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  1. Hopping on a Boat from California to Hawaii:
  2. China Sea typhoon
  3. Syndey Members?
  4. Manila
  5. No help when out of US
  6. Where Best in S Pac for cyclone season
  7. Best / Cheapest Charter companies in Tahiti / French Polynesia
  8. Chartering Concerns Tahiti/French Polynesia
  9. 7.9 earthquake near Fiji
  10. Cruising the Puget Sound in October/November
  11. Insurance for French Polynesia LS Visa
  12. French territories- French Polynesia and New Caledonia
  13. Sailing to Japan in November
  14. Friendly Locals in Hervey Bay.
  15. Crane/Slipway/Palawan/Philippines
  16. New procedures for checking in to Indonesia
  17. Marquesas Return Travel
  18. leaving boat in Palawan
  19. Western to Eastern Malaysia in June - through Anambas
  20. Leaving boat in Malasyia
  21. Japan eastbound
  22. Pacific Nets
  23. Selling Australian Yacht in New Caledonia
  24. Pago Pago, American Samoa Shipping info needed?
  25. Howe Sound anchoring advice/anchorages
  26. Sail from Kiribati to Guam?
  27. Papeete, French Polynesia Cruisers Guide update
  28. Japan to PNW
  29. Panama - Marquesas Routing April-May 2019
  30. s.o.s home
  31. Hawaii Forum & Buddy Boat From Mexico
  32. NZ and Oz biofouling regs
  33. This Year's 3rd Storm on its Way?
  34. New Caledonia Suggestions
  35. Eastern Australian Current
  36. PredictWind Tracker
  37. Boracay "Closed"
  38. PNG; Samarai to Bougainville
  39. Navigable Rivers in Asia
  40. Lord Howe Island Cruise
  41. Checking out of the Philippines
  42. Singapore and AIS rules, is it possible to not stop but sail through without AIS?
  43. Visa renewal Malaysia changes 2018 and 3rd party insurance
  44. Customs in Hawaii
  45. French Polynesia carte de séjour for British citizen?
  46. Having a boat in Malaysia region
  47. C-breeze for sale
  48. Visiting Vanuatu?
  49. Sailing in the philippines
  50. Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora
  51. Tongatapu hit by Cat 4 Cyclone
  52. Tips about extended stay in Vancouver, B.C.
  53. Travel journey fron Australia to France
  54. Cost of Langkawi Registration Annual Fees
  55. One Season,NZ, Tonga, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Lord Howe Island, Sydney and Tasmania.
  56. LPG near Westhaven?
  57. Big Seas Around Lord Howe Island.
  58. Help in the Phillipines
  59. Boat Parts Singapore
  60. Weather Buddy
  61. North or South of Eden Island Moreton Bay
  62. Philippine Typhoon Season 2018?
  63. Winter trip to Portland Island
  64. Bucket List ; Tahiti
  65. Cooktown to Cairns in May
  66. Ohiwa Bar and Ohope Beach Bay of Plenty New Zealand
  67. Sailing from BC to Panama
  68. Chartering in Sea of Cortez during Christmas
  69. South Pacific Cyclone season
  70. Cruising Hawkes Bay?
  71. Japan to Guam?
  72. Buying a foreign flagged boat in another foregin flagged land?
  73. kochie
  74. Hitching A Ride To Makogai Island?
  75. Any CF members in Darwin need a house sitter?
  76. South Pacific Tips from 2 Seasons
  77. Arrg! Indonesian log vs. Boat, log wins. Need haulout reccomendations!
  78. The Devil's Sea or The Dragon's Sea and the Bermuda Triangle
  79. Seattle to Patagonia, bagging peaks and skiing streaks
  80. NSW South Coast - Coastal Cruising
  81. Pacific NW to Marquesas
  82. Looking to do a bareboat charter in Feb 2018 in Tahiti/Bora Bora. Recommendations?
  83. good marina/anchorages between La Paz and Loreto?
