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  1. Hi, there. Long-time listener, first-time caller.
  2. Hats Off to the Royal Navy
  3. Searching for the owner's of a colvin gazelle called "Downwind" from North Muskegon
  4. Salvaging a boat
  5. Titles we really want to see in CF
  6. Amphitrite 43 replacing the engine
  7. Best blogs/videos for my woman to see please?
  8. Buying Land With a Dock
  9. Video of Missile Hitting Ship
  10. horsepower to plane a 10' RIB
  11. How much time do you spend on the forums?
  12. Can you learn to sail on Cruiser's Forum?
  13. From old to new, what boat to get next.
  14. mooring
  15. using C-Maps on a mac PC
  16. N. Carolina sounds
  17. Best package forwarding service in the US?
  18. Being patient...
  19. Puerto Rico Early March
  20. Moorings and Anchorages in Gulf-coast Florida?
  21. Anyone have experience chartering from Navtours in Exumas?
  22. Worst storm in 20yrs. Northern Norway
  23. Can You Decipher what the boat is by VIN number?
  24. Charity Work while Cruising?
  25. Is There Such A Thing As The 'Sophomore Blues' In Cruising?
  26. How to get WiFi in SE Asian countries
  27. Ausie in venezuela
  28. Nearly ready to go!
  29. Sad News
  30. MaxSea V1.9.8 PC keeps falling over
  31. Power x Sail ... where do I even start?
  32. Who Has Gone From Sailboat to Motor Yacht?
  33. Best Sailing channels on You Tube.
  34. Have to put this out there
  35. Storage WEST Florida - 22ft Beam
  36. Twenty Eight Feet
  37. Coastal cruising equipment and accessories
  38. Electrican Beaufort, NC
  39. I love my boat more than????
  40. Anybody Know About Sailing to Cuba from Key West?
  41. Proportionality
  42. Batten down the hatches
  43. Has anyone any experience with predict wind and iridium Go while offshore and outside
  44. Rod in cabin just aft of keel stepped mast
  45. Staying on top
  46. Sailer's Powerboat - Your Thoughts?
  47. Staying connected to the sails
  48. Your Thoughts - Large Windows on GunBoat 55s?
  49. Spouse hates my boat
  50. Mail Forwarding Service in Seattle?
  51. Canal Du Midi, France
  52. First time heading out to sea
  53. The Sea Was Calling
  54. What are the basic barebone ins, lic and or certifications?
  55. Weird Question- Swinger Propositions
  56. Driving down to move aboard right now
  57. Caveat Emptor?
  58. Am I Crazy?: My Plan to Learn to Sail and Get Offshore
  59. Define "Cruiser"
  60. Show Us Your Favorite Holiday Gifts!
  61. Need advice crab pots marathon to west coast florida
  62. Members Signature Quote
  63. So I felt really bad...
  65. "Cruiser's Paradise"
