED
  171. Crew Available: Cape Town to S. America (Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina)
  172. Crew Available: Any time.. Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean
  173. Crew Available: Young Couple Looking For More Experience
  174. Crew Available: Skipper Available 2018
  175. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Phuket to South Korea
  176. Crew Available: Experienced Couple For East Coast & Caribbean Deliveries
  177. Crew Wanted: ARC Europe - BVI to Portugal May 2018 to June 2018
  178. Crew Wanted: Carribean 01 Mar thru 01 May
  179. Crew Available: Looking to Learn...
  180. Crew Available: Thailand / Malaysia / Asia
  181. Crew Wanted: Guadalupe to Bermuda first half of April 2018
  182. Crew Available: Available on Almost Any Notice
  183. Crew Available: 31 y/o male crew available for long voyages starting Fall 2018
  184. Crew Available: Available on Short Notice
  185. Crew Wanted: Cape Town to Punta Del Este
  186. Crew Available: who restores a boat in Asia and wants help
  187. Crew Available: USCG Master Available for Deliveries/Training
  188. Crew Available: STCW & VPDSD Certified.. Ready to set sail.....
  189. Crew Wanted: 12/4 Wilmington NC to Palm Beach, FL
  190. Crew Wanted: Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Charleston, SC
  191. Crew Wanted: Panama-Galapagos/French Polynesia
  192. Crew Wanted: crew wanted
  193. Crew Wanted: Florida to Cartagena
  194. Crew Available: Crew Available to ANTARCTICA
  195. Crew Available: Crew looking for a boat end of February 2018
  196. Crew Wanted: Caribbean to Portugal May 2018
  197. Crew Wanted: Boat sit and care of
  198. Crew Available: Texas Sailing Oppurtunity
  199. Crew Wanted: fl to rio dulce,guatemala
  200. Crew Available: Instructions for crew - Crewing for Dummies
  201. Crew Wanted: Dayton beach/west palm beach to abacos Bahamas
  202. Crew Available: Delivery skipper available
  203. Crew Wanted: ICW from Orential NC to Bahamas
  204. Crew Wanted: Crew position open for Thailand
  205. Crew Wanted: 150 mi Short Hop South UK
  206. Crew Available: American couple looking to sail from Colombia/Panama to Anywhere - Dec '17-Mar '18
  207. Crew Available: French-Californian sailing couple for east-west passage beginning of January 2018!
  208. Crew Wanted: Delivery crew wanted from Panama to Florida departing Late Nov on a nice 45' sloop.
  209. Crew Wanted: crew wanted Thailand/her islands
  210. Crew Available: Sailboat Delivery Captain E coast USA and Caribbean (former Military) (Charleston)
  212. Crew Wanted: Beaufort, NC to St. Augustine
  213. Crew Wanted: New Zealand
  214. Crew Wanted: Delivering health services to Papua New Guinea
  215. Crew Available: Static Boat Rent / Sitting
  216. Crew Available: Europe to Caribbean, Female Experienced Crew
  217. Crew Wanted: Panama to Florida 15 to 20 days. Changed Date.
  218. Crew Available: Experienced Couple For East Coast & Caribbean Deliveries
  219. Crew Available: Crew available January 15-April 15
  220. Crew Wanted: Cuxhaven to Lisbon
  221. Crew Available: French Polynesia 2girls
  222. Crew Available: Roi Dulce Guatemala
  223. Crew Wanted: Down Under Delivery
  224. Crew Available: 2 crew members any location
  225. Crew Wanted: Help sailing from Hamble to Ipswich
  226. Crew Wanted: Looking for someone to help me sail from Miami to the Bahamas
  227. Crew Wanted: ICW and Bahamas
  228. Crew Wanted: Tahiti-Rapa-Cook Islands
  229. Crew Wanted: crew member available
  230. Crew Available: Young adult available from SEAsia to China
  231. Crew Available: USCG Licensed Captain - worldwide yacht delivery
  232. Crew Wanted: Panama to Florida
  233. Crew Wanted: Urgent! Looking for one more crew to sail 62'
  234. Crew Available: Good cook in Rio Dulce heading for Utilla
  235. Crew Available: Florida -> Cuba/Mexico/Caribbean, ready now
  236. Crew Wanted: Moving my boat from Panama city fl to galveston
  237. Crew Available: Vladivostok?
  238. Crew Available: Crew Available December 2017
  239. Crew Available: Crew Available Immediately.
  240. Crew Available: 2 mates available from 13.11 in Las Palmas
  241. Crew Wanted: Canaries to Antigua ASAP
  242. Crew Available: Ready in January (Florida)
  243. Crew Available: Mature Stable Crew
  244. Crew Wanted: Jaguar 38 Catamaran
  245. Crew Wanted: Jamaica - Grenada
  246. Crew Available: Experienced delivery skipper..
  247. Crew Available: Blue water journey in 2018
  248. Crew Available: tired of dreaming..
  249. Crew Available: Solo Circumnavigator w/ USCG 100 Ton Masters available for Delivery & Sail Training
  250. Crew Wanted: Jacksonville to Ft Lauderdale