  84. Cruising the China Coast
  85. Australia Newcastle to Makay: Info-Tips anyone?
  86. Crocodile assassination
  87. Changing boat name mid Mexico
  88. charter companies in Hawaii
  89. MALAYSIA as a Home Base?
  90. Rarotonga: why not Muri Lagoon?
  91. Long term bareboat charter in Tahiti
  92. Brisbane to NZ ( Opua) advice?
  93. Brisbane to Coffs -nice places to stop ?
  94. Yacht Friendly resorts in Fiji
  95. Fuel Cost
  96. Honda 2hp problem
  97. Fischer Panda Service
  98. Anyone on Guadalcanal?
  99. Bareboat Charter in South Chile?
  100. Repair Facility in Cook Islands
  101. Safety and Piracy In Mexican Waters
  102. Question for Kiwis
  103. SF-SD
  104. Seattle to Hawaii in August or October
  105. Internet availability in Mexico
  106. KUDAT Borneo Malaysia
  107. MAYDAY...
  108. Summer Cruising Brisbane and Sydney
  109. Requesting Fiji and Australia Itinerary Advice
  110. RAMSI exits Solomon Islands
  111. Seattle to Hawaii in August
  112. Best location to source new anchor chain
  113. Entering at LaPush, WA
  114. Niuatoputapu Anchorage
  115. New Marina up in Papaya Cove?
  116. Surveyor recommendations for Oahu
  117. Vancouver to Haida Gwaii Route
  118. sailing in palawan philippines
  119. Martial Law on Mindanao Philippines June 2017
  120. Dentist in South Pacific?
  121. Boating in Philippines
  122. Mail delivery to Fr Polynesia
  123. San Juan Islands Area Boat Ramp
  125. Buy AIS in French Polynesia?
  126. Typhoon forming May 2017 and weather links
  127. Tales of the South Pacific
  128. Help Deciding on Passage through the Cook Islands
  129. San Diego Beer Can Racing
  130. Anchorages in Moreton Bay
  131. Formal declarations when buying a private boat in French Polynesia
  133. Earliest departure for New Caledonia
  134. Getting connected to the sailing community in San Diego
  135. Is Crowdy Head, NSW a viable stop?
  136. Sailing to Peru and Ecuador
  137. Thursday Island to Port Moresby
  138. Shipping Sockdolager a Dana 24
  139. Singapore to HK to Japan, any tips
  140. Langkawi,Bali,Darwin,Cairns,Brisbane
  141. Townsville to Darwin
  142. Seattle to San Juans. Advice on route/timing appreciated
  143. Charter in Whitsundays after Debbie
  144. Hawaii or los angeles to sydney, australia , Need crew members $$$ will be paid
  145. Books and Guides for Central America
  146. Transient dockage Pacific side Panama canal
  147. Guest cruisers in Colon Panama
  148. I'll be in Raro first week of April
  149. Long Term Berthing
  150. Sailing Philippines Hong Kong an Malaysia
  151. Given a Tropical Island
  152. Neah Bay to LaPush Washington
  153. Any stainless steel riggimg in Philippines
  154. New Papeete Tahiti Cruisers Guide (Goods and Services)
  155. Piracy Report Philippines
  156. Kidnapped sailor Jurgen Kantner
  157. South Pacific Diesel and Provisioning Prices
  158. Panama to MArquesas in August
  159. Tahiti Visa?
  160. San Diego live aboard
  161. Seattle to Honolulu
  162. Thailand
  163. Time planning, Pacific
  164. The missing charts...
  165. Looking for a boat for South America cruising
  166. Bombing in Hilongos Leyte
  167. Eastern Visayan Destinations, Anchorages
  168. Lady Musgrave to Heron Island, how busy is it now.
  169. Max draft for South Pacific cruise?
  170. Typhoon forming off Yap, Phl Coast?
  171. Anchoring at Half Moon Bay, Calif
  172. Pacific Northwest Wifi/Cell coverage/Boosters?
  173. Tsunami warning issued after 7.9 quake in Papa New Guinea