  66. Circumnavigation Videoblogs Recommendations
  67. Crappy news today, Florida Keys Pumpout stops Jan 31
  68. Boat deals
  69. Sailing to Baja, Mexico & Mexico's Govt.Customs
  70. Christmas gift ideas for cruising wife
  71. Valve plan Dufour gibsea 41
  72. Can't find a good sweater..
  73. Oceanis 400 1994
  74. Eternal Members
  75. Frozen Transmission
  76. Refurbishing Mast
  77. 41 Charlie Morgan 1988
  78. TV Antennas
  79. Garmin 721
  80. Farewell to the TS Royalist
  81. Thanks to USCG, RNLI, Lifeboats, AMVER, and Coast Guardsmen
  82. Equalizing Batteries:
  83. Ontario32 hull
  84. US25 running rigging package
  85. Renewing permit to cruise US waters.
  86. Dismal Swamp on the ICW
  87. The beginning - A Micro Story
  88. Hawk For Sale
  89. Sailing Logbooks
  90. Drawn to the Sea
  91. Blogs are so 1990s - can we do better?
  92. Buying a boat
  93. Laura Dekker's book out in English
  94. Now Cruising
  95. Thank You estarzinger!
  96. Typing Euro and Pounds Sterling Signs
  97. Undersized winch fitting
  98. Winter...
  99. Cuba to Where?
  100. Simple Pleasures: Fire on the Beach.
  101. I'ma wannabe, but I'm gonna be one one day
  102. Happy Halloween!~
  103. Super Size Me
  104. Born to Sailing?
  105. Not selling, so increase the price!
  106. Guns, Guns, Gun Owners Group on CF
  107. Palm beach
  108. Ft. Lauderdale boat show ?
  109. Anyone getting ready to head South
  110. Devcon Pheonix a boat from the past
  111. Transitioning from fresh to saltwater boating
  112. Transporting Sailboat From Lake Erie To Chesapeake Bay
  113. St Martin
  114. Fay
  115. Printer on board
  116. I am a Canadian looking to by a boat in the states and sail to Mexico and central Ame
  117. Methods for Determining Moisture in Fiberglass Hulls
  118. The Future of Cruising Post-Outbreak
  119. The Sea is a Harsh Mistress
  120. Sailing Buddy Wanted- Beverly Mass.
  121. Our Community
  122. Lavezzi 40 AC wiring
  123. Problems With My DC Fridge
  124. Air Conditioning not Discharging the Water Overboard
  125. How To Deal With Medical Prescriptions While Cruising
  126. Racer turning cruiser/liveaboard advise !
  127. Money Management while cruising.
  128. Sailing to the Med thru Red Sea 2nd quarter 2015
  129. Advice & Help needed for starting a Sailing School
  130. Sales of Boatyards along ICW in GA, SC, NC, VA, or MD?
  131. Rounding Cape May NJ
  132. Russian Fishing Fleet- Red Anchor Lights?
  133. Dolphin Marina - Harpswell Maine
  134. Take My Money Please...
  135. Ultimate Practical Boat Weapon
  136. Anchoring Debate in Florida Continues
  137. Nice article on Charley Morgan
  138. Great Watt wind generator -junk?
  139. Maritime Flag Code Book
  140. Puerto Vallarta Sailors - Let me help you maintain you boat!
  141. Party over, back in Blighty
  142. Can you identify this young, undefeated dinghy racer from 2005?
  143. Maritime Lemonade Stand- Have ya'll seen this?
  144. Help us Name our Boat
  145. Run Aground / Damage from an Unwanted Rescue Boat
  146. 8-24 quake at napa
  147. Sodium Metabisulfide
  148. A Word of Warning if you intend major repairs/purchases on Malta
  149. Rare Shark in Puget Sound.
  150. Need help identifying boat trailer
  151. laser 2 25 knots
  152. Sea Recovery, Village Marine and Parker Hannafin
  153. America's Cup....Really?
  154. Need a JOB and want to be part of a crew
  155. Liability Insurance
  156. A Broad Reach - Humanitarian Assistance - Volunteer Skippers Sought
  157. Message In A Bottle: Litter?
  158. Aug 1 Lake Superior Water Temp!
  159. Power Across The Atlantic
  160. Mahone Bay Boat Festival ....
  161. Cheap Courtesy Flags
  162. Who will Buy the Boats?
  163. Bavaria Customer Service NOT!
  164. Surveyor key west
  165. What is your "subscribed threads" count...
  166. My New Cruising Blog
  167. Casino Boat runs aground in Georgia.
  168. No Survey?!
  169. DOSC: Dubai Offshore Sailing Club
  170. Dinghy Theft in PNW
  171. Caught our first fish
  172. Poll-Sailing Experience
  173. New cooler
  174. Rebel Heart Crew Suing.....
  175. "Boat jumble"
  176. Hurricane Arthur
  177. Hump Day
  178. "Most Caribbean coral reefs may disappear in the next 20 years"
  179. Anyone tried USA2ME
  180. Lagoon 440 upholstery in Phuket
  181. When is a Captain not a Captain?
  182. Horizon Nemo
  183. I'm in a spot: Meet with Seller of Cal 31 to determine whether I buy his boat.
  184. Anybody know anything about a 69 300 pearson
  185. Name that Boat
  186. Boston/Weymouth
  187. Claiborne Young Passes
  188. Greetings!
  189. Buyer beware
  190. Panama City Fl sailing scene?
  191. New Sailor's guide to Ocean work.
  192. Cheap mooring/marina, or anchorage, in Boston
  193. Sunday in the Park with Goerge and Malcom
  195. SSB Weather Report Download Help
  196. A Day with Destin, FL area Cruisers
  197. This Changing Life... better..? or worse..??
  198. Ragbaggers are Safer than Smokeblowers
  199. Questions before we move aboard
  200. colorful boats
  201. Best West Coast US Captain's License School
  202. Rigormortis: Acknowledging loss of La Rosa off Argentina
  203. Solo Sailing Races (Circumnavigation and others)
  204. Call for Help/ This American Life (Merged)
  205. Anyone needed boat moved west from ma/ri?
  206. Pesty Carbon Based Units
  207. Mogil Maid, a UK Ballard
  208. Chinese Windlass
  209. Wilcox Crittenden Portholes
  210. Hurricane forecast for summer'14
  211. Primadonna Saga Update
  212. International Cruising with Undocumented Vessel
  213. Freight drop in Prince Rupert
  214. In Memory Gordon Swift
  215. Kindle Paperwhite
  216. Advice on sailing Marco Island to Miami
  217. Boat Years Age
  218. Ferry Sinks.....
  219. Can you help me identfy this boat
  220. Model of cat
  221. would you take a drink?
  222. Eastern Aussie Cyclone
  223. The Evolution of Cruisers
  224. Mast Height
  225. (Oz) Yacht Teleport on 7's Sunday Night
  226. Tolerance
  227. Jeanneau 409
  228. Sailboat Dreams
  229. Willing to contact a boat via your SSB?
  230. Almost time
  231. Made The Move
  232. How Many Have Sailed Offshore
  233. traffic jam
  234. Rebel Heart
  235. Between a rock and a hard place: sailing boat crash
  236. Forum seized by Federal Authorities???
  237. Wanted: Some happy boat insurance stories
  238. Looking for owners of GLOBE 38, 44. Bill Garden SEAL 37
  239. Looking for Leopards in Annapolis
  240. Where has zeehag gone?
  241. Snow in my cockpit!
  242. Sales Tax and Registration
  243. I'm a new wannabee on the forum!
  244. Dutch Sailor Missing in the Atlantic
  245. Does Cruising mean we have to become Full On Seamen??
  246. Wooden Steering Wheel for small sailboat
  247. Kids looking for kids to play in Belize.
  248. why don't we have a "likes" button?
  249. visiting the mistress
  250. Mail delivery Australia