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  1. Should I buy a boat that has had extensive hull repairs?
  2. Financing
  3. Insurance for offshore passage and Caribbean cruising - Canadian vessel
  4. Insurance Suggestion
  5. Advice for a 27'-31' classic monohull for coastal cruising
  6. Tipping Bareboat Charter Company Staff
  7. CPA for Expat Cruisers
  8. IMIS Jackline and Hurricane Box
  9. Trustworthy surveyor in Panama
  10. Lenders
  11. Surveyor in the Annapolis area?
  12. Insurance for German flagged boat in US/Caribbean
  13. Liveaboard in the UK - can I still claim my benefits?
  14. Surveyor recommendations -Durban, South Africa
  15. Is the same boat worth more in the USA than in Australia?
  16. Do you have to have your boat surveyed?
  17. Canada boat insurance
  18. How To Legally Avoid WA Sales Tax
  19. Implication of: "Not for sale to US residents while in US waters to a Canadian"?
  20. Taxes on buying a boat abroad
  21. German wants to buy a boat from Canadian in US
  22. Boat market changes from 2007 to now?
  23. Financing for Canadian $800k+
  24. Buying a boat. Financing
  25. eBay sale went south
  26. Need IRS tax advice for casualty loss deduction (not hurricane-related)
  27. Insurance coverage question.
  28. Bank Security changes requires a US Phone
  29. Selling owner's time; popular or niche option ?
  30. How do you handle travel fare, etc. for holidays, and family events.
  31. Surveyor in Curacao second try
  32. $$/Foot
  33. Any suggestions for shipping from Miami to Ponce, Puerto Rico
  34. VAT and Duty on Ship's Stores -- Faroes, Iceland
  35. Aries vane
  36. Best place for outboard motors in Spain?
  37. Title Transfer of US Boat Out of Country Seller & Purchaser
  38. Disaster in the Making?
  39. Never ending to-do list
  40. Insurance companies for Carib and South Pacific???
  41. Sailboat insurance in the Mediterranean.
  42. Aussie buying boat in Eu: exchange rates
  43. Buying insurance worth it?
  44. Diesel engine surveyor in Toronto area..
  45. It's Easy!
  46. Need insurance
  47. Relative passed, boat in Mexico
  48. Sailboat survey in Montreal
  49. Monitor wind vane
  50. Selloff plans for end of trip?
  51. Older Vessel Financing
  52. International Financing
  53. Country? Berth cost, Boat Length or Berth Length?
  54. Six Pack Courses
  55. Looking for a Florida based CPA
  56. Texas Galveston Bay Insurance
  57. Hire the buyers broker or not?
  58. Frugal Cruising Idea Exchange
  59. Stay away from Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Why? read below..
  60. International insurance for Swedish boat
  61. Purchasing vessel in DR
  62. Guess the cost - delivery half way round the world
  63. Seller’s Broker and Agency Relationships
  64. Insurance premium increase - what is acceptable?
  65. Length of time on Yachtworld
  66. Buying a yacht through an LLC in Texas....Please explain this to me.
  67. Charter in June
  68. Charging for delivery
  69. Depreciation assumptions for used Lagoons
  70. Alert! Insurance Fraud
  71. Boat used as cottage for 10 years
  72. Irma Salvage Sales?? Where to find?
  73. Insuring in Bahamas
  74. How long can a foreign vessel stay in South Africa?
  75. Buying Foreign flag vessel
  76. 9 years of cost data
  77. trouble attaching xlxs file
  78. Building up sailing resume for insurance
  79. EU/Netherlands title vs registration
  80. Buying a boat from Honduras
  81. tax question
  82. The booking com and airbnb com of the yachting world
  83. International boat purchase
  84. California Taxes?
  85. Builder's certificate from the 80's?
  86. Any taxes or fees if purchasing boat in Trinidadl
  87. Proving title and VAT status without original invoice
  88. Lagoon factory tour
  89. Can I Sail Home Legally?
  90. In Need of a Recommendation for a Trucking Company
  91. Need advice on a specific vessel
  92. Buying in Europe - Sale and Purchase agreement
  93. Clear title on a Spanish flagged boat?
  94. Donating vessel to a 501 C 3
  95. buying new boat in europe - tax exemption for equipment
  96. Just over the "LOA limit" (EU/Med)?
  97. Canadian Owner, FL bought, Ontario Registered, French Made - How to sell in US??
  98. Buying new for us pre-owened boat
  99. dinghy registration question
  100. Capital gains tax
  101. Lloyds no longer writing marine insurance
  102. Boat loan question for newbie
  103. EU, VAT and other riddles
  104. Advice on buying in Marmaris Turkey: reccomendations for marine surveyor
  105. Documentation Concerns
  106. Insurance with a 20% Storm Deductable???
  107. Nagico 'dodgico' Hurricane Irma insurance??
  108. Newbie insurance question
  109. The facts about so-called boat “escrow”?
  110. Buying a boat in MD and sales tax
  111. Travel credit cards
  112. More Canadian Questions
  113. Standard/Actual broker selling commission?
  114. Frustrated contacting brokers on boats for sale in the Med
  115. Hull Insurance Deductibles
  116. Advice wanted: How to import boat from Grenada to Canada
  117. Traveller's Checks - Anybody Using Them?
  118. Types of Insurance and Costs
  119. Trumpy for sale
  120. Owner Partnership
  121. Early Termination of Mangement Contract
  122. Bigger cost: very big monohull or medium big catamaran
  123. VAT, foreign purchase and registration