  174. Want to buy 27-30 ft sailboat in Malaysia/Thailand/SE Asia
  175. Yacht listing website like Craigslist for Mexico?
  176. Safe mooring in Auckland
  177. Bareboat charters out of La Paz?
  178. Help Needed: Sailing Southside Beach, Bells Beach Victoria Tips?
  179. Sailing in Fiji on 10 December?
  180. Data buoys in Philippines: Data base of locations?
  181. Looking to day sail in Fiji next week
  182. Great Barrier Reef "cooked" to death
  183. CA Antipodean Section. - lunch at Sandy yacht club this Sunday ?
  184. Pacific Northwest Consignment Stores
  185. Old Admiralty chart BA416
  186. sailing to Fiji from the Philipines
  187. Malaysia to Australia and east to Brisbane
  188. Home port
  189. November 2016 Philippine Typhoon Alert.
  190. Philippines President Duterte Tells Foreign Business They Can Leave
  191. Mexico Moorage
  192. Mexico - La Paz ocean temperature
  193. Need sail boat in Rarotonga/Mangaia
  194. Safe marina in or near Lima Peru
  195. Getting Around in Hong Kong and Shanghai
  196. Typhoon approaching Philippines
  197. Sailboat crash
  198. question for Kiwi members
  199. Sailing to Micronesia Friday...Do's, Don't, and Must See's?
  200. Bareboat monohull charter Philippines wanted
  201. Vessel missing Hawaii to Victoria
  202. Passage from Marquesas to Kiritimati
  203. Aussie - Visas between Mexico & America
  204. Huon and Chesterfield Reef
  205. Los Angeles - Heading Southbound Experiences!
  206. Shake out to Alaska
  207. Crew looking for a ride from Hong Kong
  208. French Polynesia Bound? Updated Long Stay Visa Info, Marquesas Food Costs, etc.
  209. Luisiades
  210. Asking for weather advice going from Victoria to San Francisco tomorrow
  211. Can I change crew in Galapagos?
  212. 7.1 Earthquake hits off the coast of NZ
  213. San Juanico strait in the Philippines
  214. Any sailors in Seychelles ?
  215. Sailing from LA down Baha pen
  216. Mobile networks -SE Australia
  217. Week in San Juan and Gulf Islands and summer storm to remember
  218. Princess Louisa scheduled tides
  219. Javier is here!
  220. Vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico December 2016: help with getting in some sailing
  221. Transmission repair in Malaysia
  222. Great Barrier Reef.
  223. North Channel Curtis Island QLD, Australia
  224. Slingshot Tehuatepec from Chiapas to the Marquesas
  225. Sailing in La Paz
  226. Incinerator toilet in your vessel?
  227. Goodbye Med - hello Melbourne Australia....
  228. Avalon Mooring Mid-Week During the Summer
  229. PNW to California - stopover after shakedown cruise
  230. Moorage recommendations in Thailand or surrounding area
  231. 2016 Typhoon Season: Strange so far
  232. Layang Layang/Swallow Reef
  233. Best Month to Transit from Panama Canal to Marquesas
  234. FREE BEER!!! Cowichan bay
  235. checking in to northern peru??
  236. Phuket contacts
  237. Anchoring on the windward sides of the Leewards
  238. Environmental Concerns in Tahiti
  239. Torres strait East to West
  240. Rediscovering Micronesia
  241. Fiji waypoints and routes
  242. Rarotonga Cook Islands Harbor
  243. Memorable encounters with locals
  244. Samal Island Philippines (SE Mindanao, near Davao)
  245. Pacific Coast Compared to Caribbean
  246. Summering in the Sea of Cortez
  247. Olympia to Seattle - Any tips?
  248. Private Cruising Lessons - Wanted
  249. Brisbane River Piles
  250. Sailing Bundaberg To Noumea