  124. best iridium deal
  125. Surveyor recommendation, So. MD?
  126. Liveaboard Cost - Please Give Feedback
  127. Buying Post Irma
  128. Survey in a post Irma world.
  129. Importing an American registered French made boat to Canada
  130. I want to buy an insurance
  131. Property tax for boats in British Columbia canada
  132. Harvey, Irma, and BoatUS
  133. Salvaging/Purchasing a storm damaged charter boat
  134. Marine insurance, going naked.
  135. Marine Insurance - Full-time Cruising
  136. Free Sailboats Yahoo Group
  137. An Aussie buying in the MED
  138. Oregon Resident buying in Toronto
  139. Ex-Charter boat EU-VAT & Registration export/import question.
  140. Cruising pre-children - worth the opportunity cost??
  141. Trailer costs for a 30 feet boat across Europe?
  142. what insurance is mandatory for cruiser
  143. Selling in AU or NZ?
  144. Home Equity Line vs. Boat Loan
  145. Burned to waterline..Insurance Unresponsive
  146. Is teaching boat skills on my boat illegal without a 6-pack?
  147. Retirement and boat purchase dilemma
  148. Hebert and Associates
  149. Yachtworld questions on inventory/date listed
  150. Insurance Considerations
  151. Surveyor recommendation for Lake St Clair/Detroit area.
  152. Another Financing post
  153. Florida taxes paid thru broker not noted on registration
  154. Sales tax on catamaran purchase in Florida
  155. Are Brokers Employees Of The Company?
  156. Sellers Beware - Criminal Trespass
  157. Health Savings Account HSA
  158. New boat sail-away price (US)
  159. How to get 'liability only' insurance for the carribean? Does it exist?
  160. Buying a boat out of state
  161. Buying new boat: dealing with currency fluctuation during process
  162. Post-Cruising "Retirement" Land - Where, & Why?
  163. Insurance Survey Results
  164. Buying a berth - what's the deal?
  165. How are boats valued for the purposes of personal property tax?
  166. Boat insurance survey
  167. Buying a boat in an LLC
  168. Question About Boat Insurance and Hurricanes
  169. Typical brokerage fee to sell a used sailboat
  170. Term Life Insurance?
  171. San Diego -- Looking for broker and attorney recommendations to buy.
  172. How would you spend $1millon - with a twist
  173. New purchase negotiation rules of thumb
  174. selling a catamaran - Australia or New Zeland ?
  175. Question Regarding Boat Depreciation
  176. Selling in the BVI - Broker or no Broker
  177. Buying a yacht with broker representation vs no representation
  178. Purchase question
  179. 1994 larson cabrio 300 for sale
  180. any experiences with euromarine brokers croatia?
  181. Budget and boat for 18-36 months at sea, EU to Australia
  182. Westmarine is insane
  183. How much in the bank before setting sail ?
  184. Surveyor in Gulfport FL
  185. Marina finds
  186. Relative costs
  187. Planning About 8 Years Down the Road
  188. caribbean marina
  189. "Peace of mind" charter model?
  190. Titling boat in a trust
  191. Insurance for East Greenland and North West Passage
  192. Surveyor in Los Angeles
  193. Charter management in the Canaries?
  194. Hunter Duette
  195. Newby Question
  196. Boat Buyer's Arsenal of Inspection Equipment
  197. Buying a French Flagged Boat, VAT Not Paid
  198. Another Croatian VAT query
  199. Marigot Rose - Beneteau 43 - Disaster Survey
  200. Boat Insurance out of USA
  201. Dutch owners, Dutch flag, live outside EU --> VAT?
  202. Post cruise life reintegration
  203. Cost for crossing the Suez Canal from the Red Sea
  204. 8 years of cost data
  205. Presentation of 8 years of cost data
  206. Target Navtex Pro NASA Marine For sale
  207. VAT Nightmare
  208. Hydraulic steering ram?
  209. Profurl NC42. Brand New. For Sale. Save over 1000
  210. First boat
  211. ProFurl New Furling for sale?
  212. Is this boat to good to be true?
  213. Husband/Wife liability issue
  214. Private party sale and taxes
  215. I was going to buy a boat, but...
  216. Owners Time Wanted
  217. Bimini/Dodger Cost
  218. process of contacting advertised boats
  219. Cruising Boat and US State Taxes
  220. Best way to transfer and exchange funds for purchase?
  221. Buying in Curacao
  222. Google Fi world cell phone plan
  223. Wet or Dry Slip Costs ???
  224. Buy dingy motor in bahamas
  225. Value of a furler
  226. Insurance up due to Matthew?
  227. How do these boats look?
  228. How bad does this engine look?
  229. Advice on a Pearson 26
  230. Looking for Business Plan Template/Draft (Word/Excel) for OV '62 Day Charter business
  231. Cash on Board US to Brazil
  232. Insurance advice for a newbie
  233. Boat buying - assistance in Davie, Florida?
  234. Looking for an Marine Insurance Claim Attorney
  235. Hobie 16 for Macgregor 25?
  236. Weak Euro - buying new in France
  237. Buyers Broker
  238. insurance
  239. Buying Yacht Unseen Follow Up
  240. Beating Sale at West Marine
  241. Florida and SE catamaran market. Up or Down?
  242. insurance for multihull
  243. Marine Part Rippoffs
  244. Survey and Negotiation
  245. Do I want to buy a boat?
  246. Marine supply sales - typical times
  247. Discount off Charter List Price (BVI)
  248. Insurance for Atlantic crossing
  249. Surveyor in San Diego CA
  250. Selling it all and going cruising! Which Flag? Help!